Did Extraterrestrials Give Earth Scientists a Clear Signal about Asteroid Danger? - August 11, 2012

Austrian physicist finds dire warning to humanity in “universal language” from extraterrestrials in Billy Meier’s information

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 11, 2012

With Russia now seriously regarding Apophis as a highly probable threat to Earth in 2036, a physicist’s startling new discovery may add to the certainty that extraterrestrials are urging us to take immediate action to deflect it.


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The Torino Scale - Red Alert

Many scientists, from Carl Sagan, whose novel Contact was made into a film, to Seth Shostak currently at SETI, have proposed theories as to how extraterrestrials might clearly communicate with us by using a “universal language”, such as mathematics or color. Now, Austrian physicist Anton Hahnekamp appears to have found an urgent warning, in a universal language, intended to help humanity avoid a devastating cosmic catastrophe.

Hahnekamp correlated the apparent message to the Torino Scale, an established scientific method for categorizing the impact hazard associated with meteors, asteroids and comets. While the scale uses numerical values from 0 to 10 to rate the probability of a collision with Earth, the threat is also represented by specific colors, from white (no hazard), to green, yellow, orange and ending with red – both 10 and red represent certain collision.

Once Again – the Red Meteor

Noting that Billy Meier referred to Apophis as the Red Meteor, Hahnekamp theorized that the extraterrestrials deliberately used red because it’s universally recognized as a danger symbol and synonymous with STOP. Unlike mathematics, no special level of education is needed to understand its meaning. The extraterrestrials apparently also foresaw that most early assessments by earth scientists would be inaccurate and so they used color (red) to signal the level of certainty of collision to the scientific community.

The fact that the Torino Scale was not created until 1995 - 3 years after Meier published the warning – eliminates any possible backdating of the information. It also reinforces the extraterrestrial’s warning that Earth scientists immediately collaborate to deflect the meteor from its collision course with Europe in 2036.

Full Cooperation

“The name itself, the Red Meteor, contains a clear warning from extraterrestrials, spoken to us in a language we all understand, to help us prevent a huge disaster,” said Michael Horn, Meier’s Authorized American Media Representative. "The scientific community and responsible government officials everywhere should take it very seriously. Meier’s predictions and his highly specific, scientifically verifiable information meets our stringent criteria for actual ET contact. I have officially provided it to several respected scientists, including Seth Shostak, Michael Shermer, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bernard Haisch and Phil Plait. We look forward to their participation in a deflection effort that could save millions of lives."


Michael Horn will present Apophis & The Final Meier Prophecies, on Saturday, February 27, at the IUFOC in Laughlin, Nevada. New information from Austrian physicist Anton Hahnekamp who discovered the message from the Plejaren, as well as updates on Michael's communications with scientists Seth Shostak, Michael Shermer, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bernard Haisch and Phil Plait will also be presented.

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