Preliminary Investigation Report

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Preliminary Investigation Report

The original Preliminary Investigation Report is of enormous importance to those people who really want to understand the scope and depth of the original investigation. It centers around the testing of the evidence and the experiences the investigative team had that convinced them of the authenticity of the case. Here you will find very detailed information on the extensive analysis of the UFO photographs and sounds, as well as the metal samples examined by IBM scientist Marcel Vogel. There's also a full report on the lie detection tests given to Meier and numerous other witnesses. There are plenty of photos of the UFOs and the landing tracks, plus diagrams of the different models of the Plejaren beamships.

There are also numerous excerpts, from the unofficial translations of the Contact Notes, of the conversations between Meier and the Plejaren (Ptaah, Semjase and Quetzal), and also with Asket, from the Dal universe. You'll even be able to read Meier's own words detailing how his contacts began. You'll also read how two members of the investigative team, who were initially skeptical about Meier's credibility, witnessed phenomena that helped to convince them that Meier and the case were credible.

For anyone who wants to critically examine the varied and abundant evidence in the Meier case, and the extensive (and expensive) multi-year investigation into it, this information rich ebook will lay out the essential details. This straightforward, in-depth account thoroughly debunks the superficial attacks of skeptics, none of whom have ever actually investigated the case or duplicated even one single piece of Meier's abundant evidence.

This ebook contains the entire 542 pages of the original Preliminary Investigation Report, first published in 1982, revealing a very serious and thorough investigation by top level professionals. (The original book, now an out of print collector's item, when it can be found, sells for over $200.)

By Wendelle Stevens

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