Now WikiLeaks Cable Confirms Billy Meier UFO Information! - August 11, 2012

UFO prophet first published specific information about Saudi Arabian peak oil situation in 2008; Yahoo News links to Meier warning about Apophis asteroid impact danger

Playa Del Rey, CA (PRWEB) August 11, 2012

The stunning revelations, in a just releasedWikiLeaks cable, about the reality of peak oil in Saudi Arabia apparently didn't surprise Swiss UFO contactee, Billy Meier. In fact, Meier first published thesame warnings nearly three years before WikiLeaks - with additional, not yet officially acknowledged details about the coming global oil crisis, according to Meier's U.S. media representative, Michael Horn.

Horn said, "Once again, Meier has scooped the so-called government experts, big corporations and others with vested interests in keeping the truth safely hidden from the public. Fortunately, Mr. Assange ended up both revealing the hidden 'secret' information and corroborating Meier as a contactee in the process. I'm sure he didn't even know that WikiLeaks had any information related to an actual UFO contactee."

Tectonic Disturbances

"Meier warned decades ago that there shouldn't be any more oil drilling - especially offshore - since it further destabilizes the tectonic plates. It results in an unnatural increase in frequency and intensity of earthquakes, seaquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis, such as we should prepare for now - since it's too late to prevent them. Naturally, the government and the oil producers deny this because of our extreme dependence on petroleum.

"And speaking of oil, Meier also revealed the true extent of the BP Gulf disaster, which has been concealed from the public. We've just begun to see the full consequences of that event too. Hopefully the media at large will lift their embargo on the Meier case and begin to educate people about it, through print, broadcast and every form of social media. We also plan on expanding our own presentations in colleges, universities, etc."

Scientific Corroboration

Horn suggested that there may now be some people in the mainstream media who do recognize Meier's impeccable scientific accuracy. "It's encouraging that just linked to Meier's prophetic information warning about the inevitable danger of an impact by the Apophis asteroid. Perhaps someone at that news bureau isn't impressed with the happy face spin from NASA scientists. The Russians, who have a big investment on preventing a disaster in their neighborhood, apparently took Meier's warning to heart too."

"When a high level scientist like David Froning says, 'If what this Meier is saying is just a hoax, he's being cued by some very knowledgeable scientists,' it's a good time for intelligent people to start to listen. Fortunately, we can now add the WikiLeaks peak oil information to the huge body of scientifically corroborated evidence from Meier and the Plejaren extraterrestrials. Anyone can start studying it for free and determine the truth for themselves. But that means of course that people have to start taking full responsibility for their own lives, which may scare some of them more than the prospect of running out of oil, or being hit by an asteroid," said Horn.

Michael Horn will make his second interactive presentation at the Flying Saucers Café in Santa Monica, on Friday, February 25 at 7:00 PM.

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