Cover-Up Ends as Secret UFO Evidence Released! - February 07, 2011

Researcher who issued challenge demanding UFO proof shocks audience, lecturer, when he presents personal evidence Billy Meier UFO case authentic; hid information for year to avoid publicity for person trying to sabotage and attack Meier case

Playa Del Rey, CA (PRWEB) February 07, 2011

Media representative, Michael Horn, who had set the stage for a momentous announcement by publicly demanding proof of UFO related claims made by researcher, Stephen Bassett, unexpectedly turned the tables when he himself presented what may be the best new evidence of extraterrestrial contact - and then offered it to his former opponent. The event took place, Friday night, at the Flying Saucers Cafe in the Santa Monica area of Los Angeles.

Bassett, who had expected Horn to press him to debate the UFO issue, was clearly shocked by the announcement and Horn’s offer to contribute the evidence to a joint effort to stop the truth embargo about actual extraterrestrials and their UFOs.

“I think that Stephen now understands that the Billy Meier contact case is what the UFO cover-up is really all about. Things like Roswell, etc., are completely dead-end issues, with no remaining evidence and plenty of disinformation that keeps people chasing their tails in circles. Meier’s contacts are still ongoing – he had one during the early morning hours of February 3, his 74th birthday, as he always does. So there’s nothing to be gained by chasing lights in the sky, or pestering our government for anything about UFOs. We already have the most important answers and know more about it than they do anyway,” said Horn.

In 2009, the Plejaren extraterrestrial human beings forwarded to Horn, via Billy Meier, a specific warning of an impending, intrigue filled attempt, by Kal Korff, a notorious Meier detractor, to use Horn's participation in a joint pro and con DVD project to conceal and launch a new, worldwide attack on Meier.

Horn admitted that neither he nor Meier suspected such sinister intentions by Korff, and suggested doing the project with, him. They had taken taken him at his word, perhaps quite naively, since he had been one of Meier's most virulent opponents for many years.

But, according to Horn, the accuracy of the Plejaren information was born out almost immediately after he acted on it and withdrew from the project. “The stark contrast between Korff's warm, friendly and enthusiastic emails, and the reality of what he was actually planning, was quickly in evidence on his website. The historic cooperation with me that he had been promoting was suddenly replaced with such outrageous, defamatory – and life threatening – attacks that three successive web hosting companies agreed to remove it from their servers.

“I kept all of this secret for a year, mainly to avoid more publicity for him. Thanks to the Plejaren, we had avoided the real damage and I didn't want to direct attention to even the watered down version, for which he finally found a home online. Now this whole matter may represent the best new evidence of Meier's extraterrestrial contacts.”

Horn said, “Hopefully – and despite continued mainstream media suppression – there will now be a cooperative effort on the part of Stephen Bassett and his group, and all other interested parties, to openly discuss and examine the tens of thousands of pages of important information in the Meier material.

“The UFO cover-up is now effectively over. And I welcome using the opportunity to prioritize studying and disseminating the spiritual teaching from the Plejaren and Meier, which, along with their impeccably accurate prophecies and predictions, is really the very core of the case… and the key to our future survival.”

Michael Horn will make his second interactive appearance at the Flying Saucers Café in Santa Monica, on Friday, February 25 at 7:00 PM.

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