Beamship Symphony

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Beamship Symphony

The Beamship "Symphony" CD contains 26-minutes of truly otherworldly sounds, as recorded by Meier on July 18, 1980. This is one of four different recordings that were witnessed by as many as 17 people (including plain clothes policemen), who were drawn to the area from as far as four kilometers away by the sounds of the UFO. (See information about the tesing of the sounds here.)

Skeptics can now attempt to prove that Meier's recordings of the UFOs were merely "guitar amps and feedback", as they will now have a significant amount of the actual recorded information to deal with. People who like to meditate to unusual tones and frequencies will also find a whole new aid to such exploration.

It is NOT recommended to play this, late at night, from high-powered stereo speakers in automobiles, while driving slowly, with the windows down, through peaceful neighborhoods when people are sleeping soundly. Remember, please don't do matter how tempted you may be, okay, do I have your word?

Here's some information about the actual recording from Contact 132, July 18, 1980:

Semjase: If we cannot perform the desired work today until 5 pm, then we will take a chance at all costs.

Billy: And, what does this mean?

Semjase: You will have to put away your equipment and go home. There you will take a few group members with you and drive to Hintersädelegg, where you will install your recording equipment. The group members shall stand by the barn at the fork (of the road) and shall let no strangers pass when I set free the sounds of my ship and let them reverberate through the landscape. Inevitably, people will come running or driving there from afar, too, because the sounds will be heard for a long distance. It will be the group members' task to hold back the people from you and me.

Billy: Is the sound really so very loud when in full action?

Semjase: You will experience it. Because of the vibration you will tremble/shake when the air is crackling and tearing.

Billy: Then I have to prepare myself for all sorts of things.

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