The Next Big San Francisco Earthquake

by Michael Horn


It’s important to note that with all of the recent (and perhaps yet to come) articles and translations that have more and more information about various upheavals, disasters, threats to our survival, etc., one could think that the focus of the Meier information, and/or this site, was on “doom and gloom”.

But that simply isn’t the case. As the title of the 2004 DVD, The Meier Contacts – The Key To Our Future Survival, suggests, much of the information in the Meier case is intended to help awaken us to the unpleasant reality of the situations that we face...and which are clearly now upon us. Obviously, if we don’t prioritize our survival, the real focus, the most important, core information contained in all of the material, i.e. the spiritual teaching, will simply not reach those for whom it is intended.

Clearly, to those of us who have more important things to do with our time than willingly annihilate it with countless hours of mindless entertainment in the form of over-exposure to TV, video games and viewing sports events, etc., focusing on the realities of life and how best to deal with them are our priorities.

I now direct you, again, to the information that pertains to the 11 photographs that Wendelle Stevens, and several other people, were shown by Meier, in 1978: Future San Francisco Earthquake?

Specifically, I draw your attention to this paragraph, wherein Stevens mentions “no external projections” (my emphasis added) meaning especially no outside rear view mirrors, as well as to the overall shape and abundance of glass, which is (even today) far different than the cars of 1978:

“Here is what Stevens had to say, ‘I carefully studied each picture as they came to me, trying to recognize familiar landmarks and buildings, and any prominent new structures I had never seen there before. I looked carefully at cars shown in the streets below for style and any configurations not familiar at the time. I did see smaller cars with smoothly rounded corners and no external projections, and some of these had half-glass and others full-glass cabin tops, making them look more like bugs than boxy cars.’”

Now view this clip and especially pay attention to the car being shown, starting at 1:23.

(While this development is long overdue, and GM is on the verge of collapse, one wonders if they will suddenly trot out something like this to try to save and rebuild their company...after milking billions of dollars out of the government, i.e. the taxpayers.)

Should such cars, which are obviously quite feasible, go into production, we would most likely be very close, perhaps only a few years, to the foretold earthquake that would devastate San Francisco.

The fact that the Meier case has been with us for some 67+ years, and that he has been publishing his prophetic information for over 58 years, is evidence enough that human beings don’t seem to learn from prophecies and predictions, i.e. advance warnings, as the Plejaren have stated. Actually, the typical response from skeptics, professional or otherwise, is usually something like, “Oh yeah, well anyone could have said that. Tell me something new that will happen.”

The problem is that no one, in all of human history has said, and published, everything that Meier has, with all of the details and specifics. And there are plenty of specific indications of what’s coming, much of it in documents that contain information about events that occurred...after the documents were published.

It seems that many people really want to be spoon-fed everything but then are unable, or unwilling, to digest and assimilate it. If we look at the Meier case itself as a large puzzle that we are intended to figure out and put the pieces together in order to solve for ourselves, we can see both the wisdom, patience...and frustration of those who are trying to help help ourselves.

For more information about this puzzle, click here.

So, we should indeed pay attention to the evolution of automobile design as it moves towards the production of such vehicles as described by Wendelle Stevens, and already in development (by other companies besides GM, such as Mercedes-Benz, etc.) as one indicator of a possibly catastrophic event. Large numbers of human beings may be able to use this information to make informed, potentially life-saving, choices.

Even more importantly, we should look at the big picture, the one that might just be on the cover of the puzzle box that has been given, as a gift to us, by Meier and his Plejaren friends.

By spreading the word, and working together, we can avoid futilely uttering the all too often heard, plaintive cries of humanity, “Why didn’t somebody warn us?” – after it’s much too late.

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