The Way to Live

The Way to Live
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Excerpt from the Forward to "The Way to Live" by Bernadette Brandt, page XXV:

The reader of this book encounters his/her own experiences and cognitions, presented in new and yet so old contexts, through which the life and its value are explained to him/her.

He/she discovers that he/she gives too little heedfulness to, or pushes aside as something insignificant, much of that which he/she comes across in everyday life, that which he/she observes or that which happens to him/her, although it could actually be a help for him/her in order for him/her to master his/her life with less effort and more certainty.

On the other hand, he/she also learns how a healthy human being, who is inwardly free and peaceable, reacts in different situations, and how to recognise human beings whose world view is harmed or destroyed.

In 502 long and short verses, in sections and explanations, the interested and open reader is given an understanding of the human being in his/her life and striving.

It is explained to him/her how he himself/she herself can and ought to form his/her life if he/she is willing to direct himself/herself according to the creational truth, and he/she also comes to learn wherein he/she can recognise the mode of life and mode of thinking of other human beings, and their character.