The Giza Intelligences


The following links contain information on what are referred to as the Giza Intelligences, also known as the Bafath. They were an extraterrestrial splinter group, i.e. orignially part of the same group known to us as the Plejaren.

They took a path of negativity, control and domination and, as you can read in these articles, were responsible for many of the evils that befell Earth humanity. This was especially accomplished in the form of the religions that they helped to create and foster in order to gain complete control over the population of this planet.

In addition, they were the ones who were responsible for creating the "Miracle at Fátima", when they used a type of holographic projection technology to create a "real vision" whereby the people saw the appartion.

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Using the above information as preparation, read the multi-part Asket's Explanations for what will surely be among the most remarkable reading you will ever have.