Meier Case Update Series #2

Meier Case Update Series #2
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This, three-hour, double-DVD set of the "The World At the Threshold", presented by Michael Horn, at the 16th Annual International UFO Congress Convention & Film Festival, in Laughlin, Nevada on March 2, 2007.

Highlights of this comprehensive new presentation include:

  • The results of the skeptical challenges of the last six years, how debunkers like Kal Korff, Jeff Ritzmann, David Biedney, Royce Myers, etc. met with stunning defeat!
  • An unexpected debunking of Michael Salla's fantasy laden "exopolitics" myth of "extraterrestrials walking among us" and his unethical support for the fraudulent, so-called "lifelong Andromedan contactee", Alex Collier, who blatantly plagiarized and distorted Meier's material
  • NEW film of the $400 MGM FX model UFO compared to the Meier UFO photos and film!
  • An overview of the actual extraterrestrial presence on earth that started 22 million years ago!
  • Information about the negative extraterrestrial splinter group, the Bafath, that was based beneath the Great Pyramid for thousands of years...until 1978!
  • The connection between the Bafath and Jehova, all world religions, Hitler and world leaders
  • Information on the lineage of genuine prophets, from Henoch to Billy Meier
  • NEW film of Meier demonstrating his 60+ words per minute, one-handed typing!
  • The real, alarming inconvenient truth about the environment and global warming published by 1951 and 1958!
  • The largest group participation in the Salome Peace Meditation...on this planet!
  • Information about the new edition of the Talmud Jmmanuel with the prophecies of Jeremiah and Elijah!
  • Jmmanuel's prophecies regarding Israel, Mohammed, nuclear, chemical-biological missiles, environmental damage, etc.
  • Jmmanuel's foretelling of his return, along with the "celestial sons" during these times!
  • The truth about all prophets and "gods" and how we should regard them
  • An introductory workshop in Standing In Spirit and how to use the technique in daily life

...and much, much more!