UFO Skeptics Throw in the Towel - How Did Meier Beat NASA by 32 Years? - August 4, 2008

Meier foretold water discovery on Mars in 1976; Larry King show deluged with requests to cover the Billy Meier UFO case.

And of course that he foretold the Iraq wars, AIDS, global warming and terrorism, etc. - all back in 1958 - is more than amazing. The fact is that while being exposed to the truth can be quite devastating for some people…it doesn't change the truth.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 4, 2008

The subject of UFOs is no longer just fodder for the tabloids, as several recent Larry King TV shows indicate. Though primarily dominated by discussions about sightings of lights in the sky, and perennial dead-end conjecture about Roswell, the recent shows have engaged viewers everywhere.

They also coincide with increased worldwide attention being once again focused on the highly controversial Billy Meier UFO contacts in Switzerland, due to the release of the new film on the case, "The Silent Revolution of Truth" (http://www.theyfly.com), and the newest scientific corroboration for Meier's prophetic information.

While NASA's announcement on July 31, regarding proof of the discovery of water on Mars, excited scientists, Meier had already been informed about water on the red planet - on July 8, 1976. (English language translations of this information, available since 1986, were also published by Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens, USAF Ret., in 1993, in Volume 3 of Message from the Pleiades. The four-book series, now out of print, collector's items, are available as ebooks).


Information received early Monday evening, August 4, 2008, from NASA reports that the Phoenix spacecraft detected the presence of chemicals in the Martian soil that may make it "detrimental to life".

Could this be what Semjase was referring to, in her last sentence to Meier below - from 1976?

Meier- You are right, too. Yet now another question: You had once told me that no life would exist on Mars. If I have understood this right, you meant by this but planetarian human life, didn't you?

Semjase- 114/Certainly.

Meier- Well - then your earlier answer does not exclude (the possibility) that any other life of floric or faunic form can exist there, or even does exist. You then told (me) expressly, that life does not exist there, while logically you had addressed only the human planetary life. What do you think now, Will the Americans discover low forms of life with their sonde sent to Mars?

Semjase- 115/They will meet with surprises in many respects, as in the fact that Mars has much more water than earthly science had assumed until now.
116/ But there are also surprises in the character of the ground and the nature of the microworld.
117/The floric and faunic world can absolutely be found on Mars when the scientific instruments of these sondes are well enough to evaluate and store the concerned results.

Meier- Then "life on Mars" could prove true for our science?

Semjase- 118/It is in the compass of possibility, that the analyses could verify this, when the scientific instruments are good enough, because faunic and floric forms of life are existing on Mars, even though this planet destroys other forms of life by its contrary to life nature.

Skeptics Defeated:

Renewed international interest in Meier's claims of personal contacts with extraterrestrial humans, for over 66 years, also coincides with the total collapse of the skeptical challenges. Chief among those who have long characterized Meier's stunning photographic, film and video evidence as merely "an easily duplicated hoax done with models", has been the international professional skeptics organizations CFI-West and IIG, affiliated with skeptical debunker James Randi.

Shortly after the release of "The Silent Revolution of Truth" the lead case investigator for IIG, Derek Bartholomaus, was forced to retract his own claims (included in the Special Features section of the film) that Meier used model trees and UFOs to help hoax his clear, daytime UFO photos, films and video from the mid-1970s (Top Skeptic RETRACTS Hoax Claims - Helps Prove Meier Case Real!). Bartholomaus and CFI-West/IIG were completely unable to provide even one photograph as evidence of any model tree or model UFO to support their premise, despite having had seven years to do so. The skeptics had stubbornly pinned all their hopes on the model theory, as no personal computers, PhotoShop, digital effects, etc. were available to anyone, let alone a Swiss farmer, at the time that Meier presented his evidence.

Bartholomaus and the skeptics took another devastating blow when Uncharted Territory, the Academy Award-winning special effects company (for Independence Day) rebuffed his request for support for his model theories, instead clearly describing one of Meier's UFO films as "hard to achieve, very hard, probably even impossible to fake this kind of shot."

Meier's U.S. representative, Michael Horn then took the fight back to Bartholomaus, challenging him to prove his claim that Meier had used models to hoax a highly dramatic (film segment). Horn, who's researched the case for 30 years, said that there were only two possibilities for use of a model and that he was prepared to unequivocally demolish either argument.

Bartholomaus, who's been the most vocal of the skeptical protagonists for some time, failed to answer the bell for the final round, admitting that he simply wasn't prepared to substantiate his own claims. Then, like a good corner man trying to protect his fighter from further battering, James Randi's official spokesperson, Jeff Wagg, threw in the towel for the organization, surprisingly supporting Horn's position, saying, "If there's not enough evidence to support the model claim, the model claim is suspect."

With any hoaxing by special effects or models having been eliminated - by the skeptics themselves - the skeptical challenge was over.

Lie Detection:

In light of these stunning, unexpected developments, the question of Meier's truthfulness takes on even more importance. And it's also explored, in a unique way, in "The Silent Revolution of Truth". Horn said, "We took the unusual step of bringing in an expert consultant to the U.S. Army Special Forces, a specialist in reading body language - which can mean life or death to a soldier. We filmed him as he watched Meier speak on film, for the first time with the sound off, just in case he could understand Meier's Swiss-German dialect, which he couldn't. We had him evaluate Meier and the retired UN diplomat, who also spoke about seeing the UFOs, and one of the Plejaren extraterrestrials, in India years ago. He gave them both a 'thumbs up'.

"Anyone who's been skeptical of Meier's truthfulness, and the huge implications of all this, should learn more about how science - as well as the U.S. Army - is relying on human 'lie detectors'." Of course, people should also know that Meier and 15 other witnesses all passed lie detector tests, years ago, when the original investigation was conducted."

The Media:

As the skeptics self-destructed, Horn found himself inundated with requests for the Meier case to be covered on the Larry King show. Referring people to contact the show itself resulted in Horn getting a call from one flustered young producer, complaining about getting "too many" calls asking for him to be on the program. Horn said, "It's probably just youthful inexperience on her part. Being flooded with calls is usually seen as a good barometer of huge audience interest, kind of like American Idol, to use another out of this world comparison. From what we understand, the Meier case is now the most requested UFO-related topic for the Larry King show, where they already show Meier's UFO films and photos as evidence, ironically.

"The problem for the mainstream media, governments, religions and financial systems is that the Meier case takes the conversation about UFOs too far beyond their comfort zone. They love it when people focus on Roswell, where there's not a shred of remaining evidence. Now that the question has been settled, i.e. is the Meier case the biggest hoax or, as it turns out, the most important story in human history, thinking people may come to inescapable conclusions about the dangers of the path that we are on, right here on earth, and hopefully act in time to change to a more positive direction. The Meier material offers very specific suggestions on how to do that, all of which require taking complete self-responsibility for every aspect of our lives.

"While it surprised me at the time when, in May 2006, Meier casually told me about the coming collapse of the U.S. dollar - as well as the possibly dire consequences of a U.S. and/or Israeli attack on Iran - it further convinced me that he knows a lot more about many things than people can imagine. Of course, this is the same man who beat NASA to the punch - more than once (see Jupiter information).

"And of course that he foretold the Iraq wars, AIDS, global warming and terrorism, etc. - all back in 1958 - is more than amazing (1958). The fact is that while being exposed to the truth can be quite devastating for some people…it doesn't change the truth."

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