About the Fluidal-Energy

About the Fluidal-Energy
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About Fluidal-Energies, respectively, Fluidal-Powers Among Other Things

Fluidal-powers - what a mysterious, unknown world hides behind this term! Within FIGU, these energies were often a topic of much discussion - questions after questions arose. The answers always led again to...new questions and so, a voluminous number of pages resulted from our 'kitchen conversations' about this extremely fascinating topic.

This book contains previously unknown information and details about many topics, including organ transplants, so-called ghosts and other "paranormal" activities, cremation vs burial, etc., presented by the only person with the knowledge to bring this information - from what's referred to as the ancient "secret sciences" - forward for the benefit of humankind, Billy Meier.

844 pages, 4.17 lbs.