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Here is an article that presents some food for thought for those who are having trouble with the core claim in the Billy Meier case, i.e. that he is meeting with, and getting information from, the extraterrestrial Plejaren human beings.

Please remember that we can't be spoon fed everything. This information is provided in order to help out some of the overly educated, under-thinking "experts" who seem to want to avoid actual comprehensive thinking and evaluation of the complete body of evidence on which the claim of authenticity is based. There are 55 specific examples of Meier's prophetically accurate scientific information contained in the film, as the time fulfills. The newest film, And Did They Listen?, contains even more information, leaving no room for doubting the authenticity of the Billy Meier contacts.

Meier's prophetic and predictive information is being corroborated at an ever-increasing rate and I recommend checking TheyFlyBlog for regular updates, as the information on the page below hasn't been updated since 2012.




Or is it that we just can't handle the truth?

You are about to read a compilation of corroborated documentation that establishes Billy Meier as the single most prolific source of prophetically accurate information in human history. What follows is just a fraction of the scientific, environmental and world event related information that Meier published well before "official discovery", often by years and even decades.

Hopefully the historical importance of what follows will penetrate the consciousness of all who read this and people will finally comprehend who this man is. If you know any real scientists, please direct them to this information.

Because of the steady increase in corroboration of Meier's information, they are simply being inserted into the compilation in no particular order, i.e. they are not in chronological order either in terms of the date Meier first published them or when the corroboration occurred and/or was first noticed.

To say anything more here is superfluous.

Michael Horn



MEIER: Monstrous revolutions in the climate from 1964

Glaciers melt away worldwide just as do the masses of ice of the Arctic and Antarctic.

The world's climate rapidly warms which leads to monstrous revolutions in the climate which bring with them great waves of heat and cold, blasts of fire as well as droughts, floods, snowstorms and hailstorms.

MEIER: More information on "unstoppable"changes, global warming and rising sea levels from '2007'

"The climate warms ever faster, whereby the snowfall is also absent ever more frequently in the deeper sites, while the Earth's polar ice masses, as well as the glaciers melt ever faster, which leads to this: that by the year 2100, in some cases, the water of the seas will rise up to 160 centimeters (5'3"). Forceful natural changes have become unstoppable..."

MEIER: And more about rising sea levels and resulting refugees.

It is not only the climbing sea level, as a consequence of the melting poles and glaciers, which again and again drives entire groups of humans and even entire peoples to seek refuge 'especially those who live on the oceans' islands which are increasingly, and ultimately completely, flooded by the climbing water' but it is likewise also the increasing demolition of the oceans' shores, and the loss of ground.



Swiss glaciers melting faster than ever before: study, June, 2009

"Switzerland's glaciers shrank by 12 percent over the past decade, melting at their fastest rate due to rising temperatures and lighter snowfalls, a study by the Swiss university ETH showed Monday."

Study finds more evidence rapid Arctic warming isn't natural, September, 2009

"The Arctic was cooling for 1,900 years because of a natural change in Earth's orbit until greenhouse gas accumulation from the use of fossil fuels reversed the trend in recent decades, according to a study published Friday in Science magazine."

Arctic reverses trend, is warmest in two millennia, September, 2009

"The Arctic is warmer than it's been in 2,000 years, even though it should be cooling because of changes in the Earth's orbit that cause the region to get less direct sunlight. Indeed, the Arctic had been cooling for nearly two millennia before reversing course in the last century and starting to warm as human activities added greenhouse gases to the atmosphere."



MEIER: Regarding loss of magnetic sense in man and animals, from Official Contact Report 249, Monday, June 13, 1994

Ptaah: ...For decades now he has been under the steady, greatly enhanced influence of artificial electro-magnetic waves, or rather oscillations, which greatly exceed the normal, planet-related measurements and are generated by Man's own thoughtlessness. As a consequence, he is now, and has been for some time, incapable of applying and relying on his magnetic sense. Hence, he can no longer recognize, grasp and perceive many items and events in nature in the manner that animals are able to, although their magnetic sense is increasingly harmed also through the irresponsibility of mankind on Earth. Birds and animals, for instance, are guided by their magnetic sense during their annual migrations or flights from one region to another when they frequently traverse many thousands of kilometers.

The longer they are exposed to this electromagnetism, the more the magnetic sense of orientation of these migratory animals and birds is upset and causes their death for many of them. Whales, for instance, lose their orientation and become stranded somewhere on river banks or in the rivers, where they die a terrible death; a situation that is increasingly becoming more common even for other aquatic wildlife forms. With increasing frequency, herds of many wild animals are losing their sense of orientation because their magnetic sense is upset. This causes them to flee and plunge, panic-stricken, over cliffs and crevasses to their death, etc. Thunderstorms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, as well as other great calamities of nature's elements also produce increased magnetic waves or oscillations. Animals and birds sense these increased electro-magnetic oscillations and behave accordingly. They flee or seek sanctuary elsewhere.



55 whales die after mass beaching in South Africa, May, 2009

"At least 55 whales stranded on a beach near Cape Town were put down or died after rescue teams failed to return them to the ocean, a sea rescue institute said on Sunday. Scientists shot 42 of the false killer whales on Saturday and 13 others perished, possibly from internal injuries, at Kommetjie Beach, the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) said?"



MEIER: Regarding new scientific discoveries of countless new species of undersea life, from Official Contact Report 219, June 16, 1987

Quetzal: 96. That is also unknown to us, yet we estimate that in the deep sea of the terrestrial oceans there still exist some 12,000,000 undiscovered types and kinds of living creatures, whereby the number of the individual kinds, each according to its size, indeed goes into umpteen thousands, hundreds of thousands or into millions with the biggest and big living creatures; and with the small, into umpteen millions, billions, trillions, and quadrillions; to the innumerable with the smallest and tiniest forms of life?

MEIER: And more from Official Contact Report 218, May 30, 1987, regarding mysterious creatures and conditions that are unknown to terrestrial scientists:

Billy: Also, in three different locations, three single gigantic forms of life emerge, which I initially designate as deep sea whales, however Quetzal will instruct me that it deals with so-called Sleeping Sharks, the existence of which is not yet known to terrestrial humans.

The smallest of the three I estimate to be some 10 metres long, while the two others are some two to three metres longer.

But there are, among many other very interesting things, also the 'black chimneys' [a.k.a. 'black smokers'], of which Quetzal had once spoken, and he said that they are the essential origin of the later forms of life on the Earth, in water, air and land, along with inclusions from outer space through comets, meteors and asteroids.

In these 'black chimneys' from which pitch black swathes - which are impregnated with sulphur and various materials - rise up, emerged early branches of bacteria which, as they rose out of the chimneys, were released and began the evolutionary work of life.

But that, says Quetzal, is all still unknown to the terrestrial scientists.



What lurks in the depths of the ocean?, May, 2009

"The Census for Marine Life, a global network of researchers in more than 80 nations, estimates that about 230,000 species of marine animals have been described, and that there could be a total of between 500,000 and 10 million species in the sea."



MEIER: Dangers of nanoparticles from Official Contact Report 443, Saturday, February 17, 2007

Billy: But now, once more, a question regarding micro-fibers.

In regard to that, you once said that these are just as dangerous for humans as the nano-particle, because, through micro-fibers, substances damaging to the health likewise reach the human's lungs.

Which substances are they then?

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