Conservative Radio Host Won't Discuss Controversial News Story on Show - February 3, 2005

But he was among the first to get Meier's book, in 2001, warning of U.S. attack on Iraq, recent BBC, Drudge, Frontline news stories, etc.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 3, 2005

A heated controversy is already erupting between Michael Horn, the U.S. researcher who represents the UFO case of Billy Meier, from Switzerland, and noted conservative talk show host Dennis Prager. At the center of the dispute, is Horn's assertion that discussion of the amazing story, now splashing across news sites and airing on stations all over the world, isn't taking place on some conservative shows here in the U.S. that, Horn thinks, should welcome controversial but well-documented stories.

While interest in Horn's recent appearance on one show resulted in over 250,000 hits to his website, he's gotten a rather chilly reception from the shows that, Horn thinks, are more comfortable with maintaining the status quo, based on narrow political and/or religious thinking, at a time in history when such thinking contributes more to our problems than to solving them.

But Horn points out that his frustration may be understandable when people learn that noted talk show hosts, like Prager and Michael Medved, were actually among the very first people, in 2001, to receive a copy of 'And Yet They Fly!' containing Meier's accurate warnings about events that hadn't occurred yet, like the U.S. attack on Iraq, the increase in Islamic terrorism, the spread of Mad Cow disease, etc. Horn thinks that people should know that these hosts, and thousands of other people, still have this book sitting on their bookshelf and, may be unaware or, worse, uninterested that it not only contains the amazing proof of foreknowledge of events, it also contains warnings of calamitous things still to come, should humanity not heed the warnings."This is either true or not true, there's really nothing in between. And, if it's true, there is no bigger story in all of history. The problem facing the media is how to the question the credibility of a controversial guest who sent you information about events before they occurred."

"I also understand," Horn added, "why ideologues or zealots of any stripe are avoiding Meier if their primary justification for war or policing the world emanates from their belief in an unproven divine right to do so. Both Prager and Medved, as well as other self-described religious, conservative radio hosts, are well-known supporters for the president's going to war, which many people view as an unconscionable act of unprovoked aggression sold under the guise of an imminent threat to the nation. But my concern is that, in 1981, Meier clearly warned of catastrophic destruction befalling the U.S., our own country, as a result of just these types of aggressive military policies, and further elaborated chillingly about it in 1987. Because Meier's record of accuracy is well beyond the ability of any radio host to summarily dismiss on the air, they avoid dealing with the information."

Asked if he thought that someone like Michael Moore would be more receptive to the story, Horn said, "Look, don't even get me started on Michael Moore and those on the far-left who don't control the airwaves anyway. And I'm not as interested in trying to change Mr. Prager's mind as I am in putting the case before his audience, and other conservative audiences, and letting them challenge it and decide on its validity themselves. Why should information of such potentially monumental importance to their lives, and their survival, be hidden from them, especially when these hosts have been privy to it for many years?"

"This could be the ultimate, if we only knew then what we know now. story and the problem is that we do know now and important people in a position to do something about it, perhaps to even help re-write our future history, are not taking that opportunity. It may never come again," said Horn.

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