International Ordering Information

To place an international order ONLINE, simply click the "Add To Cart" button for the product(s) and follow the steps. Then just send us the difference (between U.S. and International rates) on any order over $25.01 via Pay Pal or by money order.

NOTE: All international orders over $25.01 are $19.00 for Global Priority shipping, except when the items are too big for the envelope and can't be sent Global Priority. We will let you know the additional cost for international shipping in those cases.

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International Shipping Rates:
Order Total:
$0.01 - $25.00 (USD) $11.00 (USD)
$25.01 + (USD) $19.00 (USD) Global Priority


Domestic Shipping Rates:
Order Total:
$0.01 - $19.00 $6.00
$19.01 - $36.99 $7.00
$37.00 - $82.99 $12.00
$83.00 - $110.99 $14.00
$111.00 + $15.00

Order By Mail

Send your order and payment to:

Michael Horn
P.O. Box 5163
Playa del Rey, CA 90296


Make money orders payable to Michael Horn.

For more information please call (310) 876.8585.

Please allow two weeks for delivery, possibly longer for international orders.

Any and all defective products will be replaced upon return.