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The Laser Pistol

There has been much controversy around the photographs and story that Meier allegedly put a hole through a tree using a laser pistol loaned to him by the Plejaren, who claimed that it was actually a very old weapon of theirs (see: And Still They Fly, color plates 49-52 Reproduced below is Wendelle Stevens’ own written account of the enigmatic episode:

“When I first saw these laser pistol photos I had serious misgivings about them and the whole story of this so-called “ancient weapon”. But then Eduard Meier took me to the place in the Frecht Nature Preserve, near Hinwil, where he had tested the first one. He showed me a seared line of vegetation that went in a true straight line until it struck an embankment and stopped. He showed me another, and then a limb high above our heads on a tall tree over 60 feet tall, that was severed cleanly at a place about 45 feet above the ground and 20 feet out from the trunk, where the branch was about one inch in diameter. The severed part of the branch was still lying on the ground where it had fallen, and I picked it up and examined it. It was severed cleanly without any fraying but the most noticeable thing about it was the thin layer of seared wood at the break. The charring was no more than 1 inch to 1 1/4 inch deep into the wood, all the way through the branch, and the searing of the bark was likewise very narrow at the break, and so sudden and quick that the sap in the bark did not bubble out and run. Certainly no blow-torch could have done this, and how would a one-armed man get himself or any equipment up to such a fragile and high up position in the big tree? The trees grew so close together here and in such a way that no vehicle could get through without removing some trees first, and that would certainly have been evident.

“The weapon was neither made of metal, nor plastic, nor ceramic, any other substance recognizable in our technology, but most nearly like the composition of a solid nylon block, or bearing. It was smooth to the touch and felt a little slick. It seemed to be made of one piece and was composed of two colors of the same material, a grayish-tan and a rosy-pink or pinkish red end of the barrel and a chamber on the top.

“When Ray Stanford, of Project Starlight, saw these pictures in my home in Tucson in 1979, he insisted the gun was a plastic toy weapon and that it could be proved that the color of the muzzle of the weapon was the same color as the freshly painted red fence in Meier’s yard, also seen in the pictures. This, however, was not seen to be true in the same photos for the fence was painted with a glossy blood red enamel, whereas the muzzle of the weapon was a flat rosy-red color.

“But Ray did not know that we had been there and seen the color and the finish of the painted fence ourselves. Nor did he know that we had been to every toy supplier in Switzerland and failed to find any toy weapon anything like the laser pistol Meier photographed. A search of sporting good stores was equally fruitless. To this day we have never found a match for that laser pistol.

“But just as intriguing was our search for a gold Mylar jacket that might look like the one Alena is wearing in the picture with her arm holding the gun. We looked in all the clothing stores, all the sporting good stores, and even checked the uniform supply stores for such a jacket, or even such gold material as might be necessary to make such a jacket, like the arm of the one worn by Alena as she holds the pistol for Meier’s photographs. We never found anything like it.

“Then there is the problem of the hole in the tree. The tree was a good 10” to 12” in diameter, and the tree was green and full of sap. How would a man with one arm bore such a hole? An auger bit would have been impossible because it would surely bind in a hole that long in a living tree. How would Meier hold it? How would he turn it? Where would he get an auger bit 12” long by 1” in diameter, a non-standard size that would have to be special ordered and made up by a tool maker? This would leave tracks that could be later traced. And the hole in the tree had to be made in 20 minutes or less and all equipment removed and hidden, never to be discovered again in that short time available.

“Jacobus came on the scene with Meier crouched at the tree examining the still smoking hole that had been burned cleanly through the center of the big tree trunk. The charring was superficial but clear through the tree and out the other side. Then the hole in the tree, which a man could insert his thumb into, was not completely round inside, but somewhat oval in some places, like the hole made by pouring hot water into a snow bank. And the charring through light and penetrating into the wood no more than 1/4” or less, was uniform throughout, including the front entrance and the rear exit from the trunk. And the dark soil behind the tree, in line-of-sight through the hole, was still smoking and fused. I am not taking anybody else’s word for this because I was there a short time later and personally examined all for myself.

“For Ray Stanford to say that this was a toy pistol off-the-cuff and without investigation was irresponsible but typical of Ray. He even mentioned this “toy pistol” in writing later as proof that the Meier case was invalid. Many others have taken the same position on this case with equally invalid and unconsidered statements. To our knowledge, none of them have ever undertaken any on scene investigation to support their armchair statements.

“We think investigators should make very responsible statements and back them up with some kind of evidence, which simply does not seem to happen with this case in Switzerland.

“ One well known UFO researcher who claimed he went there to see for himself, actually went to Zurich for 3 days on other business, and then took a half a day out and went down to Wetzikon to talk to Hans Jacob, a man suspected of informing the police on Meier’s contact rendezvous, who was then asked to leave the group. Hans was in the group when Meier took the tree-circling photos at Fuchsbuel-Hofhalden, and he took the UFO researcher to that site near Wetzikon, or tried to, but couldn’t find the place again; or so he told me when I visited him a couple of days later. It is in the “investigations” by this man, and others like him, that MUFON relies for their information on the Meier case.”
Response to A Reader

The following is a copy of my responses to questions posed by a reader on an online atheists’ forum. She asked why only Billy was chosen for this role, why there weren’t other contactees and contacts of a more official nature, why she wasn’t chosen at five years of age to “help”, how futile it seems to spend time contemplating these things, her reluctance to take my word for it and her dismissal of the importance of the physical evidence:

As for why they contacted only Billy, this isn’t entirely correct. There were five other people who were part of the overall contingency plan, for lack of a better word. It turned out that Meier was the one best suited and, as circumstances would have it, i.e. the deaths of some of the people, etc., he was the one who they chose to work with.

However, that’s not all there is to it. Let me first state that I divide the case up into factual and speculative, meaning that the factual things can be researched and verified by anyone in the same way that I have done it and that the speculative aspect is referring to all of the information in the case that I can neither prove nor disprove at this time. This can refer to scientific and/or world event related information that hasn’t (perhaps yet) occurred, or claimed historical information from the distant past that cannot be verified at this time either. And there is yet another category of information that would fall in the speculative category, i.e. the spiritual information.

So, continuing on regarding why only Billy, as far as the information in the case is concerned, reincarnation is a fact of life. The Plejaren claim that there is an aspect of each human being, an immortal/eternal aspect, that they call the human spirit. This is the element that reincarnates, countless millions of times, in the course of trillions of years of evolution. They also claim that, at their level of technological and spiritual development, that they can “track”, or identify a given spirit and have access to knowledge about its past incarnations, experiences, etc. Please keep in mind the word speculative and also that this has NOTHING to do with gods, religion, etc.

The Plejaren also state that the spirit (they also call it the spirit form) that is personified now by Billy has incarnated in our past numerous times, many times as a prophet during specific historical periods. To attempt to be clear about this, a prophet is viewed as a teacher, a “truth announcer”, etc. but NOT as a deity, object of veneration or worship, master, guru, savior, messiah or any other manmade, delusional, celebrity status individual, which the religions have been exceedingly good at creating, and thereby distorting the purpose and essence of such a person’s life. Again, I am trying to set the context here, not to promote or encourage any “belief”. The truth of the matter is that neither you nor I (or anyone else here) KNOWS for certain how much if any truth there is to reincarnation, etc.

Continuing, the life of a “true prophet” is said to always be a rather difficult and thankless one, as the humanity that he comes to serve and inform is, by definition in this context, off in the “wrong” direction and doesn’t welcome having this pointed out. No matter what one may think of certain past prophets, or the validity of their message, their lives can be seen to have been difficult, brutal, perilous, full of persecution, etc. There are also said to be certain lineages of prophets, in this case meaning that the spirit within one would have also been the same spirit that reincarnated in others. Since it is said that while reincarnation never produces the same person or personality, the value of the spirit’s experiences, knowledge, wisdom, etc. in each previous incarnation are not lost to it but rather are part of its “resources” and are/may be accessed, usually but not only, unconsciously in subsequent lives.

The prophet, therefore, has many previous experiences, as different personalities, fulfilling its role and enduring its hardships. Nonetheless, in each new incarnation, ALL people have to be taught from scratch, no matter who they were, what role they played, or how accomplished they may have been in a former life. But since the prophet has been repeatedly incarnating to do their particular “mission” or role each time, such a spirit would be much more easily and effectively educated and “reminded” of its previous abilities, purpose, etc.

Obviously, this opens a lot of room for the predictable atheistic arguments, which would not only be not relevant but unnecessary here, since I am trying to give you answers consistent with my understanding of the information in the case and, as I hope by now to have made clear, am not saying that it is, therefore, “the truth”, nor asking that it be believed.

Now, consistent with this cosmology, it is unwise to attempt to groom everyone for a job that, if what we are told (and what we can deduce from historical record) is true, is enormously difficult and quite personally painful to fulfill. Apart from the more mundane but observably true concept that too many cooks spoil the broth, how many people are fit to endure the kinds of personal attacks (Meier has survived 21 attempts on his life, has had to thwart kidnapping attempts on his children) with not only no (worldly, financial, etc.) compensation but also while carrying out the sufficiently demanding obligations of “ordinary” daily life, raising and supporting a family, etc.?

But let’s not minimize the complications when the same information is conveyed to more than one person, as we all know, let alone numerous people, all with their own agendas, ambitions, beliefs, etc. It would simply create more of the very kind of mess that we already see, certainly made obvious by the large number, and wide variety, of religions, many of which purport to be referring to the same “god”, and each of which claims to be the only truth.

So, in this day and age of mass, instantaneous communication, where you could suddenly encounter a large number of people claiming to have the real truth about this or that from extraterrestrial sources, as is already the case with schizophrenic channelers and mediums of all kinds, such an approach has quite obvious and undesirable obstacles.

Having said all that, an approach was made to the U.S. government, in 1979, for official contact by/with the Plejaren, which was rejected by the Carter administration. Honestly, having read the letter, I am not surprised that it was since among the conditions (which included a guarantee of non-molestation of the Plejaren and their craft) was a very undiplomatic demand that the U.S. government inform the populace that all of the precious religions and their beliefs and machinations were, well let’s just say, toxic. I’m sure you can understand how that was received.

Now, regarding your statement about how you would have liked to have helped when you were five, if you really still want to help you certainly can, and it doesn’t require that you have lived the kind of life that Meier has. I mean, whatever ideas and pictures you, or any of us may entertain about just how exciting and fun it must be to hang out with space travelers, would you have been equally excited, let alone willing, to continue on such a life path if you were told, “In about ten years, you will lose your left arm. You will have to learn to do everything in your life, which will itself only become more demanding and difficult, with one hand. And while we know this, there is nothing we can do about it. Have a nice day.”

As I said, you can help without having to sign off on something like that, or any of the other horrendous and abusive things that have been a, factually established, part of Meier’s life. To be specific, you can help by doing what you’re doing now, researching, examining, thinking, communicating your questions, suggestions, points of view, etc.

Help, at this time in our history, is not synonymous with contemplating having one-on-ones with extraterrestrials and watching the skies for UFOS, or any of the other aspects of cargo cult consciousness that pervades the so-called UFO community (who, for the most part, are probably observing terrestrial, top secret military technologies being developed for war purposes).

I should mention that of the approximately 25,000 pages of information transcribed by Meier in the case to date, only a couple of thousand pages are in English. Since each language group is responsible for doing their own translations, and getting them approved by the Swiss group, the fact that there isn’t more available in English is a direct commentary on just how great the interest in, and commitment to, doing the unglamorous, laborious grunt work is, as opposed to the many people who would fantasize about how it “should” be provided to us, on a plate, if “the extraterrestrials REALLY want to make contact with us, etc. and blah, blah”, as if often heard.

And let me suggest that, in the grand scheme of things, spending a few decades trying to think through some of life’s deepest and most puzzling questions may indeed lead to certain insights that are not easily dismissed once attained, no matter how futile the effort may seem whilst in the midst of it.

So this idea of privilege is, in my opinion, a misunderstanding. If we do not feel any such privilege, or more accurately gratitude, awe and reverence for our own lives as we have them, why would we think that something else would be better and more privileged? We have to be careful to not make special any of these others, i.e. ETs, prophets, whatever you want to call it, since that’s part of the trap of manmade hierarchies, religions, etc.

And it is absolutely not true that you have to take my word for anything, I have to be careful myself to not just take Meier/Plejaren word as “gospel”…despite their pretty good track record as far as I have been able to test it. The whole point of this is self-responsibility and NOT turning our power and authority over to outside forces, experts, etc. It may come as a surprise to you but their does appear to be deliberate disinformation in the case that, no, doesn’t contradict what I’ve said about the prophetic accuracy of the information, but falls under what James Deardorff ( refers to as “plausible deniability”. And this refers to some of the “escape ramps” for people for whom an inescapable extraterrestrial reality would be too overwhelming, despite what they may consciously say, as have some people on this forum. This mechanism, therefore, is said to exist and to be a deliberate, thoughtful and compassionate device to prevent the violation of the free will of people encountering the information in this case – many of whom are/were stuck in cultic religions (which includes the unscientific Church of Skepticism).

Please, don’t be too quick to dismiss this, or to dismiss the possibility that should these ETs exist and be obviously capable of absolutely proving their existence to the entire world within a few short moments, that they may be smart enough, i.e. have finally learned by now, that it’s preferable to spend 55 years obliquely inserting evidence/proof of their existence (and level of development) into our world so as to NOT create even worse results than their distant forefathers did.

And let me also point out that you, in your wisdom, have summarily dismissed the physical evidence that these people took great pains to provide, and which has been subjected to, and authenticated by, very high standards of examination that, for any thinking person, would be sufficient to, at the very least, lubricate their interest in finding out the truth of the matter. So I hope that you can understand and appreciate that while you may lightly invite the possible fatal effects on multitudes of people that would be caused by a very overt appearance, it appears that this is not considered the loving and responsible thing to do by them.

It also has to be made clear that there have been, according to the information in this case, MANY different ETs, of varying levels of development, that have come to this planet…over the past 22,000,000 years. I’ll dig up a link on that info and you can read for yourself what is said about the various interferences and the results of these actions.


Translations from Gaia Guys

We are deeply indebted to our friends at for their “unofficial” translations of many of Meier’s Contact Reports and other texts.

Regarding the BIRD FLU, here’s a preliminary, unofficial translation:

“FIGU Special Bulletin No 24. October 2005 addresses questions about the bird flu, partly quoting from contact conversations 400 and 401 between Billy and Ptaah.

To the best of our understanding the main points are as follows:

There is a widespread misunderstanding (crass ignorance) amongst the population about the difference between influenza and a simple cold.
People think that flu is just like a cold but this is erroneous.

It is criminally irresponsible for the responsible authorities to name this infectious disease "bird flu" because people commonly think it is not very dangerous.

However it is unconditionally very dangerous. It is a pandemic. But there is no cause for panic.

The bird influenza, an infectious disease, can be caught by humans but only if they are in direct contact with the effected birds, especially their excreta, dust, flesh and blood. It can spread human to human, but only in a certain form if the infection already exists. Medical scientists dispute this human to human spreading potential. The species barrier is no protection.

The effected birds should not be destroyed but quarantined away from migrating birds their excreta, dust and saliva.

The infectious bird disease has not yet mutated into a human form. But this probably will happen. If it does a pandemic will not be avoided.

A simple cold sickness has nothing to do with an influenza. The influenza is fundamentally an infectious disease which is expressed as endemic, epidemic or pandemic, which means that suddenly numerous people become ill from an infectious disease. But at present this "bird flu" is only a bird flu.

Tamiflu and all other supposed medicines already on the market are completely useless against this infectious bird disease/epidemic and especially if it mutates into a human form. Such senseless measures are being promoted, along with the scaremongering via the irresponsible media, for evil profit making.

Each new influenza requires a new medicine and vaccine and this takes time to develop.

When it mutates it will be able to be spread from human to human as a pandemic via the blood and saliva.

If the responsible authorities acted now on a worldwide scale it could be prevented from mutating to human form. But there is no time to lose.

Regarding a potential vaccine, such will not be discovered until the epidemic/pandemic is well underway, and there will not be enough. Old, young and vulnerable people will be disadvantaged.

Scientists are in "children's shoes" regarding their research into the vaccine.

Although it is vehemently disputed, those who are young and fit and are selected and given preference with the vaccine always include the "irreplaceable" government, authorities, scientists and "high animals" of the military etc., because they must continue to govern.

Those who profit are amongst those included in this selection.”

And here’s a link to more translations of interesting information:
Gas Crisis

Regarding the so-called gas crisis, this is a commentary by Gene Fields:

“Personally I THINK the entire idea about reducing the cost of Fossil Fuels is TOTAL CRAP. There is only a finite amount of this resource  available. All over the Globe Market Conditions have set the price at  about 6-8$. We have this Phony free ride at the current level of cost  which has done NOTHING to Curb our use and no incentive to industry  to use alternate power sources. IT’s a shameful state of affairs. And now from some cry baby Weenie on Rense comes this proposal. In fact just the opposite with SUV's a New standard? Yikes!

A sham and an embarrassment. As if we are not already dependent  enough to Fossil Fuels comes this Tripe!!  What we NEED to do toots  sweet is RAISE the cost of using this commodity to international  standards. We are an embarrassment to the World at large, with our,  we are better, we are the Choice Ones, etc. If you don't agree to our  SPIN we will invade and Liberate you…SHEEEESH.

I'd personally like to see Gas at 7-8 a gallon. Now that would slow  down our consumption and force the selfish companies to unleash the  Tech we KNOW they are sitting on that would end our dependence on  Fossil Fuels Forever. That would be more realistic as this is NOT a  renewable resource. Once we use it its gone and will be a million  years till it replenishes naturally. We are acting as irresponsible Stewards on Our Watch. The current FOOLS in charge of growing our 
GNP, are a bunch of Gangsters, long adjusted to these methods of  doing business. Starting Wars and disposing of Evil Doers....   what a Load of Crap. This scheme to lower our gas prices is par for the course of people who elected such Criminals ion the first place. Its  this same group that Killed JFK, behind the scenes counting their money

When the Towers Fell, my first impulse was why do they hate us so much?. While my mother (the collective) was, poor us, those criminals are killing us. I turned to her and repeated my sentient that it takes 2 to have a fight and we should look hard at what we have done and are doing to foster such an ingrained HATE. We are to blame more than 70%, of course and the world sees this very clearly. Only we in the US wonder Why. The rest of the world has no wonder. They see the  cause and effect so quickly and clearly. We are not too different from Korea  with the current administration a White collar Mafia. Hell Bent on destroying all the good the past 4 admin have tried to  accomplish.

If there was a better place to move I would. In the past THIS was the place to come to better your life. Now their arms of power have  reached around the Globe creating one big sewer. We will get out  Extinction Level Event (ElE) as we are hell bent on creating it.. It  will be a just response wherever it comes from. I for one welcome it. 
A do-over is severely called for! Just look at the Tape in Slo-Mo,  that Ball was way over the line there...”

Then, of course, we have to consider the truckers who bring all the food and goods and the impact on the prices and availability of these goods, if the truckers can’t afford to haul anymore. Their trucks only get a few miles per gallon…, which brings us then to the issue of the suppression of alternative technologies, at worst, or the lack of development of them, at best. This reduces down to the oil and automotive industries, which have effectively restricted development of alternative (true “free” energy) fuel and transportation technologies. And there appear to be even more previously unrecognized dangers from the pollution produced by current technologies:

Underneath it all is blind, irrational and suicidal greed, plain and simple.

Here’s some information on free energy technologies provided by Dyson Devine:

“There are REAL SOLUTIONS to these problems, and they are not wind &
sun, they are devices that tap the quantum flux and really ARE "free",
just STRONGLY suppressed.

Please scroll down our front page @ or go to or

THIS is the "free energy from space" that Ptaah mentioned in 1990 on
the 238th contact.

410. Um deiner Frage jedoch gerecht zu werden, darf ich dir erklären,
dass unsere Vorfahren das Prinzip der Elektronenenergie entdeckten,
die auf allen Planeten und Gestirnen sowie in allen Lebensformen
ebenso vorhanden ist wie auch in unerschöpflicher Form im gesamten

410. Ptaah: "In order to answer your question properly, may I explain
to you that our forefathers uncovered the principle of electron energy
that is available on all planets and stars as well as in all life
forms, as it also is in inexhaustible form in the entire universe."

And there is a more recent mention here:,192,280-282.htm
Origins of the Human Races

All theories about the origins of human life (and the different races) on the planet are, due to our limited knowledge and access to solid proof, still purely speculative and inconclusive. But compare the following thought provoking explanations from the Meier material with the fearful, superstitious versions put out by the illogical, power hungry religions:
Mars Updates

Here are two very comprehensive new pages, one by Richard Hoaglund and one by, featuring new information and photographs of Mars:
How China Hid Casualty Figures

While we’re all familiar with how Meier and the Plejaren have been critics of the U.S. and other powers, here’s what Meier published, a decade ago, about how China secretly concealed the truth about how many people lost their lives as a result of a rocket launch that went disastrously wrong:


German printing: June 1996
 English publishing: February 1998

The responsibility for all forms of publication (e.g. Internet, print etc.) of the FIGU Bulletin lies entirely on "Billy" Eduard A. Meier.



In the early morning hours of February 15, 1996, the Chinese launched a rocket into space with an American communication satellite on board which was intended to orbit around the Earth. Chinese television stations proudly transmitted the event live; however, the transmission was suddenly terminated when something went wrong. The rocket had veered from its intended trajectory, backtracked and then exploded. The Chinese, however, concealed the facts surrounding the actual events connected with this accident, namely, that thousands of men, women and children had perished and two Chinese villages had been destroyed and completely obliterated when the rocket malfunctioned on takeoff.

Immense devastation resulted from this accident, which took place in the Shisan region of China. Forty tons of TNT explosives were said to have ignited also when the rocket crashed, which lead to the complete annihilation of everything within a radius of 100 kilometers (60 miles) from the crash site.

For the first week after the accident no reports were issued by the Chinese government, and when eventually it did so, the truth was shamelessly distorted. The announcement was very brief and a complete lie: ‘Four people died during a rocket malfunction.’

This deceitful attitude prevails in China with its population in the billions, where human life is absolutely valueless. Consider the mass executions performed there in total disregard for human life. As we know from Pleiadian/Plejaren information, China carries out capital punishment to cheaply access human transplant organs. --- We have further learned that some years ago, as a consequence of an incredibly destructive earthquake in China, more than one million lives  were lost. But the Chinese government reported the number as ‘only’ several tens of thousands. One realizes, therefore, that it is a simple matter for China to deceitfully announce the death of merely four people in the rocket crash when, in fact, thousands had perished.


Regarding the Holocaust

And while it’s no secret that Israel, and its policies have also come under heavy criticism, the Plejaren material certainly parts company with those people who are Holocaust deniers, as Ptaah says during the 238th contact, May 18th, 1991, page 335:

“Wahrheitlich, wurden nicht 6 bis 8 Millionen Juden ermordet, sondern nur deren 4,07 Millionen, wenn hinsichlich gemordeter Menchenleben von NUR sprechen darf.”  

“Truly, six to eight million Jews were not murdered, rather only about 4,070,000, if, in hindsight, one is permitted to speak of murdered human lives with (the word) ONLY.”
New Film

Here’s a link to a preview of a new film by Aaron Russo:

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