Was First Iraq War 'Leak' by Swiss Man in...1958? - October 26, 2010

UFO contactee Billy Meier specifically warned of both Iraq wars, foretold second war led by son of former president, would lead to same consequences revealed in recent WikiLeaks; same man later predicted France's troubles with radical Islam...and two coming civil wars in the U.S.

Playa Del Rey, CA (PRWEB) October 26, 2010

The recent revelations drawn from U.S. military logs just released by WikiLeaks about severe abuses in Iraq by U.S. forces and renegade Iraqi police and military appear to echo a much earlier prediction. Billy Meier, the Swiss man at the center of of a renewed and growing controversy about his claims of UFO contacts with extraterrestrials published any eerie warning in 1958:

"...In Iraq a war will be led through the United States of America, through their country's president, however this will be without success, for which reason one of his sons, who will likewise be the U.S.A's head of power, will, in the third millennium, unleash a second war in Iraq which will ultimately lead to an unbelievable disaster and to torturing as well as to mass murder through U.S. armed forces and the rebellious."

According to Meier's U.S. Representative, Michael Horn, "It's amazing enough that he foresaw the two wars with Iraq, over 50 years ago, but even more amazing that his conclusions seem to specifically correlate to long suppressed information, which was only now released. It was just a short time ago that we drew attention to Meier's predictions, from the 1980s, pertaining to the severe problems that France would be having with radical Islam and which are also unfolding now. It should be noted that he also specifically saw huge problems for the U.S. related directly to our aggressive war policies, as well as two coming civil wars, which seemed incomprehensible to me when I first read his warnings, in 1986."

Horn added that he thought it would be wise to thoroughly review all of Meier's prophetic information, dating back to 1951, especially pertaining to coming environmental damage from various storms, volcanoes and earthquakes.

"We've already had some 20 earthquakes over 7.0 this year and there are early indications of unusually severe storms coming this winter. In addition to everything else, Meier was the first person to warn about climate change and global warming, he also specifically predicted plastic credit cards, portable telephones, a disease he actually called AIDS, and even foresaw that every home would one day have a television and a computer...interconnected electronically around the world. Fortunately, so much of Meier's prophetic information is in copyrighted, published books and documents, or already on the internet before events occurred. Otherwise, without such documentation, claims of such prophetic accuracy would not be taken seriously. I can only hope that they are now," said Horn.


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