Modifilan 4 pack

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Modifilan 4 pack


Modifilan is made in the US and the raw material, these days, is harvested in Patagonia - one of the very few places where larger Laminaria species are still found in the wild habitat. All of the raw supply is tested, before it is released, at the point of entry by the USDA and is subject to quarantine by FDA. Modifilan is said to have unique anti-carcinogenic, cholesterol-lowering properties with documented ability to remove both radiation and heavy metals from the body, along with other valuable health benefits for people with thyroid conditions, etc.

Modifilan was first developed in the Russia in the late 1960’s after radioactive fallouts occurred at nuclear labs and power plants. Russian scientists found that brown seaweed - Laminaria japonica - had the strongest healing effect for treating radiation poisoning. It has perfect group of elements (ionic iodine, laminarin, alginates and selenium), found in one natural source.

According to the manufacturer, "Using Modifilan is a very good natural alternative to potassium iodide and detoxified iodine formulas, which are isolated materials. Modifilan provides linked iodine as a part of the full nutritional spectrum. Modifilan will not only provide iodine's float in one's blood, but feed the thyroid and clean the body - a triple shot." $29 one bottle, 90 capsules, domestic price

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