The Meier Contacts The Key To Our Future Survival

The Meier Contacts The Key To Our Future Survival
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This nearly two-hour long DVD Lectu-mentary first establishes the authenticity of The Meier Contacts far beyond a reasonable doubt based upon the abundant, still irreproducible physical evidence.

You will see many of Meier's amazingly clear, daytime UFO photos, films and video, as well as hear the UFO sound recording and Marcel Vogel's conclusions about his analysis of the metal alloy samples.

You'll see documentation of the prophetically accurate, scientific and world event-related information published by Meier years, and even decades, before "official" discovery or occurrence.

Meier's advance warning of the recent riots and arson in Paris, that he first published in 1981 and then again in 1987, are also foretold on this DVD...well before they occurred! UPDATE: New proof that Meier's prophecies about the fall of France to Islam are being fulfilled make this DVD a collector's edition!

The DVD then presents still alterable prophecies for the near future and examines some of the core principles recommended as guidelines for human survival and evolution by the Plejaren. Also presented is an overview of the Plejaren perspective of some of the realities of universal life and Creational laws, along with information on the Salome Peace Meditation as practiced by 3.5 billion extraterrestrial humans within the Plejaren federation, as well as by many terrestrials, in support of peace and harmony for the people of planet Earth. While The Meier Contacts, which have been ongoing for over 63 years, clearly contain the most authentic and important evidence and information about UFOs and extraterrestrials, they are far more important because of the information that they offer to help us to assure our future survival.

Some of the topics include:

  • The Creation, Cause and Effect,
  • The Human Spirit,
  • Reincarnation and Karma
  • Judgment
  • The High Council
  • The Aging and Aggression Genes
  • ...and much, much more!

After the release of The Silent Revolution of Truth, the skeptic who presented his organization's best but failed case against the Meier material (gathered over at least six years!) retracted his claims of hoax.

He then contacted the Academy Award-winning special effects company (for Independence Day) mentioned in the film to try to coerce them to retract their comments about Meier's evidence. Instead, they published a statement essentially supporting the authenticity of Meier's UFO film (see it in the DVD)!

By Michael Horn