Jesus in India

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Jesus in India

"Billy" Eduard Albert Meier insists, from his work that he has fully described regarding "The Talmud of Jmmanuel," that Jesus (Jmmanuel) survived the crucifixion and had a life on earth beyond it in which he went to India, where his mortal remains exist in Kashmir.

This film, JESUS IN INDIA, is based on the lifelong research of Edward T. Martin, an author who accepts Meier's claim but has come to those conclusions by following a completely independent route. JESUS IN INDIA is produced, directed and filmed by Paul Davids, who brought us the Showtime film ROSWELL, perhaps Hollywood's most realistic depiction of evidence for extraterrestrial life. Davids journeyed to India with Ed Martin to follow every lead and historical clue about the "missing years of Jesus" - ages 13 to 30 not covered in the New Testament. They also explore in depth the theory of Jesus' survival of the cross and his life afterwards in Kashmir, then a Hebrew conclave for descendants of one of the "lost tribes of Israel." They literally risked their lives to enter war-torn Kashmir and arrange for filming at the disputed tomb, called the Tomb of Yuz Asaf, thought by many to be the tomb of Jesus.

In the film you will see the heated objections by Muslims living near the tomb to their investigation. This critically acclaimed documentary was a major broadcast for two years on the Sundance Channel in the U.S., and thanks to NBC Universal International Television, it has been seen in major broadcasts in Germany, Brazil, Australia, Canada, South Africa and elsewhere. (But not yet in India!)

NOTE: This is an independent film by Paul Davids that we're pleased to be able to offer, as Paul and Ed Martin went to great lengths to make a quality production that attempts to fill in important information pertianing to Jmmanuel (referred to as "Jesus" in the film).

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