Scientists' 'New Discovery' About Moon's Surface Already Published by UFO Contactee... in 1987! - November 17, 2010

Once again, information provided by extraterrestrials to Billy Meier in Switzerland precedes "official discovery" by decades; previously scooped NASA on Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus, Apophis asteroid; skeptics remain silent.

Playa Del Rey, CA (PRWEB) November 17, 2010

An important new discovery by scientists, led by Professor Ian Garrick-Bethell of the University of California in Santa Cruz, reveals that, "The Earth may have played a major role in shaping the lunar surface, according to a new research study by US researchers. The team members say our planet's gravitational pull distorted the shape of the Moon in ancient times. This led to 'bulging at the equator and could explain why the far side is more elevated than the near side of the Moon even today."

According to Michael Horn, the U.S. representative for Swiss UFO contactee Billy Meier, "Meier first received that information from the extraterrestrial humans inDecember 1987, 23 years ago, and we can notice how closely the description matches the so-called 'new discovery' by the scientists. Of course it's nothing against them, they've been kept in the dark about the Meier case along with most of the rest of the world for decades. And while we don't yet have a technological means of confirming it, it's a good bet that the information that Meier published about the real origin of our moon, in February 1975, will also prove to be true."

"We are now seeing regular, ongoing corroboration of Meier's wide variety of scientific and environmental information contained in the thousands of pages that he's published and which are at the center of the case. As has happened so often before in human history, those scientists who should have been the first to investigate his information viewed it as beneath them (and bad for their funding opportunities) to associate themselves with it. Fortunately, there have been some scientists who had the courage and integrity to analyze and then affirm the authenticity of his evidence. And for the people in the 'UFO communities' the Meier case also represented a threat to their commercial ventures, which are largely based on anecdotal tales and fantasies," said Horn.

"Meier scooped NASA on its most important discovery of the Voyager mission, i.e. that Io was the most volcanically active body in the solar system. Before that he published information about discoveries on Mars that preceded NASA by some 32 years. He also predicted the two planets beyond Pluto as far back as 1958 and was given information on Venus and Saturn that also proved to be accurate long before 'official discovery'. Of course it also now appears that his warnings about the real threat to Earth from the Apophis asteroid are being heeded.

"With this new corroboration of information about the causal relationship between the Earth and the moon's surface, certainly more scientists will begin to explore his information and take it seriously, even if they still don't openly acknowledge that this man, Billy Meier, is indeed the only authentic contact person for extraterrestrial human beings," said Horn, "and maybe then we'll begin to pay attention to their warnings, which are intended to help us assure our own future survival."


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