"Gospel of Judas" Irrelevant in Light of Even More Startling Ancient Text - April 10, 2006

Written 100 years earlier – by Judas – little known Aramaic document is found to be actual source of Book of Matthew, and to have preceded the other Gospels

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 10, 2006

Recent interest in the newly discovered gnostic writing "Gospel of Judas" is now drawing attention to a much more controversial, 1,900 year-old, document that was discovered in Jerusalem in 1963, translated into German by 1970, and first published in Switzerland in 1978, with English versions appearing since 1992.

Known as the Talmud of Jmmanuel (the “J” symbol is pronounced with the short "i" sound as in Immanuel), the TJ, as it is called, shares one feature with the Gospel of Judas – Judas Iscariot was no betrayer. Instead, he was the trusted writer of the TJ. The TJ is much more comprehensive than the Gospel of Judas, while indicating that the man we know as Jesus was originally named Jmmanuel, that he survived the crucifixion and then traveled through several countries with his mother Mary, his brother Judas-Thomas and Judas Iscariot, that Mary died while on their trek to northern India and was buried in Pakistan, that Jmmanuel married and had numerous descendants, and that he died at over 100 years of age and was buried near Srinagar, Kashmir. Source here.

With the order of events in Matthew's account of Jesus' ministry closely following those in the TJ, and with the TJ's original Aramaic text having been destroyed in 1973, due to its great heresies for Judeo-Christianity, the TJ was at first dismissed as a literary hoax based upon the Gospel of Matthew. This left only the German translation available for analysis. However, according to Prof. Emeritus James Deardorff, an independent gospel scholar who has researched the TJ extensively, the translation gives its own spiritual message while it resolves over 300 inconsistencies that have long troubled New Testament scholars of Matthew. This occurs often and by unexpected means, without problematic breaks in its text, such as those which plague Matthew. Through redaction criticism Deardorff concludes that the probability of the TJ being a hoax is effectively non-existent, and that the TJ is in fact the actual source upon which the Gospel of Matthew (not Mark) was dependent.

As one example, only after the TJ appeared was it noticed that the writer of Matthew had no reason whatsoever to refer to the prophecy in Isaiah as being fulfilled with the birth of Jesus – that a woman or virgin would bear a very important child and name him Immanuel – unless the child had actually been named Immanuel, not Jesus (Isaiah 7:14 and Matthew 1:23.). Any woman with child might claim to have been a virgin.

The TJ contains more definitive and non-allegorical predictions than does the Gospel of Matthew, which appear to refer to these very times, as well as to our future. It indicates that a very highly evolved person can indeed prophesy with accuracy, as the Gospel of Matthew also indicates with respect to short-range prophecy.

Adding to the desire of many scholars to shun the TJ is the fact it was co-discovered and edited by Billy Meier, the Swiss man who's also at the center of the only scientifically proven, UFO contactee case, still ongoing (for more than 64 years) in Switzerland. http://www.theyfly.com A further deterrence to Western scholars is the fact that the TJ includes reincarnation in its teachings, which would challenge the very core of Christian beliefs and threaten the power of the Church itself. It is Meier's direct connection to the potentially revolutionary TJ that may be one of the main reasons why he has been the target of 21 documented assassination attempts.

The connection between UFOs and the Bible has often been pointed out regarding the book of Ezekiel but the TJ offers new areas for serious consideration.

See Analysis of the Talmud of Jmmanuel for links to: the research done on the TJ, detailed reasons why Matthew appears to depend upon the TJ and not vice versa, attempts to debunk it along with refutations, scholars' evidence for the Gospel of Matthew having preceded Mark, the list of witnesses attesting to Meier's true UFO-contactee status, and assassination attempts against the man.


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