BREAKING: Astronaut Edgar Mitchell to Explore Billy Meier UFO Case? - November 29, 2010

Sixth astronaut on the moon, well known for his interest in UFOs and consciousness, claimed government covering up extraterrestrial UFO information; already acknowledged Meier's scientific information is better form of proof than UFO photos; fascinated by proof of extraterrestrial's accurate scientific information about 5,100 year-old Iceman

Playa Del Rey, CA (PRWEB) November 29, 2010

Discussions are under way for a first of its kind public forum featuring Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, and Michael Horn, the U.S. media representative for Swiss UFO contactee, Billy Meier.

According to Horn, "Dr. Mitchell sent me an email acknowledging that Meier's voluminous amount of published, scientifically accurate information was even better proof than the physical evidence, such as UFO photos, films, etc. Of course there were alsoprominent scientists who focused only on Meier's physical evidence and found it to be authentic. However, anyone who can think logically, scientifically and objectively, as Dr. Mitchell certainly does, can easily see how the best 'proof' may be right under our noses, in the documentation. Considering the huge, possibly historical implications, I think it's important to explore this matter in a broad and open public forum.

"If Dr. Mitchell is up for the public challenge, I will first present an overview of Meier's most important evidence and then take any and all questions from him, the press and any other scientists and experts he has invited. While they may be at a disadvantage, knowledge wise about the Meier case, their questions and challenges are certain to interest many people, worldwide, some of whom are just becoming aware of the Billy Meier UFO contacts.

"And besides, Meier and Dr. Mitchell have something in common - they've both been to the moon, although Meier was first there years before any of our astronauts. We could also go deeper into other questions Dr. Mitchell asked me, such as how Meier's extraterrestrial sources provided him with absolutely accurate, scientifically corroborated information about the death of a man - over 5,100 years ago.

"Even though Dr. Mitchell has spoken out about the government's UFO cover-up, and suffered no harm for doing so, publicly discussing a case where the only logical conclusions are that it's authentic - and the real focus of the UFO cover-up - may be just a little 'too hot to handle'. We all have great respect for Dr. Mitchell, he's one of the heroes of the U.S. space program. And I do hope he'll decide that this unique opportunity to explore Meier's wealth of scientific information - and its possible importance for our future survival - is well worth the risk, even from the powers that be."


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