NASA Discovery of Extraterrestrial DNA on Meteorites Confirms Billy Meier’s Information From 1988 - August 22, 2011

Swiss prophet again scoops NASA by decades; explained ‘insemination’ process from comets, meteors by which life started on Earth is universe wide phenomenon.

Playa del Rey, CA (PRWEB) August 22, 2011

NASA’s “new discovery” about the elements of life first being brought to Earth by incoming objects confirms what Swiss prophet Billy Meier first published, in 1988.

Scientists don’t welcome Meier’s evidence of his contacts with far more advanced, space traveling human beings, since they are not the ones being contacted. So humanity as a whole looses out on this great knowledge. We do keep on publishing it, however

In fact, the news report virtually repeats what Meier had said about the universe wide phenomenon of life-seeding objects decades ago.

Perhaps among those least surprised by this news is Michael Horn, Meier’s U.S. media representative. “It really resembles the plot for ‘Groundhog Day’, the film with Bill Murray, since I keep waking up to more of Meier’s information being regularly corroborated by our own scientists, although none of them want to know that they were already scooped by a Swiss prophet. I’ve tried to engage various astronomers, even young ones like Stuart Robbins, whose minds should still be open and inquisitive, to explore Meier’s widely available information.

“Unfortunately, the tendencies of many scientists, young and old alike are insufficiently mature to let go of their modern day, church-like belief that their own limited understanding encompasses the totality of all scientific knowledge. Scientists must remember that they certainly aren’t required to ‘know everything’. Their job really is to…discover what is yet unknown," said Horn.

Horn says that he's spent more than 32 years researching Meier's evidence, including UFO photos, films, video, sound recordings and metal samples but what he found most important was Meier's scientific information, spiritual teaching and prophecies and predictions.

His focus shifted, in 1988, from the eye-catching photographic evidence to documenting what he calls Meier's prophetically accurate scientific information. That occurred when Horn read about Lawrence Livermore Laboratories "new discovery", linking A-bomb testing to the damage of the ozone layer, which Horn says he had already seen two years earlier, in information Meier first published in 1975.

He discovered that Meier had already scooped NASA by six months, in 1978, on the most important discovery of the Voyager mission, i.e. that Io was the most volcanically active body in the solar system. His attempts to bring Meier's information to the attention of scientists, however, have proved to be difficult.

“Billy Meier is widely avoided because his impeccable accuracy in scientific, especially astronomical, matters is often due to his first hand, up close observational experiences facilitated by his extraterrestrial friends. This is very far outside the comprehension – or ego tolerance – of the so-called ‘experts’.

"I think many scientists mistakenly feel that they have been elevated to some exalted position of authority. So they fear being associated with anything that threatens the status quo – or their funding. Most scientists don’t welcome Meier’s evidence of his contacts with far more advanced, space traveling human beings, since they are not the ones being contacted. So humanity as a whole loses out on this great knowledge. We do keep on drawing attention to how Meier has been so far ahead of 'official discovery', such as in this case regarding extraterrestrial DNA, where he again scooped NASA by 23 years,” said Horn.


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