Meier Case Part 1 & 2

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Meier Case Part 1 & 2

Four-hour, double-DVD set, presented by lead investigator Wendelle Stevens, Christian Frehner (FIGU representative from Switzerland) and Michael Horn, at the 15th Annual International UFO Congress Convention & Film Festival, in Laughlin, Nevada. Some of the highlights of this comprehensive new presentation include:
  • CIA foreknowledge of the investigative team’s (Stevens, Lee and Brit Elders) every step (including their "secret" travel arrangements) and CIA knowledge of the authenticity of the Meier case
  • The existence of photos of the Plejaren UFOs taken by the CIA
  • Meier’s detailed description of the murder of Pope Paul VI and his accurate foretelling of the circumstances surrounding the election, brief term – and murder – of the next Pope (John Paul I), as well as the name and circumstances of the then following Pope John Paul II
  • A description of Meier’s 11 photographs of the still-to-occur San Francisco earthquake
  • Meier’s meetings with Mahatma Ghandi and with numerous world leaders
  • Information about Father Zimmerman, the parish priest who was young Meier’s confidant and assisted him with his mission
  • The heretofore unrevealed, Indiana Jones-like exploits of Meier in the 1950s and 1960s, including his activities in the Middle East (when he was known as "The Phantom") where he was authorized to apprehend serial killers and mass murderers
  • Corroboration (in 2005) of the murder of Vatican banker Roberto Calvi (told to Meier in 1982)
  • A list of the names, ages and planets of origin of over 30 of the extraterrestrial people with whom Meier has been in contact
  • The devastating psychological damage to one of the Plejaren who observed atrocities during the first Gulf War
  • The 11 year-old Plejaren girl’s unique (competition-winning) description of Meier’s mission
  • New photographs of the UFOs taken by other people in Switzerland
  • Meier’s recent excursions – to Mars and the moon! – including a trek on a Martian volcano and a description of the colors of the sunrise there
  • Information about extraterrestrials from the same lineage as Asian earth people
  • The "collectibles" of Earth origin owned by the Plejaren
  • The identity of the man said to be the great-great grandson of Gabriel, the Plejaren "angel" who was the actual father of Jmmanuel – known to us as "Jesus"
  • A report on the dramatic consequences of Ptaah making his UFO visible to three Swiss men who were openly skeptical about Meier’s contacts
  • Information about the spiritual teachers of the Plejaren – their work and role in their society
  • The computer/internet specialist – from the Plejaren system! – who assists Meier and FIGU
  • The actual number of "alien abductions" and genuine extraterrestrial contacts according to the Plejaren
  • More information from both Wendelle and Christian as they reveal details of their unique, first-hand and long-lasting personal involvement with Meier, the witnesses and the evidence in the case.
  • A post-presentation question and answer period covering many, many more topics of interest!

Wendelle Stevens is one of the original investigators in the case, along with Lee and Brit Elders, the two private investigators who also funded the investigation and the testing of the physical evidence. Christian Frehner (who has also witnessed the Plejaren UFOs) has been involved with Billy Meier and FIGU since 1982, and both he and Stevens have quite a lot of previously undisclosed, first hand information on this amazing case.

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