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The UFOs Disappear in One Film Frame!



Dear reader, you are about to discover some of the lesser known, highly fascinating evidence in the Billy Meier UFO contacts. It's assembled here so that you have the rare opportunity to do an in depth study and decide the merits of the case for yourself. In a field that is widely regarded as devoid of serious, verifiable evidence, the quantity and quality of Meier's evidence sets it apart from every single other claimed UFO contact case, as you are about to discover.


All UFO organizations, and so-called "UFO researchers", should prioritize using scientific standards for evaluating the evidence in the Meier case. The fact that this has not happened - and indeed may never happen - is because the purveyors and proponents of disinformation and entertainment predominate in this field. The scientific standards for actual research and investigation are somewhere between amateruish and nonexistent.


Chasing lights in the sky, listening to the delusional claims of so-called "contactees" and the equally suspect tales of "alien abductions" which, when an actual event occurs are most likely terrestrial military operations, is pointless.



While We're at It...Jupiter!  


Here is dated, copyrighted information published by Wendelle Stevens regarding Contact 115, from October 19, 1978. In that contact Meier not only foretold the then forthcoming discovery of the two satellites beyond Pluto (and the dozen startling predictions that caught Stevens' attention) but also the most important discovery of the Voyager mission, i.e. that its moon Io was the most volcanically active body in the solar system.


More of this kind of ironclad proof in the Meier case is contained in the prophetic and predictive information. Such information as Meier's preemptively published information about Jupiter, its rings and Io, irrefutably authenticate Meier and point to only one possiblity, i.e. that he gets his information from "very knowledgeable scientists", as astrophysicist David Froning said.


This article thoroughly rebuts and destroys the completely inaccurate and untrue claims by skeptics who claimed that Meier falsified that information. And it also leads us to the inescapable conclusion that those scientists who provided Meier with the information do not come from, nor live on, this planet. Some skeptics, like Stuart Robbins, are so intimidated by Meier's accuracy, that he went to great lengths to remove any mention of it from his blog - several times.


And the information here pertaining to more of Meier's prophetically accurate - and only recently corroborated - scientific information, is so uncomfortably precise and accurate that the professional skeptics concocted unbelievable and implausible explanations, rather than accept the truth.


Of course there are volumes of additional Corroborated Information to substantiate these claims. This compilation has an abundance of them, for example. Anyone who truly pursues the task of thoroughly examining all the available information and evidence will probably arrive at this inescapable conclusion:


There are no other actual UFO contact cases ongoing on planet Earth.


Photographs of the Plejaren UFOs by Other People


These photographs were taken by people other than Meier, including seven photos by a Swiss skeptic (or perhaps I should say former skeptic).


There are other photographers as well, such as Guido Moosbrugger, whose photographs can be found in And Still They Fly.



Photo of Menara's ship by Edith Beldi on 22 April 1998:



On July 6, 2000 Silvano Lehmann, a young waiter and FIGU-member,

witnessed this disc-shaped craft in the presence of Billy Meier:



Detail of Silvano's photo above:



UFO in upper left hand corner of photo:




Detail of above photo:



UFO in the clouds 1.:



UFO in the clouds 2.:



UFO in the clouds 2. detail:



UFO with insects in foreground:



UFO over the mountains:




Five photographs of Sudor's beamship photographed at night on 5 June 2001

by a man who simply called himself "Ein Pirgler" and otherwise wished to remain

anonymous. He is a FORMER Swiss skeptic who has since spent time with

Meier - after APOLOGIZING for calling him a fraud:


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Ptaah's beamship photographed during the afternoon of 20

August 2001, also by "Ein Pirgler”:


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 95


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 95



Gone Fishin’


All of the above photographs by people other than Meier further demolish the foolish claims of skeptics that Meier himself had suspended models on strings. Kal Korff, a proven liar, who actually did falsify Meier’s photos in this manner, vigorously promoted this theory. Other associates of Korff’s, who’ve taken the time to make, and photograph, scale models of some of Meier’s UFOs, create parodies of themselves running around frantically assembling Rube Goldberg type rigs made of fishing line, to suspend their models from, despite the fact that such means were thoroughly ruled out.


Unfortunately for them, one thing that Meier wasn’t known for was…fishing, nor was there any reported, or discovered,  acquisition by him of fishing line, etc.


Korff also had the misfortune of being found out by the “imaginary Plejaren” – who intervened to prevent a rather nasty scheme of Korff’s from coming to fruition.


Of course seeing Meier actually walk up to one of the suposedly "miniature trees" is an excellent means of dispelling claims of fakery...but only for reasonable people.



The Preliminary and Supplementary Investigation Reports


I have also included pages from both Preliminary and Supplementary Investigation Report books by Wendelle Stevens that contain valuable information about the investigation, including the fact that there indeed were several original photographs tested, as well as first generation prints, contrary to the claims of various skeptics. These photographs underwent state of the art testing and authenticated that these were large, unknown objects at a distance from the camera and not any kind of small models, special effects, etc.:













Regarding Models of the UFOs 


The investigations, by both Stevens’ team and the independent author Gary Kinder, failed to turn up any evidence of the supposed "models" that skeptics have long claimed Meier used from the very beginning. The thorough, decade long, on-site investigations also never resulted in the discovery of any place where such models could have been made and stored, which is something that’s never been answered by the skeptics either. In the real world such matters have to be accounted for and not just theorized and/or assumed to be so because of the religious beliefs of skeptics.


The only known and acknowledged models, i.e. the ones that were given to Meier by children, loaned to him by the Plejaren, a crude one he tried to make and photograph and the ones that Wendelle Stevens had made, all failed to produce photographs that could fool the eye, or the computer analysis, which always detected/revealed the differences between the small models and the large, unknown objects in Meier's photographs and films.


The Devil IS in the Details

I have tried to make it clear to skeptics that making and photographing and filming models of the UFOs in Meier’s photos, films and video isn’t the same as duplicating Meier’s evidence. Nonetheless, some people remain unclear about the critical differences and distinctions between duplicating the originals by Meier and duplicating the effect.

If making a very good model of something means that the original object itself is a model, then by that logic all sorts of long established things, like cars, planes, trains, boats, even...people, etc., actually…never existed. But to make it even clearer that making a good model and creating a visual effect aren’t necessarily the same thing as the original – and doesn’t prove that the original itself was a model – the best examples of that can be found here, in the work of Michael Paul Smith.


So it's not surprising today that dedicated model makers can make very close facsimiles to the original objects in Meier's evidence and use visual effects to try to fool the eye. They've had literally decades to carefully study the UFOs, in every detail. Of course this doesn't begin to answer just how - and why - Meier would be able to spend the huge amounts of time creating (and flawlessly photographing and filming) such well crafted objects with extremely limited resources, huge demands on his time, an absence of collaborators and no effective way to really profit from such an effort...unless one considers dodging 22 assassination attempts to be the reward he was seeking.


Below you'll find basic drawings of seven different types of UFOs photographed and/or filmed by Meier. In addition to these, Meier also photographed Asket’s UFOs from the Dal universe, the Wedding Cake UFO (WCUFO) and the light or energy ships. This means that had Meier been “hoaxing” his evidence with models, as some skeptics desperately suggest, he would have needed a minimum of 12 different ones, since some of the photographs had up to four different UFOs in them – and up to eight of the Dal ships, which appeared more as orb-shaped lights in the sky in India, in 1964:

















And of course the white-cross-in-the-sky photograph from India (see large version here), like all the other photographs from 1964, were taken with an old-fashioned Kodak bellows type camera.




Having examind the above photo myself, when we filmed The Silent Revolution of Truth, I can categorically state that the object is in the sky, not pasted on the photograph afterwards!


As I stated many times before, the best and only way for the skeptics to show that they have indeed duplicated Meier's photos is to...have them tested to the exact same standards that Meier's were. I suggest not holding one's breath for that to happen. Instead they will attack the tests, claim it's not important, etc. And that's why the skeptical challenge really is over.



Asket and Nera Photo Controversy


Despite a comprehensive explanation of the Asket and Nera controversy that you can read here, skeptics keep trying to twist the facts. I have included these two photos for a quick examination and comparison of the clear differences between the women in the photos:


VT-Compress (tm) Xing Technology Corp.



And it should also be stated that the investigators confirmed that Meier bought his first color television (a SABA) from Mr. Baer's store, in Bauma, in July 1976. Meier took the photo of Asket in 1975. Also, there is the absence of the 3-color grid of the cathode ray tube, which would show the colors blue, green and red arranged in three dots if the photo was taken from a TV…as the photo on the right, clearly was.


The Laser Gun Controversy


Information about the laser gun controversy has been presented on my site before and I have theorized that the two-chamber design of Alena’s gun may have had something in common with the chemical oxygen iodine lasers (COIL) that were first being developed in 1977.


The problem with Meier “copying” that information is that the first beam pistol lent to Billy by Menara was in September 1976. Let’s remember that Meier not only didn’t have the non-existent internet in 1977, he didn’t live near a university or library and had no subscriptions to science magazines, as was established through postal records by the investigators.


As for toy “ray guns”, I found one online with a red tip very similar to the one in Meier’s photos that I could find, maybe there are more. Of course it’s not an exact match with the one in Meier’s photos below and of course the neither is the rest of the gun. Since it was made in Korea, there is a further unlikelihood that it was even imported into Switzerland in the 1970s.


So certainly if it was available in Switzerland it should have easily been found there then…or even today. Obviously it hasn’t been and also obviously the toy gun doesn’t have the two chambers that Alena’s does. Of course we can also ask why Meier would go to the trouble of “borrowing” the red tip from a toy gun…and then go on to make a much more well crafted weapon, complete with the two chambers on top, etc.


The toy space gun from the 1970s, with a very similar tip - do the Plejaren have

a sense of humor? - but which was never found in Switzerland:




LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01



Photos of the laser pistol taken by Meier










The oval hole in the tree that Meier's shots with the laser pistol:






Contact Reports 63, 64 and 78:


Regarding the Laser Pistols
















Controlled Demolition  


In case you missed it above, this claim regarding Meier's foreknowledge of the Io information - and other specific, previously unknown information about Jupiter's rings, etc. - was hotly contested by IIG, in 2004. A rather prematurely overconfident skeptic, who calls himself Ike42, posted his "reseearch", i.e. debunking attempt, wich the skeptics have been gloating over since then. Well, gloat no more. I think that we've ripped the foundation out from under the flimsy edifice and that the whole inglorious mess has collapsed into its own footprint. But you can judge that for yourself and consider how this one issue alone substantiates all of Meier's claimes of extraterrestrial contact.


The skeptics at IIG have also just admitted another error on their part. and you can read more about their meltdown here..




Last but not least, let's include the Hasenbol film clip showing two lights alternately flashing on and off in broad daylight. Try as they may, theskeptics simply haven't been able to recreate the effect, let alone actually duplicate the film.


In Conclusion


Since scientists can construct an accurate model of an entire creature from a bone fragment - and help to determine a person's guilt or innocence from microscopic DNA - might it not be wise to consider that the incomparable abundance and variety of incontrovertible, prophetically accurate evidence in the Billy Meier case more than completely and accurately confirms and defines the only scientifically proven UFO contact case?


This shows that the Billy Meier case and its evidence are about something more important and valuable than UFOs, no matter how startlingly impressive the physical evidence is. Certainly any other claims of contact with extraterrestrials should have to, at a minimum, meet the standards set by the Meier case.


Also consider that if one would substitute, for each of Meier's specific, preemptively published scientific facts, equally specific information pertaining to a crime, the demonstrable foreknowledge on the part of the knowledgeable person would have long ago quickly taken them from a person of interest to a major suspect in each of the those many crimes. In fact, they'd ikely have been arrested long before the comparable hundreds of such foretold crimes, to numerically match Meier's prophetic hits, had occurred.


Such would be the only logical conclusions and actions in light of the otherwise inexplicable possession of such accurate information as only the "perpetrator" could be intimately aware of. The only crime here is that humanity has failed to notice the existence, and magnitude, of the treasure of information freely offered to it by the prophet of the new time. Nor have they grasped that the essential purpose of, the reason for, the contacts and the information was/is to assist human beings to help them assure their - our - own future survival.


Ironically, and unfortunately, it is also said that at the time that the people finally begin to recognize Meier as the prophet for the new time, or New Age, it will be when the prophecies "prove to be true or, even worse, have already come to pass." Hopefully though, enough people will be well on their way to turning to the essence, the core of the reason for the Billy Meier contacts, which can be found in the Spiritual Teaching.


If you have any questions that weren't answered sufficiently here, please email me for further response.





Special thanks to Mahigitam for all of his research work. Please see his videos documenting Meier’s prophetically accurate scientific information.







Michael Horn

September 25. 2011.