Michael Horn Brings the Billy Meier Case to Asia

The 2012 Hong Kong International UFO Congress


On November 17, Michael Horn's comprehensive, multi-media presentation on the Billy Meier UFO contacts was enthusiastically received by over 1,300 attendees at the 2012 Hong Kong International UFO Congress. This was the first time that a public presentation on the Billy Meier case was held in Asia, in both English and Chinese. The audience also saw the Asian premiere of "as the time fulfills", the new documentary on the Meier case.

"The openness and the clarity of thinking of the attendees was so refreshing. Here was a huge group of people who were ready to judge the evidence on its merits without suspending critical thinking. Unfortunately, while so many people in America are still hung up on chasing lights in the sky, rehashing dead endUFO stories without any remaining evidence, like Roswell, and indulging in all sorts of fantasies about imaginary, 'evil aliens' and 'abductions', the people in China seem to be light years ahead of their American counterparts in their rational approach. Even the skeptical challenges were thoughtful and they were willing to consider the answers I gave, again completely unlike the rather religiously prejudicial skeptics that are the opponents of the Meier case in the states." 

The audience especially responded to Horn's declaration that the objects in Meier's photographs and films were IFOs, Identified Flying Objects, not UFOs, "We know where the people who fly these objects come from and, more importantly, we know why they've come and what their message is for us. And since the reason for their coming here is to help us assure our own future survival, one of the highlights for me was teaching the Salome Peace Meditation and having 1,500+ people joyfully participate in it."

On November 18, Horn gave a presentation to an audience of scientists and academics on what he called the democratization of proof, explaining that the evidence in the Meier case was clear, testable and understandable by anyone, not only those who were accredited scientists. He provided several of the more than 50 specific examples of ironclad scientific corroboration for Meier's information given in "as the time fulfills" that clearly authenticate Meier's contacts with extraterrestrials.

"There were professors and students alike who were hungry to examine the evidence and implications of actual, verifiable contact by extraterrestrials. I am enormously grateful to the organizers of this event, Moon Fong, Albert So and Savio Chan, for their vision and their willingness to have me present the Billy Meier case to their participants. And I hope that their interest will continue to grow and will spread throughout all of Asia."         





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About the Billy Meier UFO Contacts
The Billy Meier UFO Contacts is the only extraterrestrial contact case and has been ongoing for over 70 years. This is the story that the cover-up is really all about.
See the UFO photographs, film clips and startling video, and hear the sound recordings for which Meier has become famous worldwide. In addition to the stunning, still irreproducible physical evidence, Meier has single-handedly transcribed more than 26,000 pages of information, most of it still in German, which includes a true history of human beings in the universe going back tens of millions of years.
But it’s the startlingly accurate prophetic information that has caught the attention of millions of people worldwide, even high-ranking government officials, especially now with the fulfillment of Meier’s prescient foretelling of the disastrous U.S. war with Iraq, global warming and other events – that he published in 1958!
You’ll learn how the laws of cause and effect (upon which prophecies and predictions, and all life itself, are based) unfailingly operate and how we bring upon ourselves many of our own worst problems through ignorance and violation of them.
And – since no one is coming to save us from ourselves – you’ll learn why the only lasting solution is for us to take back our self-responsibility on every level from all outside sources, including false leaders, politicians, religions, cults, sects, imaginary gods, angels, saints, gurus, etc.