Rosie O’Donnell Discovers Billy Meier!



I had just returned from my recent trip to Switzerland and was pleasantly surprised to get a text message from a friend of mine, Arielle Ford. She wanted to inform me that she had just heard Rosie O’Donnell raving about our film on her radio show and telling everyone, including her staff, to get it and watch it.


So I checked Rosie’s website and found that she had actually put up a link to the film twice, once on May 28, and again on June 2:








While my efforts to date to thank her haven’t succeeded, I am quite grateful that she has shown so much interest in the film and in Billy Meier, which has resulted in tons of hits to our website. Perhaps this is the first step to breaking the suppressive embargo about the case in the mainstream media, which has been maintained for several decades.


Please do feel free to (try to) contact and congratulate her!



Posted by: Michael Horn

June 6, 2010