New Cartoon Warns of Devastating Impact from Apophis Asteroid - August 11, 2012

Information given to UFO contactee, Billy Meier, in 1981 by Plejaren extraterrestrials to be published in several languages, aimed at younger generations who will be most affected if scientists don't act now to prevent a deep impact by Apophis in the coming years

Playa Del Rey, CA (PRWEB) August 11, 2012

Predictive information about the Earth being hit by the Apophis asteroid, first provided to UFO contactee Billy Meier, in 1981 is now available as a cartoon in an online comic book titled, "The Adventures of Billy Meier!". The Plejaren extraterrestrials referred to the object at the time as "The Red Meteor" and later confirmed that it was indeed the Apophis asteroid, which was officially discovered in 2004.

It's apparently not the first time that Meier published prophetic information about an incoming object. As early as 1978 he predicted the comet Toutatis, even correctly foretelling what it would be named. While that information hinted at the possibility, but not certainty, of the comet colliding with the Earth, there is no ambiguity expressed by the Plejaren, Quetzal, in the first episode illustrating the conversation between him and Meier, about the coming severe destruction if Apophis is allowed to impact the Earth.

Regarding making the Meier information available as a cartoon in an episodic online comic book, in several languages, Michael Horn, Meier's U.S. media representative says, "I hope to alert and involve the younger generations, internationally, who will otherwise be the helpless victims of a global catastrophe that must certainly be avoided. They can become proactive and help wake up the scientists and government officials in their own countries. So far, only the Russian scientists have recognized the validity of Meier's information. Unfortunately, most of Meier's previous prophetic warnings - spanning the past 60 years - about the environmental catastrophes that are now becoming more frequent and intense, were ignored.

"Certain unpleasant things can no longer be avoided but this scenario with Apophis may still be averted, if scientists act now. In the next episode, we will present the specific information provided by the Plejaren that must be utilized to deflect Apophis from its course. Hopefully, we can contribute to this vitally important effort by using this contemporary art form."

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