Supplementary Investigation Report

Supplementary Investigation Report
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The Supplementary Investigation Report goes even further than The Preliminary Investigation Report, with Wendelle Stevens recounting many previously unpublished and mysterious details of the investigation and of Meier's life and adventures. Of special interest are Stevens' reports of the ongoing observation of not only Meier and his associates but also the investigators, by governmental intelligence agencies from various countries. Stevens reports how these operatives knew the team's every move and destination and routinely picked them up overseas and interrogated them. He reports how they also copied Meier's UFO photos before releasing the investigators! While the "official" position has been to ignore or dismiss the Meier case as a hoax, the truth - as Stevens and his team found out - is that the case was (and still is) taken very seriously at the highest levels of intelligence.

A five-page letter to Stevens, from a former U.S. intelligence agent, revealing the inner workings and protocols of the intelligence community pertaining to the Meier case, and their acknowledgment of its authenticity, is both disturbing and compelling. This agent's understanding of the political and religious implications of the reality of UFOs, and the Meier case, rings true even today.

The existence of additional information, sufficient to warrant another 500+ pages of reporting by the investigative team, in and of itself confirms their opinion that the evidence exceeds even the most remote possibility of a hoax. And after more than 8 years of investigation, with no collaborators, finances or technology to perpetrate such a hoax available to the one-armed Meier, the Meier case certainly stands as not only the most important, validated UFO case but also the most important story in human history.

This ebook contains the entire 542 pages of the original Supplementary Investigation Report, first published in 1989, revealing a very serious and thorough investigation by top level professionals. It also contains several dozen clear color photos, of up to four UFOs at a time, taken by Meier. (The original book, now an out of print collector's item, when it can be found, sells for over $200.)

By Wendelle Stevens