Star Wisdom

NOTE: This book is authored by an independent researcher who has explored aspects of the information associated with the Billy Meier contacts. There may be some errors or inaccuracies in it as it is an not official translations of the Meier/Plejaren information but rather the author's own experiences and interpretations.

At the core of the Meier contacts is a very profound body of spiritual information and timeless wisdom, which has already inspired the following author's commentaries and interpretations:

The great evolutionary progression from primitive cultures to star-traveling galactic empires is outlined and made comprehensible by Star Wisdom. Many books have pointed out the social and ecological apocalypse we are fast approaching, but few present an all-inclusive spiritual viewpoint that explains the why and how of our present predicament and the way out. Star Wisdom provides the reader with tools and insight in order to discriminate what is true and false in the diverse and conflicting religious philosophies proliferating on the planet. It offers confirmation of that which is the best of traditional religious philosophy and spirituality and puts it in the context of a perspective that makes the past, present, and future of human history coherent and comprehensible. Star Wisdom offers a real alternative to the chaotic realm of modern spirituality where the hardened dogmas of fundamentalism are competing with the allure of New Age "pop" philosophies.

"Gene Andrade has captured the true essence of man and nature's relationship to Creation, the central power and force of all that is. This is the key to all real happiness and contentment, and is what is behind the true reality of the beautiful beamships photographed by Billy Meier in Switzerland. This, in a nutshell, is the message of the Pleiadian visitors to our Earth humanity--and is the ever-so-important spiritual teaching that is often referred to by those visitors.

This message should be available in every home and all institutions of that present and younger minds have an opportunity to discover who they truly are. It is the message for a new age that has not yet arrived, and will always reemerge as the truth that it is, until man becomes more aware and understands it."

--Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens (Ret.), author of UFO Contact from the Pleiades, and Message from the Pleiades

"I'm very glad that Gene Andrade had the desire and courage to write Star Wisdom. It was inspirational reading."

--James W. Deardorff, author of Celestial Teachings--The Emergence of the True Teachings of Jmmanuel (Jesus)

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