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What is the Creation?

Introduction to the Creation

What Is the Creation?

Creation, what it is ...
by Billy
Translation: Willem Mondria, Switzerland

Creation is an immense, neutral, energetical and evolutive Wesenheit BEING that is not a Wesen as such but a Wesenheit as a pure natural state of energy, a natural evolutive spirit-energetical activity-energy. A Wesen is an independently existing life form with its own individuality and personality in an impulse, instinct or conscious consciousness-form that is specifically directed towards all possibilities of evolution, and with its own physical, psychical , conscious, part-conscious, unconscious, impulse- or instinct-related development-forms (human being, animal, creature and plants). A Wesenheit is not a Wesen as such but an immaterial or material form of existence without a self-determining possibility of evolution, whereby however this possibility can be given to a certain extent, such as with the Creation Universal Consciousness, certain energies, stones, water and gases, etc. The Wesenheit Creation is a pure spirit-energetical BEING-state, a radiating energy of spirit-light, and therefore not a Wesen in the sense of a human being, other creature or other personified Wesen, therefore also not a divinity in superhuman form.

The Creation Universal Consciousness, as natural spirit-energy-form, is a spirit-energy-form based and existing purely on causal evolution out of which the likewise causal and evolution-related creational-natural laws and recommendations are given. These again are neutral-positive-balanced in their existence, consequently they contain 100% positive and 100% negative whereby only then the possibility of evolution is given. This negative and positive of equal value means that the Creation Universal Consciousness, including its natural laws and recommendations, is absolutely neutral-positive-balanced, consequently neither the negative nor the positive predominates in any way. As a whole, all of the Creation Universal Consciousness is completely balanced, as a result neither good nor evil exists in it, but only neutral balance. Consequently everything is also existent in this way which means that also every life form is existent, i.e. is born, in an equal way so the good or evil only develops in it through instillment just like it is also the case with the human being, who is born in a neutral-balanced way and only develops to that which he or she will then be through the upbringing. The Creation Universal Consciousness is, thus, in each form neutral-positive-balanced because as a result of it containing in itself 100% positive and 100% negative an absolute balance of the two energies arises that leads to the effect of balance.

When two energies and their powers are of the same strength in every respect then one or the other cannot predominate but can only lead to a balance. The whole corresponds to an energetical knowledge and energetical wisdom as these are also given in Creation itself. The spirit-energy-form Creation Universal Consciousness accumulates its knowledge and its wisdom continuously further in a spirit-energetical way, namely by gathering in itself the advancing evolution-related processes and results of the entire nature, the entire content of the universe and the human beings as well as of all other life forms as energetical knowledge and energetical wisdom. Thereby the Creation grows cumulatively as a spirit-energy-form and indeed for such a long time until it reaches its highest possible energy-form. When this state is reached, it then lays itself in a slumber, i.e. the universe falls into contraction, whereupon after a time span of 7 x 311 trillion and 40 billion (7 times 311 040 000 000 000) years it forms itself through evolution to a new universe or a new Creation Universal Consciousness as Primal-Creation in which there no longer is any materialness but only pure spiritual evolution-energy.

The Creation Universal Consciousness is therefore a very high spirit-energy-form which can be regarded as an individual spirit-energy-Wesenheit that is however not a Wesen as such, but a very highly developed causal and evolutive spirit-energy-form that continuously accumulates, namely through the achievements of evolution and all that comes forth from its causal and evolution-related laws. The Creation Universal Consciousness is a natural production of its own evolution just like the human being and all other living creatures as well as the entire universe, and everything existing in it corresponds to the causal forms of evolution given by the creational-natural laws. In its natural evolutive energy, it is formed so much higher over all the material and thereby exists so immeasurably high over human beings in a pure spirit-energy level that it would be impossible for it to set itself in communicative contact in any way with a human being. The Creation, as a pure energy-form without personality, and subject to causality as well as evolution, is alone in its existence, and it is neither a duality nor a trinity, but rather an independent, natural and evolutive single-energetical form of unending spirit-energetical greatness and might.

   There are no English terms that convey the meaning of the German terms Wesen and Wesenheit.

   Of or relating to the psyche.



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