While Tebow Played and Prayed the Russians Marched on…as Predicted by the Real “Jesus” in New Film - October 11, 2012

As one of "Jesus’" biggest cheerleaders, Tebow certainly enjoyed playing in Monday Night Football’s 666th game, but to the real "Jesus", watching prophecies he published 25 years ago continue to be fulfilled was no game, as new film from They Fly Productions, "as the time fulfills", reveals

Munds Park, AZ (PRWEB) October 11, 2012

Billy Meier, the controversial and reclusive, 75 year-old, Swiss man is certainly someone worth learning about. And you can do just that by watching "as the time fulfills", the new film about a true prophet now living among us.

In the new film you’ll see that Russia’s recent military movements are no surprise to Meier, who specifically warned about them…in 1987. And, certainly even Tebow would be shocked to learn that there never was someone named "Jesus", only a true prophet named Jmmanuel, on whom the fictitious person of "Jesus" was based.

In fact, the difference between what Tebow and others believe, and what the man who is being called the Prophet for the New Time teaches, is both vast and startling.

According to Michael Horn, who produced the film along with his wife Amy, "Tebow may not know about the true spiritual teaching that Billy Meier has written, so he may not appreciate how amusing it is that people think that invisible, imaginary beings can help them win football games – do they ever blame these beings when they lose? The true spiritual teaching encourages us to take full responsibility for our own lives, our wins and our loses.

"There’s no humbly ‘bowing down on bended knee’, or ‘Tebowing’, when we ourselves make things go well. Nor is there anger, shame and fear when we encounter difficulties. Instead, Meier – like the other true prophets before him - teaches us to understand and properly use the might of thoughts to become the creators and heroes in our own lives, which includes learning from the inevitable mistakes we all make in the course of evolution.

"Clearly, there are trends that show the failings of the antiquated belief systems. Instead of the completely manmade gods, hierarchies, superstitions, rituals, and saviors, which enslave humanity in fear, guilt and war, we focus on fearless self-responsibility and the discovery of the actual truth, not beliefs. Meier teaches the higher universal values, like learning how to live in true love, peace, freedom and harmony…and allowing others to do the same."

"We all enjoy playing games but now, more than ever, we need to become real adults and take responsibility for our own lives, rather than just watching others live theirs. I’m sure Tebow would also agree that there are many undesirable things happening in the world that we really should be trying to correct and not just entertain ourselves…as the time fulfills," said Horn.

The Horns dedicate 22 minutes of the film to presenting dozens of examples of Meier's stunning, prophetically accurate scientific information and the verifiable, ironclad proof that he published them long before "official discovery". They feel that Meier’s unparalleled record of impeccable prophetic accuracy creates a foundation of credibility that warrants thoughtful examination of the spiritual teaching and other recommendations for humanity.

To view as the time fulfills visit here. To view as the time fulfills with Spanish subtitles (mientras el tiempo se cumple) visit here.

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