Regarding Nokodemion


The following enormous amount of information pertains to Nokodemion and his unique, and extremely ancient, role in the development of human races in the universe. It also covers some of the information pertaining to: the reincarnation of the Nokodemion spirit form and its role as a prophet; the age and origins of matter, as well as of life forms, in this universe; Nokodemion's creation of the multinational peacekeeping troops, aka Global Peace-Combat troops, which he utilized to restore order among the ancient people's of other worlds. Naturally, this information is vastly beyond our scientific means of verification and even would stretch the the imagination of science fiction writers. It will provide food for thought for a long time, until there is a means of determine its validity. Please click here for the German and English text.


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Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Reports Volume 5

228th Contact

Monday, May 1st, 1989, 6:05PM

Pages 468-470

[Billy and Quetzal, continued]

Billy Good. Then the next question: do you actually know the connections as to why Ptaah and Semjase, as well as you, are the leading people in regards the mission that I have to fulfill?


23. Your question strikes me as strange.

Billy And may I ask why; and will you answer my question now or not?


24. Why do you ask?

25. You question sounds strange in my ears, with an undertone, exactly as if you want to test me as to whether I know more than you yourself do.

Billy But you also notice everything, my friend.

Yes, I want to know what you know in regard to the connections.

Maybe I also actually know something.


26. Semjase and I, as well as Ptaah and his father Sfath as well as my father, have always belonged paternally to a line of descendents that leads back to Henok and Nokodemion as well as their sons.

27. These sons were the ones who were under an obligation to the mission, to instruct all who come from the Nokodemion and Henok lineage in hereditary series in the teachings of the spirit, and to preserve the entire knowledge regarding this, which had been constantly worked out to the present time and was recorded, and now encompassed more than 77,000,000 OM canons.

28. Now, in order to be able to fulfill this mission on other worlds - on which old spirit forms from the Henok lineage, respectively, Nokodemion lineage (thereby) reincarnated, because earlier humans from the named lineage passed away there, as also on the Earth - special humans were, since ancient times, sought out again and again from the concerned worlds, who were taught just as much by our ancestors and earliest-originating ancestors as we likewise continue to do.

29. And because you are that person on the Earth who meets our requirements, naturally, we have considered your person for the teaching mission and as the announcer of the spiritual instructions.

30. Indeed, there are different vaguenesses in respect of the origin of your sprit form, yet it is to be assumed that we will also finally solve this riddle.

31. We do have our suppositions that we are following up and that we will surely soon finally clarify.

32. Our suppositions also lead us to think that you could tell us more about the origin of your spirit form than you tell us.

33. Hence, indeed, also the strange undertone to your question, as if you wanted to hear how much I know about it.

Billy  It is indeed as you say.

But without secret-mongering: Sfath was voluminously oriented about everything, because next to Ptaah, Sfath embodied the last fully extensively aware person in regards to everything. 

He, however, had to get to the bottom of that secret himself, because he also only received partial information from his father.

The course of the receiving of the information thereby ran in such a way, that each descendant - female and male – only had information made accessible to a certain point, that is, the basic information.

That is equally valid for his father and thus Sfath’s grandfather, and so on, and indeed until back to Henok, respectively Nokodemion.

Everything further had to then, through one’s own learning and through one’s own hard efforts, be independently learnt and fathomed so that evolution was guaranteed.

The conditions are also still the same today, consequently, therefore, you and Ptaah, as well Semjase, have to go the same way, which also applies to me.

That also applies to the Earth humans, because if all knowledge was simply tossed out to them like feed and they fed on it thoughtlessly and without processing, then it would bring no proper success, but rather only a certain school-knowledge, while the undigested remainder would be secreted again as excrement.

In other words: Everything undigested would be forgotten, and would therefore be completely useless.

But if a certain minimal material is offered, which can be thoroughly further worked on and success can be progressively achieved, then the knowledge persists in a firm form and can, at any time, be transformed into wisdom and expanded.


34. I actually always again admire your knowledge and cognizance.

35. Yes. What you say is correct.

36. But nevertheless you conceal something from me, my friend.

Billy You are right, dear friend.

Indeed if you remember, I gave Ptaah a photograph about ten years ago, that I received from someone anonymously.

It was, to be sure, in the month of November or December in the year 1978 or 1979 (later notation: Contact 117 on Wednesday November 29th, 1978, 3:12PM, from Billy ..., until Ptaah, sentences 98-118).

If you get to the bottom of the matter of the photograph, and research everything, then you will undoubtedly solve the secret.

It actually must have already been conspicuous to you at that time, yet for some reason – so I suppose – you have, indeed, in spite of the importance of the photograph, made no inquiries about it, and also not recognized the importance.

But I am permitted to say no more as an explanation.

I have named the basis for that.

It could be that you guessed that that was somewhat strange, because I am an Earthling, who you have indeed taught and who was therefore your student and who will also remain so in various things.

Indeed, just as I still have very much to learn, you are also thus obliged  - also Semjase, and Ptaah even if he is already an Jschwjsch.

But you, Ptaah and Semjase, you will fathom the secret yet.

And when you are so far, when you have reached the Srut degree level of evolution, then the Srutin do stand open for you, out of which you will receive all necessary and, for you, important information and revelations.


37. We have occupied ourselves very fully with the picture; but obviously we did not do that in the way that had been required.

38. We failed to notice a deeper importance to the picture.

39. But now we will make an effort about that.

40. Indeed in recent years I have arrived at the opinion that I had come to know much about you, yet now you give me new puzzles that I can no longer solve so easily.

41. And I also wonder about them.

42. From where do you know the secret of the Srut evolution level, and how is it that you know about the manifesting transmission?

43. Again, you’ve suddenly become very puzzling to me.

Billy Sfath was a very good teacher for me.


44. But he was not permitted to tell you anything at all about it, because this appertains to the strictest secret teachings.

45. His behavior was incomprehensible.

Billy Calm yourself, my son – and don’t do Sfath an injustice.

He said nothing to me about it.

Besides, you’ve just now advised me that you yourself - indeed also Ptaah and Semjase – have evolved into the first grade of the Srut plane, otherwise you would have had no knowledge of this level of evolution and of the manifesting transmission out of the spiritual teachings' storage block.


46. Now I understand even less.

47. Indeed you will not say ...?

Billy Yes indeed, my friend, exactly that.


48. ...?

Billy Don’t look at me like that.

I am no wondrous animal.


49. But ...?

Billy. Simply take it as it is.


50. But ... how?

Billy Simply swotted and learned, again swotted and again learned and again and again.


51. Unbelievable.

52. But now much is slowly clear to me.

53. Itisto ...

Billy Why do you interrupt yourself?


54. I wanted to say that it is unbelievable.

55. And you have stayed silent to us about all of that until now..

56. Ptaah will be very astounded when I convey this piece of news to him.

57. Now I’m all the more interested in the real secret that surrounds you.

Billy If there is such a thing, then you [plural] will now soon have it solved.

Yet let us now talk of something else.

Questions from the public in regard to the Contact Report of May 1st, 1989 (Note from Florena.) p.480

Question  When I consider the Arahat Athersata level, then indeed the spirit forms which are there must actually have insignificant to larger differentiated stages of evolution, somewhat like humans, only with very much finer gradations.

So therefore, do its spirit forms which have still not been long in the Arahat Athersata level have the lowest evolutionary level, and do those (spirit forms) which stand shortly before the passage to the next plane have the highest evolutionary level?

Billy Yes, that’s right, because evolution is an infinitely variable development of learning and cognition as well as of the acquisition of true love, knowledge and wisdom.

And this process is granted to all course matter life forms, as well as to all the domains of the spirit forms in their pure spirit-energy levels.

Consequently there are, in every we-form – either material or spiritual – lower or lowest, respectively, higher or highest evolutionary stages.

Question  Because also the spirit forms of the Arahat Athersata-level have to evolve further, as also does every higher spirit form in the subsequent level, there must also exist for them a source of knowledge, perhaps in the form of an especially highly developed spirit form in the Arahat Athersata level?

Billy No, in the Arahat Athersata level, as also in all other higher levels, impulses in this regard come from the next highest level, as, however, also out of its own level's storage banks.

With the Earth humans, or as with all other human material life forms in the entire universe, the repository banks are likewise of the most important significance, as also, however, is the first pure spirit plane Arahat Athersata, out of which knowledge impulses are stored in the storage banks.

So, after the development of the material life forms – in this case therefore the humans - they unconsciously take up this stored information out of the higher levels via the repository banks, process it, and thereby achieve development, subsequently they therefore evolve.

Question When I consider Nokodemion’s spirit form – before it was reincarnated yet again out of the Arahat Athersata-level and returned to the material universe in a material human form – then, according to my deliberations, it must have taken on a very high evolutionary stage within the Arahat Athersata-level – somewhat short of the transition to the next level?

Billy Yes. That is also right.

Nokodemion’s pure spirit form was already very highly developed in the Arahat Athersata-level as the resolution to return in a material human body was made, whereby the implementation certainly could only be enabled through the authoritative engagement of the highest level, being the Petale level.

This is because, for Nokodemion’s spirit form, a special consistency-alteration had to be created, only through which the spirit form could be capable of returning in a human body.

Question Therefore is it so that Nokodemion’s spirit form takes in the highest conceivable spiritual levels of development and knowledge of all human life forms in the domain of the material universe?

Billy Yes

That is right.

This knowledge-development level relates, however, really only to the concerns of the spirit, Creation, the Absolutum-forms, the spiritual energy, the spirit levels and in the power of the spirit energy, etc.

Thereby this knowledge and evolution level reaches only up to the highest level of the Arahat Athersata.

Question That would therefore mean that no sources of knowledge at all and no storage banks at all, up to the Arahat Athersata level, are closed to this spirit form?

Consequently, therefore, the Nokodemion spirit form is the only spirit form in the material universe that not only has at its disposal the highest knowledge of the spirit, rather it also still continuously expands and impels itself forward on the highest planes, simply because it is capable of using all sources of knowledge up to the Arahat Athersata level.

Billy Yes.

Then there is the necessity that the Nokodemion spirit form, in the period of time that it again enlivens a material human body, also further evolves in the knowledge of the Arahat Athersata-level.

That must therefore be so, because the spirit form, when it returns again to its original pure spirit level, has lost no love nor wisdom nor knowledge on the highest plain, rather it can progress further, unrestrained, on the path of the transition to the next higher and finer pure spirit level.

Question  Is that the secret that the Plejaren tried to get to the bottom of?

Billy Yes.

That is to say, that was still so in 1989, as I spoke with Quetzal in respect of the photo that came into my hands.

In the meantime the Plejaren got to the bottom of the secret and solved it.

Question I have a further question regarding the sons of Nokodemion and Henok: they have indeed obligated themselves to spread the mission of disseminating the knowledge of the spiritual teachings in the entire universe and to stay faithful to this mission.

I assume that the same applies to the sons of the sons of Nokodemion and Henok and again for their sons?

I also further assume that this obligation is maintained up to today and has also been carried over to all descendents who live in the current time.

And also all this will indeed be carried over into the future.

Billy Yes, whereby, however, quite a few will not act according to their determination and will therefore not observe their obligation.

A long chain of Nokodemion and Henok’s decedents, respectively sons, is arranged under this obligation.

Question But since ancient times surely also the daughters of Nokodemion and Henok have been included in the mission whose lineage is exactly as strong as any of the sons.

Can you yourself think what their task is?

Billy It can quite certainly be assumed, respectively, it is true that their task is that of every female life form, namely to bring female and male descendents into life and therefore to further pass on life.

But their duty is also to protect and conserve life, love and knowledge as well as the essence, (i.e.) the wisdom, that results thereby, and to further pass it on to the descendents, so that they also travel the correct path and they, through their action, carry the knowledge and the obligation further into the most distant future.

Question Accordingly I also assume that with at least some of the core group members who have decided upon core group membership, that it also concerns the most distant descendents of the descendents of Nokodemion and Henok?

Billy Yes, it concerns very far distant descendents; and it is not just a few who belong to this lineage.

Question From that I take it that, with the so-called punishment incarnations into which each core group member would be arranged - who are, according to the determination, in the core group - it has nothing to do with punishment incarnations, because for me, according to the spirit teachings, that would make no sense.

Rather, I see it that these people - as they recognized that they, as the bearers of the mission and duty, had become unfaithful to their obligation - sought a path to more firmly anchor the mission, and the therewith connected duty, to themselves.

Billy Yes, you can say it that way.

Those who are faithful to their mission have observed authoritative impulses from the storage bank, and correctly decoded and utilized them, subsequently they seek and find the path of the mission and now take it, as they have since ancient times.

On one hand the mission and their entry into it serves, in the first instance, their own evolution, and on the other hand, it serves also for them to teach the people and to convey love, knowledge and wisdom, as well as inner peace and inner freedom, balance and harmony.

Question The purpose for these incarnations on the Earth is therefore not only to teach the Earth humans, rather, in the first instance, that the knowledge itself to do with the mission and the duty connected therewith, would finally be deeply anchored in oneself in such a way so that, in the distant future, no more deviation from it would be possible?

Billy Quetzal would now say: That is of correctness.

Question I assume that not only Ptaah, Semjase and Quetzal are in the Srutin stage of evolution, rather also the bearer of the spirit form of Nokodemion and Henok.

And I further assume that he already reached this stage a very long time before they did.

Is it so that in the measure of consciousness he is already around one or more stages further than Ptaah, Semjase and Quetzal?

Billy The Srut evolution level already begins before the attainment of the position of Jschwjsch.

The position of Srutin is a part of the Srutin-evolution level.

Now if Nokodemion’s spirit form has a very high stage of evolution then that doesn’t mean that the human in which this spirit form is reincarnated would therefore be something other than a simple human.

His consciousness and the personality which thereby arises from it are inevitably adjusted into the present human evolutionary circumstances, which means that it therefore – seen quite pragmatically - is really primitive, also when the knowledge of the spiritual matters is so high that it enables the pressing toward and into the storage banks up to the high levels.

It is a process which is possible only through the accepted help of the spiritual energy, its power and its knowledge and wisdom.

The consciousness and the personality that thereby arises from it cannot be one for one swapped with the spirit form.

A spirit form always contains a much higher evolutionary stage than the consciousness and its personality.

The consciousness is always fitted to the circumstances of the life form, its living conditions and its environment.

The emergence of damage to that which pertains to the consciousness through too much knowledge, etc., is thereby hindered.

And now when the Nokodemion spirit form in spite of its high development lives in a human whose consciousness is even higher developed than that of the fellow humans generally, in respect of the knowledge of the spirit, then this is also only possible through certain altered measures that were made possible through the Petale level.

Question The spirit form of Nokodemion must be monstrously strong - very much more powerful than every other spirit form in the material universe.

Is it because today’s bearer - respectively a human, who carries this spirit form in himself - has enabled, not only the obtaining of Ptaah’s knowledge, but the far surpassing of it, that he was named the uppermost designated advisor and teacher of the Plejaren spirit leadership?

Anyway, indeed, in respect to everything of spiritual importance, he has a more comprehensive knowledge than Ptaah.

And he has acquired this knowledge in a period of time that corresponds to a tiny fragment of Ptaah’s age.

Billy But that is only based on the fact that the bearer of the Nokodemion spirit form had and has the possibility to make use of all of Nokodemion’s storage banks and Henok’s storage banks, because he, as the only one, has the frequency-based means to penetrate into these storage banks.

(Original translation  - September 2005. Corrections and improvements made - February/March 2007)

Amended on December 17th, 2006 with corrections from page 45 of the December 2006 Stimme der Wassermannzeit


Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Reports Volume 6

238th Contact

Saturday, May 18th, 1991, 12:55AM

Pages 406-413


[Billy and Ptaah, continued]


Billy   .....  My question concerns our Milky Way, and indeed in relation to the age of the lady. 


On the same point I also want to know something more in relation to the oldest planetary body that arose from our Milky Way.


The Earth itself had the beginning of its origins 646,000,000,000 years ago, as the first gasses, molecules, and atomic particles and quarks, and so forth, formed, which, in the course of time came together and solidified, flew apart again, newly came together and solidified again and so on, until finally everything was bound together in such a way that about 46,000,000,000 years ago the solid body of Earth began to form, which then, about 5,000,000,000 years ago, was so hard and solid, that slowly life developed on it, first only seas of lava and volcanoes and then, in the course of time, also the very first and ur-primitive life in the form of lichenoid plant life.


That was about 5,000,000,000 years ago.


At the least, concerning the age of the solid material in the SOL system, everything may just be about 5,000,000,000 years old, if one conceives that the youngest material would only be about 200,000 years old, as Quetzal explained. 


In regard to that, I am also still able to remember that he said that during the first time that the planetary bodies were solid, and thus the Earth and all planets, which, due to the monstrous volcanism, so to speak, would allow no cosmic rays at all to penetrate onto the still, partly fluid, solid bodies, consequently such radiation could only penetrate onto the planets very much later, whereby this later time can be up to 1,000,000,000 years depending on the development of the planet. 


This, so he explained, led thereto, that the radioactive material would exhibit completely different particulars of age than that which would correspond to the actual age of the solid bodies and so therefore to the planets.


Unfortunately I don’t understand much of that.



637. Your explanations correspond to our knowledge, and actually there is no material of a solid form in the SOL system older than about 5,000,000,000 years, which also corresponds to the average age of the planets and their moons. 


638. Whereas the youngest coarse matter material is only of an age of not yet fully 200,000 years. 


639. SOL moves itself forward in space, with the entire system, in two directions, so on one hand in the direction of the constellation of Hercules at about 20 kilometers per second, but also, on the other hand, around the entire Milky Way, and indeed with a speed of 257.07 kilometers per second, whereby one rotation of the Milky Way, as the Earth human names the galaxy that he and the SOL system belong to, takes 311,000,000 years, which is in comparison to the erroneous assumptions of the Earth scientists, who take only about 200,000,000 years as the starting point, because they measure too small a distance to the center of the galaxy.


(This distance-related information can be found here - The Chronology of the Arrival of the Different Earth Peoples)



640. The age of this galaxy amounts to close to exactly 810,000,000,000 years since the beginning of the first formations of gas, whereby I also have answered your question in relation to this.


641. Consequently, only your question still remains to be answered regarding the oldest solid material, respectively, according to the oldest planets in this galaxy, about which I have already thereby answered you, as I explained to you, that the oldest material in the SOL system indicates an age from around 5,000,000,000 years. 


642. All further, and the oldest systems of suns or planets in the outer and outermost realms of the galaxy’s spiral arms, indicate the same age, with insignificant differences which, as a rule, do not exceed 500,000,000 years. 


643. The SOL system exists in the outermost realms of a spiral arm, and forms, so to speak, an enclave, and therefore the SOL system is one of the oldest systems in the galaxy.


644. In spite of its state, of being one of older solar and planet systems, it is, however, still a young system, in contrast to other systems in the most distant galaxies, because the Milky Way galaxy itself is still very young, with a total age of only 810,000,000,000 years.


645. Other further and very much further galaxies are much older, and these naturally also show very much older solid material, because naturally, due to of the greater age of the galaxies, their suns and planet systems are also older.


Billy  Then the Wanderer, or now the Destroyer, as you have named it, must actually be about 5,000,000,000 years old, I mean as a solid body.



Your assumption is correct, at least concerning the age of the destructive wandering planet.


647. However, regarding the designation, Destroyer, you have erred with your words, because our earliest forefathers had already given it this name.


Billy  Also right.


I also want to give your forefathers some respect.


OK, but how old now is the oldest solid material, or indeed coarse matter, in our universe?



648. Unfortunately we don’t know that.


Billy   But then can you at least tell me which age is indicated by any materials, in the form of coarse-matter, as is known to you?


649. That is no secret over which I must remain silent:


650. The oldest solid material known to us is numbered by our scientists with an age of 37,100,000,000 years, whereby it deals with the material of an iron meteorite, which originated in a very distant galaxy, which is about 2,763,000,000 light years away from the Pleiades stars.


Billy Since you can also equally say, that any galaxy – what are they actually called?, is about this distance away from the Earth or SOL system, then the 500 little light-years from the Earth to the Pleiades also don’t carry much weight compared to these gigantic distances.



651. That is naturally correct.


Billy  Exactly, exactly, so why then also so complicated when it also goes simply.


2,763,000,000 light years, that is a figure with about – wait a moment – yes, indeed with about nine zeros, therefore ten to the power of nine.


A quite tidy quantity of light-years, if one thinks that way.



652. Certainly.


Billy You said that the oldest solid coarse matter known to you indicates an age of 37,100,000,000 years.


Our DERN universe is now just 46,000,000,000,000 years old, even when the smart Earth scientists ignorantly and uncomprehendingly assert that this cannot correspond to the truth, because, since the formation of the universe, only 13,000,000,000 years have passed, over the entire course of time.


On one hand I, indeed, understand their error, on the other hand, however, their narrow-mindedness and megalomania are simply repugnant to me.


According to your statement alone you are in possession of coarse matter material which is already double the age that the Earth scientists assert that the universe is.


Already that testifies to how short-sighted the Earth scientists are, who often only assert things according to erroneous measurements and assumptions over which nonsense one bristles.


Indeed I understand that they can err regarding the age of the material, because they indeed only have at their disposal material pieces which stem from the realm of our solar system, and which on average are about 4,600,000,000 years old, whereby the greatest part of such material consists of stone and iron meteoric material.


That the scientists are thereby, however, blinded and let themselves be deceived to megalomania and, from that, draw their wrong conclusions that the universe is just 13,000,000,000 years old, already borders on narrow-minded stupidity and arrogance.


It is completely striking that an unrivaled narrow-mindedness dominates here, even though actually a great many things indicate that the scientific astronomical calculations, data and assumptions, as well as measurements, and so on and so forth, are not correct, or in certain things simply cannot be applicable.


Even if the authoritative scientists perhaps really think a lot, they indeed very often think erroneously and in a short sighted way.


Naturally that can happen to anyone, so therefore also you and me.


But yet I find that people other than even downright narrow-minded scientists often think more accurately and sooner recognize the reality than even the so-called learned, who are often not more than specialist-idiots and, in this characteristic, have a constructed framework in front of their skulls.


Indeed, I am also not exactly a luminary regarding astronomy, and so forth, yet I think that at least I am able to think logically, and likewise, put two and two together, whereby I can often get to the bottom of things and facts, which appears to be phenomenal to others, although there is nothing phenomenal about it.


Thinking logically, logically combining and acting logically, often emerges over long years of study and brings more than any irritating shop-talk about things and matters of which one has only a little knowledge.


You see, Ptaah, therefore, once again I am struck by something that is, to be sure, only a theory and therefore an assumption from me, but of which I am certain that some of it must correspond to the truth.


It therewith deals with the age of the universe, which reaches 46,000,000,000,000 years.


When, every now and then, I spoke with Semjase or Quetzal or with somebody else from you about the age of the universe, then the talk was really always only about the age of the universe, and only since the course of recent time, did I come to the salient point that therewith something very essential was forgotten.


The universe is indeed comprised of seven different belts, and indeed the talk about that was always that these seven belts, namely, together and entirely, form the universe.


We only ever spoke of that.


It never came to our minds to be more exactly precise in regard to that which we essentially meant and really wanted to know, namely, how old actually the oldest galaxies and their suns and planetary systems are, and which age the materialization belt indicates as it began to form the first denser, and therefore coarse, matter.


I want information about that from you, friend Ptaah.



653. First I must clarify just once that we speak, then, of a solid material, when this is entirely formed as such.


654. It ...


Billy Just a moment please.


Therewith, you presumably want to say that your term solid material, according to terrestrial understanding, designates completed course material, and indeed such that it is already developed to the extent that the lowest life is able to emerge out of it … or?



655. That is actually what is meant by that.


Billy Good, then you can answer my question further, which is directed thus; that the solid coarse-matter material, in its emerging, cannot indicate the same age of 46,000,000,000,000 years as does the actual universe, rather that this material in the materialization belt perhaps first had its origin about 40,000,000,000,000 or even only 39,000,000,000,000 years ago, and then the first galaxies, and so forth, formed out of it.


656. Has anybody already informed you about this?


Billy No, why?


I have never yet spoken with anybody about that.



657. Then you now see me astounded, as your assumptions come very close to reality.


658. According to our research, and according to information from higher planes, what occurred is that approximately 41,800,000,000,000 years ago that stage of the universe’s development was reached in which the first fine matter began to change into its transitional form and …


Billy Excuse me, do you mean that transitional form that looks like a fluctuating, translucent and ungraspable mass, as when, in the reverse case, solid material transforms into fine matter energy or fine matter material?


I mean, exactly as is presently the case with the Supreme Council?



659. That corresponds to the meaning of my explanation.


Billy And then how long did it take for the first solid material to come into existence?



660. Approximately 1,500,000,000,000 years.


Billy   And when did the first human life forms come, which then also developed in higher levels, and where did the spirit forms of the different levels come from, like, for example, Arahat Athersata and Petale and so forth?



 661. At their formation, all higher levels, through the creativity of Creation, are already equipped with spirit forms which are equipped with the required knowledge and all the wisdom of that pertinent level.


662. These spirit forms then further develop themselves quite normally, so they thus are subject to natural evolution.


663.     They are then, now and again, also the leading and guiding spirit-form powers of these levels for those evolving ones following from lower levels.


664.  The first higher forms of life came into being seemingly exactly 39,260,000,000,000 years ago, after which, the possibility was created, through fauna and flora, that even human life could develop, which, since then, evolves during between 60,000,000,000 and 80,000,000,000 years in such a way that it can enter into a half spiritual, and later in a purely spiritual, level of a higher form.


Billy  I’ve also thought everything was approximately like that. 


Then I haven't been horribly off the mark.


Perhaps I lie in the realm of the possible, when I assume that coarse matter material does not exist very long, rather, is subject to a constant change of coming into being and passing away.


This might also be the grounds for why you have only found pieces of meteorite as the oldest material which exhibit an age of 37,100,000,000 years.


If I have really correctly understood cosmic life, then the coarse material forms out of fine matter material, which, in its turn comes out of fine matter energy, and so forth.


But the coarse matter material, as, for example, suns, moons, asteroids, comets and planets, and so forth, again disintegrate, become dust and gasses, and change back again into energy, into gasses and radiation and the tiniest particles, and so forth, which through the cosmic laws, inevitably again finds itself together, and conglomerates, and new gas and matter clouds form, as well as new galaxies with new sun and planet systems.


So there is practically no coarse matter in the universe, neither iron nor other metals nor stone nor minerals, and so forth, which would be older than even perhaps 37,000,000,000 or 40,000,000,000 years, indeed, then, these also exist only in places in the universe where similarly old suns or planet systems and, naturally, also such old galaxies exist, or existed.



665. You could be one of our scientists, because they have the same explanations.


Billy You’re joking.


But now tell me, is it also known to you or your scientists when the first human life formed in the region of our Milky Way?



666. I can serve you with some information about that.


667. According to our research and according to the information from the Arahat Athersata level, the first humans, in their original form, came into being on the oldest planetary systems nearly 28,000,000 years ago, after which, then, about 27,000,000 years ago, the first physically recognizable humans emerged from them quite certainly as the life forms named hominids, which, however, first appeared very much later on the Earth.


Billy. Aha, and therefore that means that, until now, no human life forms whatsoever in our Milky Way system could have developed as far as those only in the form of the fluctuating Supreme Council, not to mention, also then being able to enter into a higher level, as, for example, in the Arahat Athersata level.


As is generally known, it indeed takes 60,000,000,000 to 80,000,000,000 years until the form of spirituality is reached which leads to the Arahat Athersata level which comprises the first pure spirit level.


But now the question remains open, where did, for example, Nokodemion come from, who not only established and engendered new peoples, rather he also created new peoples, who he then equipped with an advanced knowledge.


It is generally indeed known that Nokodemion knows an age of 86,000,000,000 years and his oldest created people 29,500,000,000 years.


Therefore he can certainly not stem from this Milky Way system, nor can the old Lyrans and their direct ancestors, nor can the Plejaren.


The first genuinely recognizably human forms of life were created on the oldest planets of our Milky Way system about 9,000,000 to 12,000,000 years ago, and, before these then became real humans, who could really be designated human, certainly yet nearly another 1,000,000 years passed, or perhaps even more.


Therefore Nokodemion and his peoples could never have stemmed from the Milky Way system.


So, from where did he and his peoples come?



668. This question also occupied us, so we asked the Arahat Athersata level, who explained to us that Nokodemion was a creation of the planet SADR, which was in the WARON sun system, which moved in the LYREN galaxy, 3,816,000,000 light years distant from the SOL system.


Billy You said it moved.


Then does it no longer exist?



699.  The LYREN galaxy also went the eternal way of coming into being and passing away.


670.  It dissolved itself and turned into energy, out of which new stars and planets and a new galaxy came into being. 


671. This happened 26,000,000 years ago, which is why Nokodemion left the home worlds with his peoples prior to that and settled on the worlds of the LYRA and VEGA star systems, however shifted a little and only about a fraction of a second from the present time.


672. So Nokodemion and his peoples therefore came very far out of the depths of the universe and settled themselves in the oldest space-shifted system area of the Milky Way galaxy.


673.  However, this was already Nokodemion's third exodus, because before he established or created his people on the planet SADR, he came from other galaxies and planets that were older than the LYRAN galaxy, and which also passed into the way of decay.


674.  But he established, engendered and created his peoples shortly before he became a purely spiritual form, whereby he attained that form at 58,000,000,000 years, which today the Supreme Council possesses, in order to then transform to the Arahat Athersata level in the same rapid way.


675. He spent several billion years there before he again took on a material body to create order among his peoples and to give the creational laws and commandments attention, because his peoples had degenerated.


676. Thus he came back out of the Arahat Athersata spirit level for the sake of his peoples, who followed no creational laws and commandments at all, to bring his peoples to reason and therefore to rationality.


677. That was 12,000,000,000 years ago.


678. As he had to recognize his peoples’ lack of understanding, he decreed a logical use of force, because the people were so degenerate that their senses and aspirations were, with all murderous means, only after boundless power.


679. Uniformly, as one, the peoples had the audacity to violently spread out in the universe, and, autocratically and usurpingly, named themselves representatives of Creation.


680. An insane idea that they had already tried to actualize, in that they attacked foreign planetary systems, bestially murdered millions of people or clapped them in chains and enslaved them.


681. Thus Nokodemion was faced with the choice of leaving his peoples to degenerate into universal monsters or command a halt to their murderous and power-hungry deeds.


682. Naturally he decided to command a halt, accordingly he issued his decree.


683. This was based on his sense of justice and his loyalty to Creation. Accordingly he sought a solution which was anchored in the powers of the creational laws and commandments.


684. First, in the course of only a few decades, he established gigantic armies which were of an exclusively android nature. Then he armed them with all conceivable weapons and robots, whereby hard-hitting armies arose, sworn singly and alone to Nokodemion's high command.


685. The single leaders of the individual armies and troops finally were taken over and managed by the leaders and war-experienced of the different planets, whose governments united and were able to defend themselves against the criminal and unhesitatingly murdering conquerors.


686. With these war-experienced ones and leaders, stemming from many different planets, and together with the robots and weapons built with the help of governments, and with the androids, Nokodemion constructed a multinational peacekeeping troop, so veterans instantly appeared everywhere, and fought the criminal conquerors, or imprisoned them, where these led their conquering campaigns.


687. Within fewer than eight years all of the criminal peoples were in the custody of multinational peacekeeping troops, deported to a distant planet that was hermetically barricaded and guarded so that nobody could escape, even if anyone possessed flying machines capable of space travel.


688. In conformity with the law of logical force, Nokodemion issued the decree that both sexes of the peoples were ordained to sterility in a lawful and humane way.


689. And thus the order and decree was passed, through the engagement of the Arahat Athersata level, that those who passed away in the course of time to a natural death should not be ordained a reincarnation, rather that their spirit forms had to stay as long in the realm of the other side until they, one day, through a new decree of Nokodemion, could again find an existence in human bodies.


690. However this had to continue for a very long time and, in addition, led thereto, that almost all knowledge had to escape out of the storage banks of all personalities, and new personalities were created through the collective consciousness block.


691. Thus this process of exhausting the greatest part of all the knowledge stored in the storage banks continued for almost 4,000,000,000 years before Nokodemion, with the help of the Arahat Athersata level, again called the aforementioned spirit forms, and newly ordered them into human bodies, and indeed in his newly engendered and created peoples who found their origins 8,000,000,000 years ago on LASAN.


962. That, my friend, is the answer to your question, yet that may all indeed be known to you.


Billy   Perhaps, yes.


But now since the entire knowledge out of the storage banks was not exhausted, which corresponded to the intention, naturally some soon broke through again, and over 8,000,000,000 years later there was again, as ever, a stink.


Not only that an Ischwisch [god/king of wisdom] created the Ring Nebula in his megalomania, which has since then been named the Eye of God, but his most distant descendents finally also came to Earth and terrorized this world here, and so on, which, at any rate, as a rough measure happened essentially for the first time only 389,000 years ago when one disregards those deportations and conquests and other skirmishes that go back to around 20,000,000 years ago.



693. Indeed, I knew that you know the connections.


694. You have surely only wanted to test how familiar I am with this story myself.


Billy    That was not quite so, my friend.


695. It appeared that way to me.


Billy   But it was not so.


But yet a question about the first people on the Earth.


From which point in time can one speak of terrestrial primal humans effectively as higher developed hominids?


Ptaah 696. The point of time moves around from about 4,800,000 to 8,000,000 years.


Billy   Therefore very much more than the Earth scientists accept.


They indeed reckon with only about 2,500,000 years, in the highest case with 3,000,000 years.



697. I know that the terrestrial scientists and researchers are in error in this regard, as much as in many other things.


Billy   Nicely put.


Now, but yet something in regard to Nokodemion's peoples: Essentially he indeed twice imposed on himself the mission to engender and create peoples, and indeed once in that fluctuating material state in which he found himself, that today the Supreme Council also possess.


I mean therewith the fluctuating condition between course matter and fine matter form. 


Thereafter Nokodemion moved to the first stage of the purely spiritual form, and indeed to the Arahat Athersata level.


Nokodemion established his first peoples at the age of a total of 56,500,000,000 years, in this form; that he engendered a lineage which then independently further increased itself.


As he then entered the transitional level of the fluctuating material state at the age of 58,000,000,000 years, he created there, through spiritual potency, a further people, after which he seemingly spent precisely 2,000,000,000 years in the transitional level.


Thereafter he remained for a further 4,000,000,000 years in that level, after which he shifted in a rapid manner and entered the Arahat Athersata level, where he remained during the next 10,000,000,000 years, before he determined, as a result of the degeneration of his begotten and created peoples, and in unanimous accord with the entire Arahat Athersata level, to change himself back into a material human life form, in order in this way to command a halt to his degenerated, criminal, usurping peoples and to bring them to reason.


Thus, 12,000,000,000 years ago he came back into the coarse-matter universe out of the Arahat Athersata level in order to fulfill his mission.


But his return meant for him that a new evolutionary course of 60,000,000,000 to 80,000,000,000 years was ordained, entirely in accordance with the creational laws and commandments, with all the suffering, pain and need and all things which also, through the creationally-determined given course of evolution, belong to every other human life form.


Nokodemion himself was entirely conscious of this, yet in spite of that, he decided to take this step, accordingly therefore, because his sense of duty was so pronounced that he knew the obligation which he took upon himself with the engendering and creation of his peoples, who he had to again bring onto the correct path of the recognition and fulfillment of their duty to creation and its laws and commandments, and regarding all life.


Therefore Nokodemion now lives a second series of material lives and reincarnations, in order therein to resolve a material part of life into purely spiritual form for a second time and enter into the Arahat Athersata level, which appeared to him more as the real homeland the longer he was in a material life.



698. It  has been clear to me for a long time that you know much more about these events than I myself or indeed any one of us.


699. And your allusion to the Arahat Athersata level as Nokodemion's homeland, that I can fully understand.


700. Nokodemion must feel very foreign and uncommonly lonely on the worlds and through all the times which have passed, in our coarse-matter universe, even if humans from his own peoples, engendered and created from him, who he loves and who love him, stand at his side.


701. But he will certainly remain a stranger for all times, and lonely as well, which will only be alleviated when he returns again to his real homeland in the Arahat Athersata level.


702. For my part, I do not, and would never, want to have to take up his position, which also certainly no reasonable person would ever want, if he knows Nokodemion's history.


703. Also with our people, who are likewise indeed the distant descendents of Nokodemion's engendered and created (ones), you would never find anyone who would want to take his position, of that I am absolutely certain.


704. For my part sometimes feelings of sorrow move inside me for him when I think about him and recognize that he must be arranged into yet almost a further 50,000,000,000 years of his self-chosen duty, and uncountable reincarnations, before he again has the possibility to return to his real homeland which he constantly misses.


Billy   A powerful speech, my dear friend Ptaah.


If Nokodemion has, however, already withstood uncountable reincarnations during his first 58,000,000,000 years of comprehensive course-matter development, and therefore also the uncountable reincarnations of the last 12,000,000,000 years, then he would still accomplish the remaining 47,000,000,000 to 48,000,000,000 years.  


705. Sentiments speak through you that demand respect and reverence from me.


Billy  It would be better if we would now end this theme.



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Notes from the translators:


You can go here to read about the origins of the human species


Billy's question immediately preceding Ptaah's sentence 655 concerns the most primitive form of (non-carbon-based) life, called talposbacteria, which is not yet recognized by terrestrial science.


From 690. " ... the collective consciousness block" means "block", as in "block of flats/apartment block" and "block of ice", NOT "block", as in "road block" and "mental block"


From 693: "Ischwisch" What is an JHWH? : Strictly human title for a material male human being that has reached the level of king of Wisdom.

These human beings live in the last stages of human-material existence before changing over in half-spiritual forms.

The male version means: JHWH (phonetic = Ischwsch)

JHWHs are human beings like everybody else, but much higher in consciousness and spiritual development then -average- human beings.

An JHWH can never be compared to Creation itself, because Creation is immeasurably higher then any other life-form in its universe.


Jehova was not an JHWH in the common sense, but an JHFH, which means king of falsehood, malice.