Hundreds of Atomic 'Suicide Bombs' Could be Triggered by Solar Flares Says Swiss Prophet - June 20, 2011

All nuclear power plants on Earth at risk from potential solar flare shutdown of power grid according to information from extraterrestrials; no safe form of nuclear power possible, humanity urged to develop deep geothermal energy, etc.

Playa del Rey, CA (PRWEB) June 20, 2011

According to information from Michael Horn, the American media representative for Swiss prophet Billy Meier, the hundreds of nuclear power plants on Earth, which are now at increased risk from severe solar flare activity in 2012, are effectively huge, atomic "suicide bombs" against which humanity has absolutely no protection.

Meier, who's published volumes of unerringly accurate, scientific information decades ahead of scientists, said that the Fukushima catastrophe is already considered a "super worst-case-scenario" by the extraterrestrials who have provided him with information for over 69 years - even though it's still not fully reported in the media. He claims that plutonium has already started to contaminate the sea and all life in it, which could potentially affect countless millions of human beings, despite being denied by various vested interests. Meier also stated that smaller atomic power plant accidents have already occurred but have been hidden from the public.

It Can Happen Here

Horn said, "There's already been a situation in the U.S. that shows how vulnerable we are to catastrophes from this terminally toxic technology. And now, in addition to dangers from earthquakes and tsunamis, terrorists, and even from meteorites hitting the atomic plants, we have the prospect of solar flares shutting down the supply of electricity worldwide, which could lead to disastrous situations at all atomic plants.

"Certainly, there's also no shortage of speculation now about the coming solar activity; even NASA and other scientists have warned us to, somehow, prepare for it. Of course humanity as a whole still is quite unaware about these complex, compounded problems we face."

Clear, clean solutions

Horn added, "The unavoidable fact is that if we wish to survive we must abandon nuclear power, along with the tradition of putting the pursuit dollars above the concern for all life on the planet. Meier proposed that we rapidly develop deep geothermal energy as a certain way to meet 100% of our energy needs. The problem, of course, is that deep geothermal energy is virtually pollution free, non-toxic and sensible, which may make it unappealing to those who prefer that we annihilate ourselves with atomic power plant 'suicide bombs'. However, there already are parties in other countries that are now wisely pursuing this course.

"We should learn all we can from them and apply our ingenuity to perfecting deep geothermal energy for our energy needs...while we dismantle the atomic power plants and their threat to our future survival. Failure to do so would be a fatal mistake and one which no amount of money could ever undo."


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