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A Puzzle Where All of the Pieces Have to Fit

I often find myself engaged in debate with people in online forums who are skeptical about the Meier case and/or downright hostile to it. I usually start out by presenting certain facts and pointing them to where they can do their own serious research in order to determine for themselves the authenticity of the case and not rely on hearsay and debunkers, who themselves have already been sufficiently debunked and shown to be prejudiced, incompetent and plain wrong.

It often happens that the people online that I’m engaging are not responsive to the actual material that I present or point them to and I find myself being critical of them, often harshly (and thusly often ineffectively, as far as encouraging reasoning is concerned). I usually find myself frustrated that they won’t think things through and I become emphatic about their lack of thinking. In looking over some of these exchanges I realize that, while I’m criticizing them for not thinking, I haven’t explained anything about the kind of thinking that I mean.

So, in order to demonstrate what I mean, here's a possible example as a starting point.

Let’s think about the Meier case as a large puzzle with all of the pieces spread out on a table in front of us. Just like any other puzzle, we have to try to put all of the pieces together so that they fit and create a complete picture. The unique problem here may be that we don’t have a picture of what the finished puzzle is supposed to look like, just a bunch of differing opinions of it. The first pieces that we want to look at to see if they fit together have to do with the half-dozen categories (photos, films, video, sound recordings, metal alloy samples and new hand and fingerprints) of still irreproducible physical evidence (since no one still has been able to reproduce and/or debunk them by showing how/that they were hoaxed). In looking at them we have to note the actual total abundance of this evidence and its quality. In thinking about it objectively, we become aware of the consistent high quality of each individual piece of this evidence, which can pose the minor problem of taking it for granted because there’s no inferior quality of evidence, within this body, to compare it to.

We’ll also take into consideration other pieces of the puzzle connected to the physical evidence, such as that Meier has one arm, and other known facts about his life such as the hours he worked to support his family, where he lived, his living conditions, the physical terrain and weather conditions, his familial responsibilities (all of these contribute to our understanding of many things, including how many demands he had on his time), the presence of neighbors/observers, his financial resources, technologies proven to be available to him, the absence of existing stores where items could have been bought to contribute to a hoax (and a record of his actually have obtained them), his lack of special skills, education or collaborators, etc.

So within the complete “picture” of the Meier case puzzle (which we still don’t have) the portion of the puzzle that is the physical evidence has numerous pieces that have to be considered to see if/how they fit together. We will, at the same time, honestly think about if/how we could make or duplicate the quality and quantity of the evidence with the same technology that was available to Meier at the time (and even that which is available today).

The next pieces that we consider are the ones that are part of the voluminous, specific, prophetically accurate information, unparalleled by any other source. Since we have so many already corroborated and documented pieces of information in this category, and with other items getting corroborated on an ongoing basis, we might say that the puzzle has a three-dimensional quality to it. With plenty of these specific pieces to look at, we also look at the other pieces in this part of the puzzle, such as the known facts about the proximity of libraries, publications and possible sources of information that Meier could have had access to, which, it turns out, are non-existent or vastly improbable at best.

Among the other necessary pieces of the puzzle are the credentials, experience, time spent and findings of the actual investigators, the competence and findings of the other scientific experts, the 21 documented assassination attempts, the very long-standing nature of the controversy, the testimony of more than 120 witnesses, even those hostile to him who considered his experiences to be real, etc.

We sit down with this mosaic, this puzzle, and we look at as a detective would, as a logical thinker would. We offer a hypothesis regarding one particular piece, or set of pieces, and then see if we can logically support it, if it holds consistently in the presence of all the known factors. We think and think again. We ask ourselves how all of this could have been accomplished, how the complete picture that appears when we do put the pieces together could have been made in any way except in the way claimed. We can't settle for unsupported theories, claims that can’t be backed up or dismissing facts simply because we don’t like them.

And if we find things that don't seem fit or that are red flags, like the photos of the dinosaurs, the two supposed extraterrestrial women, etc., that have been either called hoaxes or that cannot be vouched for by also by Meier and the Plejaren, then we have to consider the possibilities, pro and con. Let’s say that those particular pictures in question were indeed all fakes or hoaxes. While there is absolutely no evidence that Meier hoaxed them, and while sufficient numbers of Meier’s UFO photos have passed stringent scientific examination, and there are literally hundreds of similar photos that are likewise undisputed (logically eliminating any need or motivation for Meier to discredit himself) the skeptics don’t want to consider the likely answer. And that answer is that those photos that are not authentic were, as Meier and the Plejaren maintained, tampered with by outside parties who could have easily had access to the films since they were processed and handled by an outside developer, the same kind that other people sent their photos to everyday for processing.

But there is one other item that just today came my way from another researcher, David Chance. I’ll reprint the entire message and let it speak for itself but I’ll first tell you that it deals with one of Meier’s controversial photos that has been called a hoax, with claims that Meier plagiarized it from someone else’s work, a painting. Here is David’s letter:

In 'And Still They Fly!' on page 35 of the photo gallery there is a comparison between Billy Meier's photo of the universal barrier and a painting, taken from a report critical of the Meier case, "Analysis Of Major Ret. Colman S. VonKeviczky". VonKeviczky asks "Who Owns The Copyright? "Billy" (Meier) or Dr. O'Neill?", referring to the painting appearing in a February 1976 issue of Smithsonian (Magazine). His caption for Meier's photo is: "Color slide in "BILLY" Eduard Meier's Archives: No. B 212. It illustrates the ENTRANCE TO THE DAL UNIVERSE, and the Universe border. The diameter of the gate 75-80 km, and its length 1.3 million km. -- as speculated by "Billy" the UFO-Cosmonaut and photographer."

There is a better copy of Meier's photo in FIGU's "Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte" Block 1, page 275. Mr. Meier took his photo during his "great journey" on July 17, 1975. The segment of the trip relating to the barrier between the DERN and the DAL Universes is reported in Contact 32. The "Universe Barrier" photo is discussed in Contacts 66 & 68 in relation to the Smithsonian article. I was recently told by a FIGU Core Group member that the original photo was destroyed some time ago.

I located a copy of the original Smithsonian article from the local public library: "Colonies in space may turn out to be nice places to live" by Ron Chernow, Smithsonian (ISSN 0037-7333), February 1976 (volume 6 number 11), pages 62-69. The painting in question is un-credited. The caption to it reads: "The view inside a 19-mile-long, 4-mile-wide space colony might look like this. But the moon would never be seen behind the earth."

Recently I was surprised to find the image of the painting on the laptop computer of a friend who was showing me some photos related to space exploration. With his pointers about where he obtained it on the internet, I was able to locate copies of it at different websites. The painting is titled "Cutaway view of space habitat, exposing the interior":

It was painted by Richard "Rick" Guidice for NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, USA:

Some of Rick Guidice's paintings were used in a 185-page document of a 1975 NASA Summer Study (10-week program from June - August 1975) titled "Space Settlements: A Design Study" (NASA SP-413), which is available full text online at:

In the online edition there is an appendix at the very end called "Space Colony Illustrations" which contains Guidice's painting (File Number AC75-1086), however this illustrations appendix does not appear in the print version of the book:

From what I have been able to determine, the painting was first generally available to the public via the Smithsonian article.

For the sake of completeness (for those interested) I located a copy of the NASA study at the local public library. It was entered into the St. Louis Public Library's government documents collection on April 26, 1977. The Superintendent of Documents depository number (Sudoc Number) for the publication is NAS 1.21:413. Its Library of Congress Catalog Card Number is 76-600068. It was published by the Scientific and Technical Information Office of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in Washington D.C. The Foreward is written by James C. Fletcher, Administrator of NASA and is dated October 1, 1976. The title page states the document was published in 1977. This means it was printed sometime between

October 1976 and April 1977 (U.S. Government Printing Office: 1977

O-227-538), well over a year after Meier took his photograph in space, and nearly a year after the Smithsonian article. As this book is a U.S. government published document, it is not subject to copyright laws and is part of the public domain. Therefore, VonKeviczky's question concerning copyright does not apply ...though if it did, it would belong to Rick Guidice, not Gerard K. O'Neill. VonKeviczky also calls Mr. Meier's photo a "Universe border", which would not be a correct description as according to the Plejarens the universe has no end, thus no "border".

So, with this additional, detailed bit of research by David Chance we have another piece of the puzzle surfacing for consideration, which, as I mentioned before, is often the case.

When we reflect on the all of the known information, we discover that Meier has not only been the subject of numerous attacks on his character, credibility, evidence, motive, etc., he’s been the actual target of 21 documented assassination attempts, dating back to India in 1964. Now, apart from the fact that logic dictates that no phony hoaxer would warrant the intense, ongoing vilification, and especially lethal targeting, that he has, any person who has become the object of that level of negative attention should certainly not expect to be immune from less lethal, though nonetheless damaging, attempts to discredit him. Meier had been warned by the Plejaren that not all of the people who attacked him in one way or another were acting solely on their own and that there were elements from various governmental intelligence and sectarian religious agencies that were involved in some of the assassination attempts, any number of which would have clearly succeeded had Meier not had protection from the Plejaren.

Further, when we look at the accuracy and credibility of the prophetic information, we see additional support for the authenticity of the case and for ruling out an obviously self-destructive, easily detectable hoaxing of evidence on his part. While this reasoning may not satisfy all of the skeptics, despite the fact that, even after accepting the challenge to do so, they can neither debunk nor duplicate Meier’s physical evidence (they won’t even try to duplicate the sounds and their unique signatures, nor will they even try to explain his prophetic accuracy) a certain element of common sense would allow the benefit of the doubt to got to Meier.

So, standing back and considering all of this for just a moment, anyone who is seriously trying to research, examine and understand the evidence in the case in order to determine its authenticity has a serious, time-intensive project on their hands, one which precludes the kind of instant, knee-jerk denials and attacks that are often forthcoming from the know-it-alls, in whatever kind of forum they may be found. And this is just the stepping off platform for honest examination of the case, the beginning for setting a context and format for evaluation.

I sometimes forget to present this overview and framework to those with whom I’m debating, assuming that they actually know, and have thought through, the details of the case when it’s really apparent that they don’t and haven’t. And, of course, I’ve yet to encounter anyone who has put all the pieces together and who could then even begin to offer a credible, documented, substantiated, alternative version of how the case was…“hoaxed”.

The Focus Shifts

As fascinating as the physical evidence is in the Meier case, which sets it apart from any other UFO case, it’s time to focus more on the heart of the matter, the content of the case, which has more to do with the spiritual teachings for, and histories of, humanity in this universe. In a relatively short time, the new edition of the Talmud of Jmmanuel (TJ) will be published. It is an enormously important book that will contribute to greater clarification and understanding of the true teachings, and purpose, of the man who became known as “Jesus” but whose real given name, as was actually prophesied in Isaiah (Old Testament) and mentioned early in Matthew (New Testament), was Jmmanuel (pronounced Emmanuel).

In case you didn’t already know it, Meier was the co-discoverer of the 2,000 year-old Aramaic scrolls, in an ancient tomb near Jerusalem, that were then translated into German and more recently also into English. In order to get excellent background information about the TJ and research into that was conducted by James Deardorff (who also did important work regarding examining Meier’s photographs and films) please visit:

Contact 251

One of the most interesting and extensive documents in the case that is available in English is Contact 251, from Friday, February 3, 1995. The information in this contact regarding the origin of some of the human races in the universe, and our relation to them, goes back literally millions of years. Meier also presents predictions of future events, pertaining to our world, for the next 2, 000 years.

You can read this absolutely fascinating document for free by clicking here for the first part, here for the second part, and here for the third and last part.

The Real Myth About Oil
It is a dangerous illusion for uneducated people, who blindly value money above all else, to talk about how many years we can continue to extract petroleum when we will, with absolute certainty, continue to be confronted by the super-quakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, tidal waves, etc. resulting from our cumulative past actions, i.e. the relentless and rapid extraction of the very fluid created by nature to buffer and act as a shock absorber for the Earth’s tectonic plates. And, of course, this was told to Meier in 1976 and then publicized by him, apparently to no or little avail. But humanity ignored, and continues to ignore, the obvious. So we should not be surprised at what is actually coming next, in accordance with the laws of cause and effect.
New Radio Shows

I don’t always have time to post notice of each of the radio shows that I do but you can check this link for information about an upcoming series of shows that I will also be participating in regarding the Meier case.

New Lectures

The latest lecture on the Big Island of Hawaii was very well received and productive. I also got to swim with the dolphins there and meet some wonderful people, like the organizer Joan Ocean and her associates Jean-Luc, Lisa and many others and then spend a few days in my favorite spot Earth, Kauai.

There are a couple of more lectures that have been confirmed:

Nexus Conference

September 23 - 25
Brisbane, Australia

7th Annual Bay Area UFO Expo

October 15-16 2005
Santa Clara Westin Hotel
Santa Clara, CA

Tele-Conference Idea

I am thinking about setting up a group Tele-Conference whereby I could present information, that addresses your specific interests regarding the Meier case, directly to you over the telephone. In order to see if this is viable I need to hear from you, if you are interested. Should I receive enough interest, and enough specific questions, I could work on setting up a date and time that would accommodate as many people as possible people. I have, of course, no idea if there’s any interest for this at this time.

If there is, I will look into the costs for me to do it and come up with a reasonable price to charge for the event. It may be a way to expand the understanding of information in the case and I’m willing to give it a try.

So, if this interests you, please send me an email that indicates your interest and pose no more than three questions that you would like answered about the case and/or the information in it. I will review the feedback I get and then post further information should there be sufficient interest from you having in a Tele-Conference.


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