An Interview With A UFO Contactee

Billy Meier answers questions
about his contacts, his mission,
his life and spirituality

This booklet is packed full of some of the most interesting and important information about a wide variety of subjects, including:

· Why are the Plejaren visiting Earth?
· Why do the Plejaren contact only Billy?
· How and why did Billy take so many fantastic UFO photographs?
· How did our universe originate?
· What is Creation?
· Is there really reincarnation?
· What is the truth about gods and angels?

Additional information about contacts with the dead, channeling, the actual number of human races in the universe, why FIGU isn't a cult and Meier isn't its guru, other claims of ET contacts, why there's no open contact or landings on the White House lawn, how "Billy" got his nickname, the true ape-human connection, what happens after death, etc. is also included.

Page for page, this is one of the most concentrated and concise sources of important - and often misunderstood - information, as clearly explained by Meier. Of course, like all of the Meier/Plejaren information, rather than promoting belief, it is offered for thoughtful contemplation and logical evaluation.

Soft Cover, 67pages