The Psyche

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The Psyche


The human being of Earth has adopted the unpleasant habit of using false word-concepts for things and matters, which he/she does not understand or only partially understands. This is also true for the spirit and for the material consciousness, in which case the latter also represents the actual personality of a human being. In this false use of false terms, it also occurs that the hu- man being speaks e.g. of 'spiritual nourishment' as well as of 'spiritual property', as also of 'spirit-illness'3, 'spiritual delusion', 'spiritual derangement', 'spiritual disturbance', 'spiritual inade- quacy', or 'spiritually lacking' and so on and so forth. Truthly, however, none of these terms apply to the spirit, because it can neither be sick nor confused, nor disturbed, deranged or faulty in any way. It also can never be inadequate, neither can one state that it receives a form of nourishment from the human be- ing when this person is thinking, philosophising and learning, etc. Also, neither can a spiritual property ever be talked about if a human being composes written words or notes, makes draw- ings or inventions, etc., because the spirit itself neither brings forth spiritual property in this manner, nor can it be fed by the thinking, learning and philosophising, etc., of the material consciousness. All this can solely and exclusively be attributed only to the material consciousness, so therefore the material-con- sciousness" becomes spoken of, which can, through various oth- er circumstances and occurrences, etc., be able to become ill and feeble-minded, deranged, confused, disturbed or inade- quate, etc.

For those dealing with mental emotional-illness, the contents of this book can help heal.

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