Through Space and Time (New)

Through Space and Time (New)
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Through Space and Time (NEW):

This is the new updated version of the book...It has translation corrections, a new updated list of the ET's that Billy has been in contact with, along with The Statesman article and the Peace Flyer. A perfect introduction to the Billy Meier contact case.

Spanning over 75 years, the scope of this extraordinary story is brought to life in full colour with detailed illustrations, scientific analyses, eyewitness testimonials, provocative excerpts from dialogue with the extraterrestrials and a stunning collection of exquisite photographs. Considered "too good to be true" by some - and "too real to be hoaxed" by others - the controversial Billy Meier UFO contact case remains unparalleled as the most well-documented and evidence-rich UFO case in history.

119 pages