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SETI Sent Evidence of ET Contact by They Fly Productions

"My colleagues and I may have made breakthroughs in our understanding of possibilities and ways for traveling faster than light from Billy Meier's accounts of his encounters with the Plejarens...If what this Meier is saying is just a hoax, he's being cued by some very knowledgeable scientists. I've only discussed this Meier case with scientists who are fairly open-minded about interstellar flight, but I'll tell you, the majority of them think it's credible and agree at least with part, or sometimes all, of the things talked about by the Plejarens."

David Froning

Note that the topic of zero-point field energy, etc., is indeed one of award-winning physicist and aeronautical and aerospace engineer David Froning's specialized areas of interest and expertise.

“Billy” Eduard Albert Meier

Below you will find additional information pertaining to the invitation sent to Dr. Jill Tarter, scientists at SETI and at the NExSS initiative regarding the evidence for extraterrestrial contact in the Billy Meier case.

“Billy” Eduard Albert Meier claims that his contacts with human beings from a human extraterrestrial space traveling race, called the Plejaren, began in 1942, in Switzerland, when he was five years old. He says that these contacts are still ongoing today.

Meier’s claims, and his remarkably clear UFO photographs, attracted the attention of the late Lt. Colonel Wendelle Stevens (USAF), who had been tasked by the US Air Force in 1947 with investigating UFOs, and private investigators, Lee and Brit Elders, whose company, Intercep, specializes in computer security and electronic-counter-measures.

The Team

Along with Stevens, the Elders – who were initially quite skeptical about the Meier case - put together a team of specialists and spent more than eight years doing an on-site investigation of every aspect of it. They investigated Meier’s personal life, family and friends, searched for but found no evidence of any fraud, hoax or any collaborators, technical or financial resources that could account for his evidence.

They gathered and submitted for independent analysis samples from the hundreds of Meier’s UFO photos, films, metal samples and sound recordings. They also acquired hundreds of pages of Meier’s conversations with the Plejaren (in transcripts known as the Contact Reports) and published the English language translations, from the originals in German, in numerous books. They also published two books with Meier’s UFO photos. Today there are more than 26,000 pages of information from Meier, most of it still in German.

The Context for Contact

Proven contact with an extraterrestrial race would be the single most important discovery in all of science…and human history. Many elements would need to be considered and scrutinized pertaining to any claims of extraterrestrial contact.
It has to be realized that a far more advanced race would be neither compelled, nor likely, to accommodate the presumptions, expectations and demands of a less evolved race. It isn’t the lesser-evolved species that determines the terms and conditions of contact, of how they are approached by a superior external group. This has been shown to be true on our own world when a more advanced, if not always civilized, race or group has made contact with a more primitive one. In many cases such contact has led to conflicts, wars, plagues, decimation of populations, etc.

We must consider that the actual difference in evolution between any terrestrial races is far less than that which would exist between us and a space traveling race, including our most advanced individuals. All military, governmental and intelligence sectors have given this serious consideration. So it’s understandable that great care would be exercised in terms of determining the motives of an actual extraterrestrial race, any threat they posed to us, etc., let alone in actually engaging in voluntarily contact with them.

In the forefront of our military’s concerns would rightly be the realization that any race that actually could find and approach us would by definition possess technology far in advance of our own, including weaponry against which we may have no defenses.

But the entire matter of the existence of any other intelligent life forms also posses problems for our various religions, all of which represent that they are indeed the only true ones and whose cosmologies largely represent that we on Earth are the sole intelligent inhabitants of this universe…and therefore the most advanced as well.

All vested terrestrial interests may also perceive that they stand to lose control over the populace should the existence of other intelligent races in the universe prove to be factual. One of the chosen options to maintain control in such an eventuality is to demonize, and create fear about, any and all other beings in advance of there being any real proof for their existence. And this is exactly what was initially done during the Roosevelt administration, with the help of various intelligence agencies, and as has been carried forward for many decades, to this day, through all forms of media.

Any advanced – benevolent – extraterrestrial race would not only be aware of this situation but respectful of it in how they actually did engage with us. (Such knowledge would of course be used differently in the case of a hostile race.) We shall see that this respectful, non-invasive approach has indeed been the case with the Meier contacts. Whether or not it will bear the hoped for fruits and benefits for humankind is still not determined, mainly because of the obstacles that our own far less evolved thinking, excessive aggression and irrational belief systems have created and which are stubbornly and fearfully clung to.

Hidden in Plain Sight

So far the search for extraterrestrial life has largely been conducted as a feel good effort; the idea that we would succeed in contacting a highly advanced race through sending radio waves out into space is a rather primitive, unrealistic idea, a "let's do something" approach intended to give the appearance of something more serious than it is. Contrast it with the fact that, as of 10 years ago, there had already been over 230 radar sightings of the craft - in the area where Meier lives - by the Swiss military. Certainly nothing's prevented scientists and other interested parties from going to the source and being among the now over 100 credible eyewitnesses to events that have actually been ongoing for over...73 years.

In fact, many of the scientists most identified with projects pertaining to extraterrestrial life have so far been remarkably resistant to being approached with credible evidence and information, i.e. meaning the Meier case. There’s often the sense that they don’t really expect to make such discoveries. So it’s refreshing that Dr. Tarter has actually indicated her and SETI’s willingness to examine such uniquely high quality evidence as exists, in abundance, in the Meier case. 

Meier’s still irreproducible evidence is of unparalleled quality, much of it already authenticated and corroborated, etc., and doesn’t rely on fuzzy images of lights-in-the-sky, wild and sensationalized tabloid content about imaginary "aliens", "abductions", etc. In fact the irony of the matter is that Meier’s evidence has long been criticized for being…too good.

But no one need rely solely on decades of previous research and analysis in order to determine the truth for themselves. And that is precisely what each and any interested person must do as stated before, i.e. take complete self-responsibility for evaluating all existing evidence to the point of being able to draw their own conclusions.

Returning to the context of contact, rather than some science fiction version, the Plejaren took a very reasonable, logical and ultimately respectful approach to presenting us with incontrovertible evidence of their existence, their purpose and their motives..which center around helping us to assure our own, very threatened future survial. Assuming just for a moment that the Meier case is true and authentic, we should note that we haven’t been invaded or attacked by them in the past 73 years of these contacts. Any and all aggression, violence, wars, etc., have been and still are solely manmade, self-destructive actions. 

The Eye Candy

Having some sense of our behavior (though not necessarily a full understanding for a good period of time) the Plejaren first gave us the “eye candy” in the form of Meier’s over 1,200 stunningly clear, mainly daytime UFO photos, films and video. This was also deliberately done to provoke worldwide controversy, a step in “lubricating” our thinking about the possibility of other intelligent life in the universe.

The Higher Standard of Proof

The next step was to provide us with a great deal of what we call the higher standard of proof, the “prophetically accurate” scientific and world event related information. Much of this information was conveyed to Meier conversationally, in the context of the wide variety of topics he was discussing with the Plejaren. Other information was given to and/or written and published by Meier specifically as prophetic warnings. One can determine for themselves if the term impeccably accurate applies.

The term “prophet” is a red flag for most scientists however, we have an abundance of terrestrial prophets, in the form of weather forecasters, financial analysts, sportscasters, and even architects, engineers, astronomers, physicists, space scientists, aerospace engineers, etc., etc., all of whom take known data and project outcomes, i.e. they make prophecies and/or predictions based on the information.

Some people have asked, or challenged, if Meier’s information has been peer reviewed. First, he doesn’t have any peers in terms of experience and knowledge let alone evidence and informational accuracy. Secondly, in keeping with the core of the teaching that is really the essence of this case, each person must take complete responsibility for determining the truth for themselves.

Surrendering personal responsibility to scientists, politicians, so-called leaders, priests, rabbis or mullahs is viewed as one of the core problems of earthly humanity and it is advised against. Of course that doesn’t mean that qualified advice and expertise should be ignored or dismissed but the responsibility still must lie with the individual to assess and determine the truth.

Accordingly there are absolutely no beliefs espoused, implied, or encouraged in this material. It must be evaluated using logic, reason, scientific protocols, etc. However, it has been deliberately kept clear and accessible to laymen as well as scientists (who often resort to specialized language to create a perceived status of superiority) and it’s no secret that many people are irked that the seemingly unlikely Billy Meier, a man with little formal education and no wealth or worldly status, would be chosen above those people that are considered to be “experts”, “leaders”, etc.

We will leave the question as to why Meier was chosen to be the contactee for the moment but point out that the majority of scientists who have been approached with this material have rejected it out of hand, probably due to such considerations as fear of losing credibility, funding, tenure, etc., since no specific criticisms of the evidence were offered.

In fact, when the award-winning documentary, And Did They Listen?, was sent to ASU for a suggested screening, it was simply banned without any specific objection to its content, factual accuracy, etc. The ASU Center for Science and Imagination at ASU proved to be anything but, refusing the offer of a free presentation by NASA aerospace engineer, Matthew Wieczkiewicz, and Kenneth Smith, the Director of Operations at Orbital Launch System Group (Ret)* who also endorsed Meier's authenticity, and myself. Paul Davies and Lawrence Krauss – two professors at ASU publicly known for their interest in extraterrestrial life – backed away from similar offers, inexplicably tongue-tied.

During a nearly hour-long meeting with the head of the astronomy department at NAU, Prof. Stephen Tegler, declined to look atthe book with over 600 of Meier’s clear, daytime UFO photos, saying that he wasn’t “interested in photos and only was interested in "hard, tangible evidence.” When I asked him where at NAU they were keeping a piece of…Pluto, he was gracious enough to concede that he’d been bested - but he still didn’t want to look through the proverbial telescope.

Considering how difficult it’s been for many of these people to acknowledge, let alone respond, to the evidence and information, freely offered over the decades, it’s small wonder that they weren’t approached even more directly. We did mention that, in 1979, an offer of contact with the Plejaren was presented to the Carter administration (Lee Elders used his government connections to do so) but that the offer was refused. A copy of that letter is available upon request.

It does appear however, that the Russians and others may be more receptive to, and even acting on, the information provided to and by Meier pertaining to the Red Meteor, aka asteroid Apophis – which, according to the Plejaren, is most likely to hit the Earth in 2036 unless a real, effective, international effort is undertaken in time. This latest research confirms that Meier published his information 13 years before "official discovery" of Apophis.

We have even illustrated some of the warnings from Meier and the Plejaren, such as pertaining to Apophis and the BP disaster. The information frm the Plejaren about Fukushima provided to be painfully, prophetically accurate, as we are still slowly learning. (Not surprisingly, the Chinese - 1,300 general public and 200 scientists - were most receptive to the information on the Meier case.)

Analyses and Authentication

Fortunately though there are those who, some years ago, stepped up to examine Meier’s evidence and publicly affirm the authenticity of the case based on their expert analyses, like NASA's Michael Malin, David Froning, Robert Post, etc. and again, just last year, Rhal Zahi and Chris Lock authenticated some of Meier’s most controversial photographic evidence.

Because Zahi and Lock have included the protocols, software, etc., that they used, one doesn’t have to rely on their expertise; almost anyone with the intention to do so can reproduce the tests, in accordance with the scientific method. In fact, one of Meier’s 1981, 35 mm film photos can be tested in minutes, leaving one in the peculiar position of having to…debunk themselves once they get the same result as everyone else, which reveals the craft hovering over a gravel road at nighttime. Again, self-responsibility rather than relying on outside authorities.

The internet has allowed for the democratization of the investigative process, allowing anyone to search for and either corroborate or contradict Meier’s information, dates of publication, etc. There are certain limitations to relying however solely on search engines, etc. One still has to apply comprehensive, logical thinking to the entire body of evidence and information in order to determine the truth.

Additionally, the wide variety, scope and specificity of the scientific and world event related information that's been corroborated and deemed to be prophetically accurate is in many cases further validated by existing copyrights in books and documents that establish publication prior to "official discovery" or occurrence.

It also certainly has to be considered that there isn't anything even remotely comparable to the Meier case, with its voluminous, still irreproducible evidence, lengthy investigations, intensse scrutiny, eyewitness testimony, five other photographers, professional analyses and authentication, defeat of all skeptical challenges, etc. (One skeptical attempt to debunk Meier's information about Jupiter's moon, Io, resulted in corroborating Meier instead. Noted skeptics James Randi and Derek Bartholomaus both RETRACTED their claims that the Meier case was a hoax.)

Meier also has one of the most well documented lives of any person living, or who has ever lived, absent any evidence of fraud, hoaxing, bad character, deceit, profit motivation, etc. Also, there is zero evidence that he possessed the means, motive or opportunity to have conducted any kind of hoax. In fact, the decades' long investigation of the case, including the original 8-year, on-site investigation, the investigation by author Gary Kinder, Michael Horn’s 36 years of research, etc., reveal the evidence and the man to be truthful.

Far Beyond Chance

With the ongoing, ever increasing fulfillment of Meier’s information and warnings, dating back to 1948, it may be difficult indeed to accept that so many specific things have fulfilled, far beyond chance or someone making a few lucky guesses. The present situation is one in which humanity must now decide if it’s – finally – going to take heed and do what still can be done to avert, prevent and/or deal with the rest of the even more dire events foretold.

This will present difficulties still for some scientists, skeptics, religious believers, etc. At this point though, whatever perplexes one about how this case could possibly be true should be at least temporarily set aside in favor of doing the necessary investigation, etc., oneself.

It’s often said that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. But history, and science, shows us that things that were once considered extraordinary have been shown to be factual and now are accepted as such. It may be more accurate then to say that extraordinary claims simply require being evaluated using solid scientific methods and protocols. There is no paranormal or supernatural, only that which is true or not true. And applying good science to all claims will reveal their authenticity or lack thereof.

As per my experience my experience with Prof. Tegler, mentioned above, we must remember that the percentage of tangible evidence for everything that we think we know about outer space is extremely small. Certainly we base our knowledge on various kinds of specialized photography, knowledge about gases, thermal imagery, chemistry, gravity, objects that impacted the Earth, etc., and while we may be highly accurate there will certainly be new information obtained once we have certain physical material in our possession and are also able to travel to other planets, etc.

But even our best images of Pluto, for instance, while we may be able to derive important information from them, don't contain the clarity and detail of Meier's UFO photos, films, etc., all made with relatively primitive equipment, which of course has also helped us in being able to authenticate them and eliminate the possibility of hoaxing. As far as Meier's scientific information is concerned, so miuch of which has already been independently corroborated, refer again to David Froning's statement, which he also made at one of my presentations in Los Angeles, some yers ago.

Below are links to evidence and information, as well as some specific, pertinent articles. It’s all presented plainly and directly so that anyone can begin their own process of determining the authenticity and accuracy of the contents of the case. One should keep in mind that this entire body of evidence and information – mainly originating in the pre-computer, pre-digital age – which has withstood every skeptical challenge for over 60 years, has been presented by one partially disabled man living in a remote, rugged area of rural Switzerland.

As previously mentioned, the way in which an extraterrestrial race would approach and contact us would be determined by them, not us. The way in which the abundant evidence in this case has been presented to us is consistent with that idea. It should neither be believed, nor rejected out of hand, because it doesn’t fit our preconceptions about just how this “should” occur. Evaluate it on its own merits, using logic, critical thinking, consideration of such things as the weight of the evidence, preponderance of evidence, absence of evidence of fraud, means, motive and opportunity, etc.

Certainly any additional questions, challenges, etc., can be posed and will be answered in a timely fashion. Now it's time for you to decide if they came here and if so, what that means in...your life.

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*Kenneth Smith's statement

To whom it may concern:

In reading Billy Meier's contact reports; listening to the youtube Contact Reports; reading the Goblet of Truth, not to mention the prophetic accuracy of Billy Meier's predictions on top of Billy's corroborated evidence by Earth scientists is overwhelming. His many photographs of space craft and other wonders in the universe including the Spiritual Teaching drive home the authenticity of the case.

Billy Eduard Albert Meier "BEAM" has opened many doors so to speak and clarified many misunderstandings and misinterpretations of the world and universe that we live in; I wholeheartedly support everything that Billy, the Plejaren and Michael Horn are doing to bring the truth to all.

While working in the Aerospace industry with other scientists, engineers, astronauts and scientists; I have no doubt that what is being presented is the absolute truth! I definitely endorse the authenticity of this information.


Kenneth Smith

Director of Operations

Orbital Launch System Group (Ret)


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"But, to reflect on the statement that's in the film, I also remember seeing a shot on the Super8 reel that showed a UFO circling around a fairly tall tree. According to that shot, we said that we can't conclusively say whether it's real or not, but it seemed impossible to stage that kind of a shot with a miniature (it would have to be hanging on a very tall crane, with wires - but even then the movements would be hard to achieve.) So, yes, in regards to that shot, we mentioned that we could definitely do it today with CG, but at the time these were supposedly shot - it would have been very hard, probably even impossible, to fake this kind of shot."

Volker Engel, Marc Weigert - Uncharted Territory
Academy Award-winners, Special Effects for "Independence Day"

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Even nationally syndicated conservative talk radio host Michael Medved had to admit "… Look, I'm intrigued by this because, again, some seemingly very bright people seem to believe this. Michael, I appreciate your spirit of openness and sharing all of this with us and your willingness to bring us all up to date on the Billy Meier controversy involving flying saucers and extraterrestrials."
- Michael Medved - National talk radio host

"I enjoyed visiting with you on the air very much and the audience enjoyed it as well judging by the amount of positive e-mail. We should do this again some time and I look forward to meeting you in person out there where the weather is so much nicer!"
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"Michael Horn has appeared on Kevin Smith Show several times, and he is always a fascinating guest with a powerful command of his information. He does not demand that others believe his information, but very politely presses them to know his information and investigate it. One thing he does that makes his appearances stand out is that he provides a lot of corroborating evidence from other sources. It is always a pleasure to have Michael Horn on the Kevin Smith Show."
- Kevin Smith, Host – Kevin Smith Show

"… And that is without a doubt the best show that I think I've ever done on the Meier case. Actually, I didn't do it, I just hosted it. Michael Horn did it so he goes down as the best spokesman for Meier that I've ever had on."
- Art Bell - Coast to Coast AM (after interviewing Michael for four hours)
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"You're a fantastic guest!"
- Ian Punnett - Coast to Coast AM (after interviewing Michael for three hours)

And, typical of the effect that Michael is making nationwide, mainstream talk radio host Karen Grant summed it up perfectly "Michael is a phenomenal guest. Whether you are a skeptic or not, he brings information that is fascinating and keeps the audience glued to their radios. The responses I receive after he has been on my show have been overwhelming. The one guest you want to have when it comes to the Meier case and contacts in general."
- Karen Grant - National talk radio host

"Michael Horn, always a fascinating guest when he appears on Coast to Coast."
- George Noory - Talk radio host

"Thanks again for doing my show a few weeks ago. I rarely get email from listeners but I did get a few that really enjoyed hearing you and wanted your website info."
- Arielle Ford - Talk radio host, leading publicist

Regarding Michael's presentation of the scientific proof for the Billy Meier UFO contacts, and the prophetic material (documented and published by Billy Meier in 1975, 1987 and 1995) that specifically gave advance warning of the destruction of the WTC, the upcoming attacks by the USA and the president, and other events unfolding right now...legendary, conservative talk show host Barry Farber said:

"... I didn't dream I could ever enjoy a discussion of this nature, but Michael, you amaze me. It's supremely enjoyable...If you can prove one of them...then you're gonna change the world. I'm sitting here as a fascinated listener and talk host having a good hour. But if you can prove that anything [like that] came down...then I'm telling you pal, you're wasting time on the Barry Farber Show. You can change the world... It was a delight! You handle skepticism well and kept things going briskly. I've already put your material in the "volcano" file" meaning hot guests who are welcome repeatedly on the show."
- Barry Farber - Talk radio host

"You were great! You are very articulate and knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed our chat and I hope you did, too. Would you like to come back on in the future? I appreciate you coming on and you were such a gentleman and very charitable about the questions. Thank you so much."
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