Russians Preparing Predicted Attacks on U.S., Canada and Scandinavia? - July 25, 2011

Russian troops to be moved to Arkhangelsk, exact location predicted by Swiss prophet, Billy Meier, in 1987; record of impeccable accuracy draws attention to ominous warning of future invasion of U.S.

Playa del Rey, CA (PRWEB) July 25, 2011

In what appears to be another corroboration of specific information foretold by Swiss prophet, Billy Meier, Russia announced plans that could put troops in Arkhangelsk, presumably to protect its interests in gas and oil reservoirs there. The city in the northern part of Russia is the exact location specified by Meier in 1987 as the area from which Russia will launch attacks against Scandinavia. An attack by Russia against the U.S., by way of Alaska, and on Canada, also predicted by Meier, could also originate from the same staging area.

According to Meier’s American media spokesman, Michael Horn, “Skeptics have always demanded more and more ‘new’ predictions from Meier, claiming that he could have backdated all of the corroborated prophetic information in order to make himself look more accurate than he is. However, the prophecies and predictions published by Meier, since 1951, contain so many specific references, more and more of which are being corroborated all the time. If we consider the Russian troop deployment, and the recent military move by Canada, we’d have to be absolute imbeciles to not see the Henoch Prophecies being fulfilled.

“With the documentary about him now available on demand nationwide, people can easily familiarize themselves with Meier and his impeccably accurate predictions. Unfortunately, it seems that the French haven’t been paying attention as the prophecies unfold before their very eyes. I hope that this is one time that it isn’t considered fashionable, by the U.S. or Canada, to imitate them.”

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