They Are Here

They Are Here
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New book.

The result of over seven years in-depth investigation into the unparalleled Billy Meier ET contact case, They Are Here reveals long-hidden findings and the most compelling visual evidence of extraterrestrial UFOs present on Earth. Written in layman's terms with more than 150 full-colour illustrations and photographs, it verifies the undeniable authenticity of Billy Meier's evidence.

The book's three parts investigate this convincing extraterrestrial spaceship evidence. Part 1: covers remarkable close-up Wedding Cake UFO photos. Part 2: analyses a collection of videos of a large UFO dancing around a nearby tree. Part 3: presents a dozen stunning colour UFO photographs and two videos of an alien spacecraft demonstration on a hilltop near Hasenbol, Switzerland. Also revealed are unearthly capabilities of these other-worldly spaceships, like jumping in space and visually cloaking itself to avoid observation by curious bystanders.

They Are Here hypothesizes that the evidence of ET presence has lacked absolute proof purposely to allow sceptics and the religious-minded an exit door to avoid forceful acceptance of an ET presence on Earth. For almost fifty years, we have lived through a "worldwide UFO controversy" as a transition to accepting the existence of ETs and their alien craft. As the controversy now ends, this book's findings decisively demonstrate: They Are Here.