The Buddhist Deception

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The Buddhist Deception

The Buddhist Deception

From the author:

Buddhism was the last stepping stone on my path, before finding the truth of all truth. Although I was enthusiastic about Buddhism in the beginning, it slowly turned into the disappointment of all disappointments, after it became clear to me that Buddhism is a cult religion like any other religion and was invented for the sake of exploiting people, to dominate, imprison and exercise power over them. I should have known better, but we can all learn from our mistakes, get a little wiser and move on. Moving on I did and by doing so I finally found the greatest gem, namely, the truth of all truth. Three months after I discovered the Creational truth, I visited the FIGU center in Switzerland and met with Billy Meier and some of the core group members as well as passive members. Discovering the Creational truth is the best thing that ever happened to me. Not long after my first visit to the FIGU center I decided to write the book, “The Buddhist Deception”. This book acts as a warning post for all the seekers of our world. I have done my good, better, best to in simple and easy to read language, explain why Buddhism is a false teaching. This religion has nothing to do with reality and therefore truth. Following a religion like Buddhism is synonymous with stagnation, inhibition of progress, constrain, restriction and the holding on to stipulated ways of thinking, to false teachings, wrong views, believing, etc. The path of the truth has nothing to do with religion and faith. The truth of all truth is the truth of the Creational-natural laws and recommendations, and this has nothing to do with belief, religion, or sectarianism, rather these laws are straightforward Universal existing laws and recommendations. These laws and recommendations very clearly proof that honesty, generosity, love, feeling for others, as well as all inner values like peace, freedom, virtuousness and harmony as well as knowledge and wisdom are the true values of existence and of life. The Spiritual Teaching is the only teaching out there which teaches the human beings of our Earth about the Creational truth. It is the knowledge of this truth that will in the distant future raise the entire terrestrial humanity. By that time all religions of our world, including Buddhism, will have disappeared into the darkness of non-existence. Truth alone will endure; all the rest will be swept away before the tide of time.

Ben Blijleven

Religion embodies a deprivation of the spiritual freedom of the human being. Religion is also a brutal criminal and exploitative enslavement of the human consciousness, reaching from the total dependence, serfdom, and a lack of willpower all the way to uncontrolled fanaticism, mental illness, demonic obsession and utter idiocy.


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