New Pentagon Report Corroborates Prophetic Information in Recently Released Film - October 16, 2014

Series of films by They Fly Productions establish prophetic accuracy of 77 year-old Swiss man who foretold 9/11, Ebola and Russian military movements

The WCUFO, photographed by Billy Meier, on 35mm film, in 1981 (PRNewsFoto/They Fly Productions)


FLAGSTAFF, Ariz., Oct. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The recently released, award-winning film, And Did They Listen?, is the latest in a series of films by They Fly Productions to document the accuracy of the prophecies and predictions by Swiss prophet, Billy Eduard Albert Meier. Producer/director Michael Horn points out that the new Pentagon report declaring climate change as a "threat multiplier" identifies the same conditions that Meier first warned about, beginning in 1951, when he predicted manmade climate change.  

Between 1951 and 1987, Meier published information foretelling virtually all of the Pentagon's targeted concerns, i.e. food and water shortages, pandemic diseases, disputes over refugees and resources, destruction by more intense natural disasters, vulnerability of coastal installations to rising sea levels, increased flooding, droughts, wildfires, and more extreme temperatures, etc. Further, Meier's information also contained specific warnings about current concerns, such as Russia's military movements, the upsurge in radical Islamist fanaticism and even forewarned about AIDS, the 9/11 attack on the WTC and the Ebola epidemic.

Meier is best known as for his controversial UFO photographs, which he began publishing in 1964. Long accused of being a hoaxer, recent expert analysis again authenticated his photographic evidence, which one can also now test for themselves. An aerospace professional who worked for NASA on the space station, space shuttle, etc., also recently endorsed the Meier case. And in the new film – formerly skeptical – Dr. Sanford Weinstein clearly endorses Meier's prophetically accurate information about the now unfolding Russian military movements, which Meier published in 1987, and urges our military to heed his warnings.

As the film shows, Meier, who's survived 22 documented assassination attempts, hoped that this foundation of credibility would encourage people to consider the advice and recommendations he also published, so that we could assure our own very threatened future survival.

Michael Horn, who lectures internationally on the Meier case and is Meier's American media representative, pointed out that much of Meier's prophetic information is contained in copyrighted books and publications and that the real UFO cover-up is solely about the Meier case. He also said that skeptics, like James Randi, no longer contest the authenticity of Meier's photos, or even the case itself.

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