The Silent Revolution of Truth

The Silent Revolution of Truth
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In 1958, Billy Meier predicted the Iraq Wars, AIDS, global warming and terrorism and he'd already been to the moon. Is it the biggest hoaxor the most important story in human history? Now you can decide for yourself! The long awaited, new, feature length documentary on the Billy Meier case is finally here! Now, for the first time, you'll see and hear Billy Meier's life story in his own words!

Feature length: 1:32 Special Features: :38 Total running time: 2:10 Once you see this new film you'll want to have everything available on the Meier case! BONUS FEATURES: Interactive Menus / Scene Selection / Web Enhanced Additional Bonus Features Include:

  1. Origin of Life In the Universe.
  2. The Skeptic: Examining the Evidence.
  3. DVD-Rom UFO Photo Archive & Screensavers.
  4. Movie Trailer.
  5. Interstellar Songwriting Collaboration.
  6. DVD Discs / 135 mins