Devastating New Damage to Coral from BP Disaster...but Extraterrestrials Warned of 'Further Contaminations' Months Ago! - November 08, 2010

Dead coral is first, never before seen sign of incalculable environmental damage unfolding from oil that sunk to ocean floor; 25 additional sites may also be damaged; chain of coming events already clearly spelled out in information given to UFO contactee Billy Meier

Playa Del Rey, CA (PRWEB) November 08, 2010

In a new report just released by a Penn State University biologist and expedition leader, the unprecedented, first ever discovery of dead coral in the Gulf of Mexico has been linked to the BP oil spill disaster. The expedition will soon examine 25 additional sites amid anxious concerns of similar damage. And while this foreboding news comes as an unexpected shock to scientists and environmentalists, it corresponds precisely with information previously published by UFO contactee, Billy Meier.

According to Michael Horn, Meier's U.S. representative, "On June 14, 2010, the extraterrestrials gave Billy Meier specific information about many of the deliberately concealed consequences of the disaster caused by BP in the Gulf, including how some of the oil would in fact settle on the ocean floor and cause these 'further contaminations'. Now, once again,Meier's information has been proven to be true and stands in stark contrast to what the shills for BP and the government tried to get us to believe.

"Most people are probably unaware of the vitally important role that coral has in the entire earthly eco-system. But through thoughtless, human caused destruction of the coral, the rainforests, and so many of nature's creations, we greatly endanger our very own future survival. Spilled oil doesn't magically disappear, it can't be prayed away and ignoring the terrible truth doesn't change it for the better."

"Unfortunately, the blindly foolish insistence on continuing to drill for oil in the seas will only put us all at even greater risk for new mega-disasters, including further enormous climatic degradation. And the fact is that the oil companies still pursue it anyway because they know that we have effectively already exhausted the oil reserves, a truth that they conceal from the public. Of course that information was also published by Meier some time ago.

"Naturally, all of this, like most of our problems, is intimately tied to runaway overpopulation but it's politically and religiously incorrect to discuss it. When you keep overloading this planet's finite space and resources, through endless overbreeding, the demands for everything - food, fuel and water - outstrip the planet's resources, destroy the environment, create millions of environmental refugees and endless other problems. We were warned about exactly what's unfolding right now before our very eyes, even as long ago as 1964, but we wouldn't listen," said Horn.


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