The Bulb Heads and Pin Heads

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The Bulb Heads and Pin Heads

The Bulb Heads create ideas but the Pin Heads keep…popping them!

This book helps children direct their attention inwardly, towards the joy of creating their own ideas, and emphasizes the importance of learning how to share these wonderful ideas with others.


Katherine - I love this book!
I love this book! The illustrations are fun and creative and the story has such a valuable and joyful message. I bought it for my daughter who has just turned two and she absolutely loves it.

Stefan Zutt - Changing the world begins inside
Just doing that myself, my recommendation for you is to sit down in a quiet corner, let some relaxation music play gently in the background, and enjoy reading that little book and watching its beautiful illustrations. Yes, it is for children, who will love it. But you as adult will equally sense how well it connects with your deepest inner needs and dreams. The later part of the little book contains lyrics of songs from the author. These are aligned with the overall story and of an inspirational and motivational nature, helping you to dream and nurture your inner strength, no matter if young or old.

Andrea Logue - Thoroughly Enjoyable!
Everyone young, old and in between will benefit substantially from reading this, for it is thought provoking and a truly beautiful collaboration. It's tenderness is unmatched and I thank all who were involved in its creation!

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