Translations by Bruce Lulla

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Translations by Bruce Lulla, USA from 2016

An important word concerning the occult powers and meditation

Excerpt from CR 663 regarding the 2016 US election campaign

Extract from talks with Sfath, May 5, 1946

Excerpt fm CR 655: Important words regarding: Brexit, CETA, EU-dictatorship

Effectiveness of catch-phrases, watch-words, slogans, intentions, etc.

CR 527 -- Discussion of Apollo 11 and 13

Help from the collective

Life is a factor of re-becoming

Thoughts, ideas, individuality, consciousness, laws and recommendations of the Creation Universal Consciousness

Ptaah on the Plejaren form of democracy

Various questions and answers

The truth about "UFO-Billy", 2000 Magazine Interview, 11 Questions + 1

Contact-swindlers re: the Pleiadians, i.e. Plejaren: Jmmanuel, Mohammed, Petale, Arahat Ahtersata

What is the definition of the term 'conscience'?

What can you tell us about the Aryan and/or Aryan races, their origins, etc.?

Thoughts about the Sentence: “I Always Remain Relaxed and Thereby Gain Might over Myself”


Translations by Bruce Lulla, USA from 2015

Excerpt of CR 636 of 11/26/2015 - distinction regarding the terms Islam, Islamic, Islamist, Daesh ...

What is intuition and how does it work?

Importance of learning in current life & best way to spread 'the teaching of life, spirit & truth'

Things worth knowing from the English FIGU-forum - Does the inner nature change with each incarnation?

Excerpts from CR 620 of April 23, 2015 - crop circles

Explanation to Kabbalistic -- numerology -- horoscopy

Consequences of overpopulation

CR 618 excerpt March 21, 2015 - Readers question regarding the term 'prophet'

Reader's question: on humans and apes

Extract from CR 616 of March 12, 2015 on Merkel, Ukraine, NATO, Hitler ...

Excerpt from CR 589, June 16, 2014 - Ptaah on the effects of the human overpopulation on the weather / climate change

Excerpt fm CR 622 of May 7, 2015

Synthetic Meat, from CR 297, March 2001

Lucky me

Contact report 620 excerpt from 4/23/2015 - on the refugee crisis


Mass migrations of peoples threaten the humankind

Confucius erroneously taught 'The Journey is the Ziel'

Might of the Music

Anthropocene -- The Age of the Human

The Creation-individuality

Ode to Eva

Self-opinionatedness and know-it-all-ism ...

Spirit - what is to be understood by this term ...

We from the FIGU distance ourselves from 'Charlie'!

Sexuality and partnership

The good and the evil

The human being is, just as he or she directs and implements their thoughts and feelings


Translations by Bruce Lulla, USA from 2014

Reader's questions regarding true love

Hard words of the reality and its truth

Lasting Relationships

Morality and Virtues

Reader's question: regarding forms of love

What is life?

What is an instinct and what is an Ur-instinct?

Homeopathy excerpt, 390th contact

The Secret of the Success

Excerpts from the 583rd official contact conversation

Every Life is precious

Find the individual-personal life-sense

What is to be understood about fear, and to have good and bad luck?

The two natures of the human being

In affliction, sorrow and pain, the human can grow ...

Moral principles must be heeded and respected

The secrets and that which is mysterious ...

Wealth doesn't guarantee happiness

Excerpt from the 582nd official contact conversation of March 1, 2014

A prosperous human being

Don't be in a hurry to marry

Readers questions / Excerpts from the 577th & 578th official Contact Conversations of Jan 2 and Jan 9, 2014

Reader's Question II, May 3, 2014, regarding Castration

Irreconcilability and Reconciliation


Excerpt from the 567th official contact conversation of July 6, 2013

The creational-natural laws and recommendations

Excerpts from the 540th official contact conversation ...

Ideas are the Garden of creative-artistic Works

Give up all Anxiety and Fear

The Consciousness of the Human Being


Translations by Bruce Lulla, USA from 2013

Source of the Oneness of the Universe

How and why the evil begins in human beings

Life and Death are a Oneness


Translations by Bruce Lulla, USA from 2012

Meditation about the death is important

Every human must go their own way in life

Thoughts and feelings affect ones health

Readers question on the European rescue fund ESM

Reader question in connection with aliens


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