Goblet of Truth

Goblet of Truth
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Teaching of the truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of the life from Henoch (Enoch), Elia (Elijah), Jesaja (Isaiah), Jeremia (Jeremiah), Jmmanuel (Immanuel), Muhammad (Mohammed) and Billy (BEAM)

The book of the entire Teaching of the Prophets

Complete - Chapter 1

1) This is the ‹Goblet of the Truth›, the words and guidelines through which you shall be knowing in the laws and recommendations of the Creation and in the appearance (nature), in order to fulfil the rules and values of the life, so that you may lead the present existence to the love, peace and freedom, as well as to the consonance (harmony) and wisdom; given since Nokodemion by the proclaimers, the prophets, the entire number of whom up to the new time shall be seven.

2) The birthing of all life (Creation) and its laws and recommendations is a duty to be fulfilled by you (human beings), because only in this wise will knowledge of the truth become wisdom, through which comes the balsam (essence) of all swelling (evolution) of the inner world (consciousness).

3) Only the laws and recommendations of the primal power (Creation) are support for you (human beings) in form ing your life and bringing it to fulfilment; therefore do not create any laws from your own intellect that are in opposition to the regulation and laws and recommendations of the Creation and that curtail these and change these to the detriment of your well-being.

4) If you (human beings) allow prosperousness in yourselves, then do not create any displeasure in yourselves and live in the ‹Goblet of the Truth›; live according to the truth, that is certainty in recognising reality.

5) There shall be no going into the unreal and no cursing of the laws and recommendations of the Creation, be - cause such acts generate rejection from those who are connected to the fairness (equitable/responsible), and therefore inequity (unfairness) contradicts the ‹Goblet of the Truth›.

6) And a prayer shall only be spoken to the own inner world (consciousness), because this forms itself growing into that which is connected to you through the word and the thoughts through the ‹Goblet of the Truth›.

7) The swelling (evolution) of the own inner world (consciousness) shall only serve the knowledge, the truth and love, the peace and freedom as well as the consonance (harmony) and wisdom, starting from the ‹Goblet of the Truth›, in order to fulfil the sense of the life and not to descend into disasters and inappropriate doings.

This book is a must have - Nathanael Mallow