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Categories of Types of Human Beings

Event Timeline

FIGU Groups and Non-Hierarchical Structures by Philia Stauber, Switzerland

For Yourself by Barbara Harnisch, Switzerland

Freedom by Philia Stauber, Switzerland

Honesty by Philia Stauber, Switzerland

A Glossary of FIGU-Related Terms by Jacob Smits

God-Delusion and God-Delusion Insanity - Introduction by Mariann Uehlinger

How Does the Mental Fluidal Force Enter the Cells and Organs? or Why is Joy and Harmony So Important for Us? by Mariann Uehlinger Mondria, Switzerland

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Population Explosion by Christian Frehner, Switzerland

Man and Nature by Wolfgang Stauber, Switzerland

Materialism and Modesty, Thoughts about a Noble Virtue by Hans-Georg Lanzendorfer, Switzerland

The Nature of Study Groups and National Groups by Ondřej Štěpánovský, Czechia

Peace, Death and Ruin by Hans-Georg Lanzendorfer, Switzerland

The Power of the Thoughts, Feelings and the Psyche by Hans-Georg Lanzendorfer, Switzerland

System and Order by Elisabeth Gruber, Austria

Things Worth Knowing by Philia Stauber, Switzerland

Those Who Cannot Let Go Are Vulnerable to Blackmail by Mariann Uehlinger Mondria, Switzerland

Thoughts about 'Believing/Belief', the Truth and Proving the Authenticity of the Meier Case  by Nicolas Weis

Thoughts about Neutrality in Everyday Life by Elisabeth Gruber, Austria

Why Is It so Important for Us to Learn so Much, Especially in our Current Lifetime? Or: How Can We Enable Ourselves to Spread the Teaching of the Spirit, the Teaching of Life and the Teaching of Truth? by Marianne Uehlinger Mondria, Switzerland

Working and Learning within a Group by Philia Stauber, Switzerland

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