The Meier Case It's Real. Now What Do We do?

The Meier Case It's Real. Now What Do We do?
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One-hour, single-DVD

In this sizzling, no holds barred, live presentation Michael Horn reveals the truth about the:

NEW EFFORTS by failed skeptic that AUTHENTICATE Meier case!

Roswell and various other UFO crashes

So-called "alien agreements"

NEW CONFIRMATION from Academy Award-winning FX experts!

Budd Hopkins meltdown

Recent Texas UFO sightings


Election thefts and Bush connection to 9/11!

Warnings about parts of continents disappearing!

New "Pod" people!

Sci-fi spacecraft designs in last 50 years - vs. disk-shaped UFOs

Proof of Meier prophecy regarding planets beyond Pluto

ASTOUNDING 5,100 year-old iceman proves Meier case true!

Plus more about...

The Disclosure Project, "alien abductions" and even a Help Wanted ad - for aliens!

After the release of The Silent Revolution of Truth, the skeptic who presented his organization's best but failed case against the Meier material (gathered over at least six years!) retracted his claims of hoax.

He then contacted the Academy Award-winning special effects company (for Independence Day) mentioned in the film to try to coerce them to retract their comments about Meier's evidence. Instead, they published a statement essentially supporting the authenticity of Meier's UFO film (see it in the DVD)!